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What are your friends and family saying about crypto right now?

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Nothin just my friend who's been in doge since 2020 but he doesn't care much since he only has 18k

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maybe stop asking every fucking day.

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i think you should make this thread at most once per week. everyday is too much

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My normie friend asked me what other normies were saying, I told him about your threads and he said that OP sounded retarded.

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Bearish. Most are into houses

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they don’t really seem to give a fuck, drake posted about btc and the msm has been reporting on the ATH but there’s just not as much hype as there once was… maybe because so many normies got burned by crypto in the past…

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Oh I did see like 3 crypto ads on YouTube today though

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I told my normie siblings about trading SOL shitcoins which is almost literally printing money at the moment. They've straight up ignored me even after seeing boden print. I've even offered to help them create a SOL wallet and show them how/where to trade for shitcoins, just for fun. They can't be bothered

Bitcoin is catching everyone's attention though, normies are talking about that obviously

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Which shitcoins? I want to get in on this, but none of them are shilled enough on here.

The only one I saw explode was Barron before it got rugged.

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They don't care because they've been priced out of Bitcoin since 20k and are too retarded and lazy to read about alts.

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Nobody cares