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Guy at my gym who was 100% sure Bitcoin was going down to $10k last year is now telling me that Crypto will have its biggest every Bull-run because of the institutional buyers

What does this tell you?

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he was wrong then right

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Fucking ESL Jeet can you speak english?

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there's top signals literally everywhere but it just keeps on pumping. I guess it will keep on pumping another 3 months until all these top buyers are in and then the gigadump starts. bitcoin will be above 100k.

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>le ESL

What is this new cope on 4chan I'm seeing lately? If someone makes upset it means English is their second language? lmao.

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What is this new cope on 4chan I'm seeing lately? If someone makes you upset it means their English is their second language? kek

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Talking to strange men at the gym is gay, anon.

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If this was 2021 I'd say we're at the top. But it's not 2021. If this person is under the age of 60 (which I assume they are) then it's not a top signal in 2024.

Biz R and D is currently researching the 2024/2025 top signal strategy. Were putting together a focus group. Report coming out in April or May.

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Hes early 50s and has been talking to me about Crypto/Financial markets for about 5-6 years now.

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ESL website.

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All signs point towards this being a “speed run” bull run

This shits going to end very abruptly, and people are going to be conditioned expecting another ATH like in 2021 and will hodl down

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I thought that it was on it's way down to 32K before the halving, and that the ETF's would come out after that, but fucking Blackrock had to jump the goddamn gun because "now"

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And talking to them about crypto is even gayer

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There's a considerable amount of people with IQs lower than 100 and domesticated personalities.
They dont analyze and crossreference information, they dont rationalize and come to conclusions.
Instead they simply follow narratives and the consensus of the herd around them.

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