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Because they need to airdrop to the Saga holders first. You can't have a successful meme on Solana without taking that step

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Because it's a pump and dump that serves no purpose. Fuck you for even making this thread.

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Idk I'm still comfy, this has the staying power to be at past a top 3 solana shitcoin

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Same is true for bitcoin

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Bagholder and/or paid shill

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I'm still well in the money on an amount i don't care about losing on. That said I see 10 to 25 cents down the road.

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Nah. Bitcoin just solves nothing fundamentally except for having a static supply. Plenty of meme coins (including comfy) have this property too.

Point of my comment is to say if you criticize meme coins while participating on this board you're a hypocrite. All of crypto is a giant ponzi, do you not realize this??

This is not the place to find sound financial investments, so it really makes no sense to have any sense here. We're here to meme and scam each other.
If you don't get this gtfo

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And this is why I should buy your bags?

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yes exactly. To sell it for a higher price to a greater fool

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I think I'll pass.

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i already took out multiple my initial
im not selling till we are way higher

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>biz at 1m mcap
>why should I buy your bags?
>biz at 50m mcap
>why didn't anyone tell me about comfy?

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Yes. Kek

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They really have no excuse this time since it's been shilled here for months.

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>You really have no excuse, we told you about Rubik, Luigi, Oasis/Rose, dog bat, bizcoin 1, 2, and 3, clover, quine, obamasonicinu, statera, 200 different dog coins, safemoon, 50 safemoon spinoffs, 4000 different shitty NFT's (not anymore ofc since NFTs are out of season), ghost, that one mcafee coin, etc etc
literally all of them down anywhere from 90% to 99.99%
you could probably list successful coins shilled on biz on your fingers, which would include link (awful investment now but plenty of biz users got in early), shiba, and pepe

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nobody tell him

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Not on the trusted list. No one cares.

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Seethe harder chuddie

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Nothing is actuapling exploding just yet not even $Super still stucking hard on 1$ yet so listing new interesting games.

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My only regret is not acquiring more
>t. 10m sui stacker

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lmao tell me about it.
20 mil stacklet here

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Fuck you, I only have 5m.

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because it's a meme coin but isn't funny
>hurr durr get it? it's bc I'm comfy

There's a million meme coins each cycle and you seriously wonder why yours isn't doing the numbers you want? If you make a token based off a 4chan meme, you're only going to have 4chan niggers holding and dumping that token

Its because 1000000 pajeets still ain't worth shit

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You'll look back on this post and be glad you held. This will be one of the top meme coins on solana.

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>t. mad that a memecoin is outperforming his shitty alts

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It will pump when all other meme coins pump. And meme coins haven't pumped for 1-2 weeks now.

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Are you retarded? Pepe, Wojak or Bobo are all 4chan memes and became extremely successful. On top of that, Comfy is normie friendly. Keep seething though, you're exactly the type that will come to this board and cry about missing out later.

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It's not comfy, i should have got more!

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Kek'd and checked. I still remember a fudcuck saying this project was dead one week ago, when we were sitting at 150k mcap.

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Now its getting listed lmao

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Bought my stack at 200k cap. Already up 10x. Expecting another 10x out of this at least

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It has been on Jupiter for days

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It was approved yesterday. We'll be on the strict list once the PR gets accepted.

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What does that mean?

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We are the new breed.

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NTA but PR is short for Pull Request, in software source control that's like saying, "hey I made this change(added COMFY to strict list), please *pull* it into the main/relevant branch of code". From what I gather the decision has been made and approved for COMFY to get on the list, but the request for the actual change is pending approval from one or more other admins

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Thanks anon

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Basically what he said >>57984860. And the reason it's important is 1) it adds trust 2) normies who are too retarded to copy-paste the address will be able to see and buy the coin.

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We're waiting for the last few good biz chads

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Just got approved. See you in valhalla, boys.

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your low attention span brain has become used to bot volumes and fake liquidity, you fucking mongoloid. you are one redpill away from making it.

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>Sil: Hey Ton, some of these mulignans refuse to take advantage of the great opportunity we have presented to them on a silver platter!
>T: Fuck 'em.

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Green + digits.
This thread is blessed by ultimate COMFYNESS

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who wants to help me airdrop the 10k saga wallets? we should do 420.69 tokens per wallet. I can give away 1m of my own coins but need others to give the remaining 3.5m tokens

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alright guess I'll just do it myself since i was banned from the telegram group for asking.

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Good idea, we can do it. I don't know what happened but you're unbanned. Keep your comfies

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only in jupiter not raydium28rnhg

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That's next on the list. Raydium is ass to use btw. Jupyter only for trading

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By the way..do you see what i'm seeing?

