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What are your friends and family saying about crypto right now?

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They think BTC died and went to 0 after it's CEO SBF was sent to prison.

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Nothing, but they also ignored 2021 after FOMOing in during ATH in 2017 so they are probably not a good indicator

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from time to time I receive a text from my sister when BTC reaches a new high. It's never the moment it breaches, always a day or two after.

>30k :o
>60k :0

She doesn't own any BTC because I refused to take her money when she asked me (BTC was at 16k then). Before you call me a dick, I pushed her to invest it themselves instead of relying on me.

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yeah, bunch of fuckheads always asking me to let them know next time I find a goodie

how about do it your fucking selves, i'm not being responsible for your losses and getting none of your gains

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>i'm not being responsible for your losses and getting none of your gains
I never give financial advice for this reason. They lose you lose, they win they win. When a really good friend asks, which they very rarely do, I will tell them what I am doing without telling them what to do.

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I told my friend at work that bitcoin hit a new ATH and he was shocked. Keep in mind I have been updating him on like every 10k increase because I told him to buy at 20k.

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Retard you need to learn to stfu. You'll be 'the crypto guy' and get wrench attacked.

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Nothing. I've successfully trained my family not to talk to me about money.