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I see a triple top

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after jupyter, 50m-100m is now much more likely mid-term

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U already said that on last thread chuddie. Prepare your lube. 10m will gape you harded than black bull gaped your wife

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It'll be 50m before this thread 404s

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Based slugposter

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there was a big dump at 7:30am and just now a decent sized buy of 21 million coins.

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one of many whales who will be forced to buy back in higher when they figure out what's going on

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yeah prior to tonigt's buy but after the big dump in the morning they gradually bought it back to pre-dump levels. good news IMO.

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That's actually exactly what happened. Same whale that dumped earlier bought back part of his stack higher. Absolutely buck broken

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Unintentionally based. Made us rug upwards.

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I like being comfy

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someone just dumped 15 million coins

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Someone dumped 50m plus yesterday and now are completely cucked. Whats your point anon?

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New ATH today?

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>daily volume up 2x
>holders at 2K
>Consolidating at 2M MC
>More ads and social media
ATH over weekend for sure

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Lol no
I saw that owners wallets dumping these past few days anytime it reached 2m mcap
His pockets are deep so he will continue to do so

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Kek i love watching these jeets getting immediately out comfy'd

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>Bitcoin just solves nothing fundamentally except for having a static supply.
They could change that too. They could change anything. All they need is good PR and then everyone will fall in line. Segwit and LN proved this.

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Why does this trash have so low volume for its mcap.

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Holy copium, is oki anon denial is hell of a drug

>> No.57997550

Because its not inflated and volume bot infested you brownoid let your jeet brain rest from these daily “real” 20m volume coin shitters. this IS the real volume of sub 2m what the fuck you expect 10m volume at 2mil mc? It will come.

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What do you honestly this can peak at? And no fuck outta here with the $1 bill shit.

I'm long. I see $0.25-0.55 as possible depending on broad market.

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Nah anon dollar is just a meme, but if stars collide 100M plus shouldnt be out of reach. This is probably most transparent sol shitter urcgonna get. Based autist dev burned almost 100k ofchis own money for lp and we also got on strict. As jeets say do your research sir

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because BtcDragon id about to explode

>> No.57997754

I'd be happy with $0.25. I'm not selling unless it gets up there though. I'm fine with what I put in going to zero. Not puking my position whatsoever especially since it's not leveraged (I come from a derivatives background).

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This is cope.
It has low mcap because noone is touching this rugged trash

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Sure. Bought at 100k dont care chuddie. Seethe more

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See you at the top. Bring your own blankie retard

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Launched 3 months ago. Dev burned 100k of his own money. Fair launched on biz, no pre-sale, no VCs. He's well connected and actually gets shit done. This is as good as it gets for a Solana memecoin where every 2nd token has devs with 60 percent of the supply (look at PENG). Jup strict list approved, DSCVR partnership, more exchange listings coming. You will cope, seethe and dilate while i laugh at you from Santorini, Greece.

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>(look at PENG)
>100M mcap
>1.6M liq

Jesus Christ.

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i have $wen, i got a $mosk bag as well bcuz right now its peanuts, you should check it anons

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I’m buying in <1M mcap when this gets rugged

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See you at 10m my dear basterd. The denial is strong. We shilled it here since 100k brownoid. The train already left. You can repent kumar if you have at least milly comfies

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there are a hundred meme coins deployed on sol every day that perform better than comfy. how you have convinced yourself that this one it a top coin is legit crazy. you have the bagholder syndrome anon.
lets look at CWR for example. deployed 2 or 3 days ago. started today with similar market cap and liquidity. check back at the end of the day and lets see what pumped. CWR isn't special either. it will be forgotten in a week or two, but it will run laps around comfy, I guarantee it.

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>qq id
cry more bitch

>> No.57999017

Harsh blackpill

>> No.57999059

we will check back at the end of the day and see who the loser is.

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Why is it dumping bros

>> No.57999437

check $mosk bros
it reminds me of Comfy at the start of the run

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Kek yet another esl kumar shilling his irrelevant scamcoin in yet ANOTHER comfy thread. Holy fuck you all are such sluts for comfy. Sad you missed the train but alas regret is hell of a drug. Take meds. Check chart. Seethe and sneed.

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>irrelevant scamcoin
ever sol memecoin is irrelevant retard. you just married on that keeps blueballing you while the rest of us are actually making money.

>> No.57999925

Because the face is ugly and gross people would rather ape a cute dog or frog.

>> No.57999931

Im up 18 grand in 3 days kumar. Seethe more comfy slut kek. Keep bumping tho

>> No.57999937

seethe harder, I'm comfy
if you're making money elsewhere, why are you so mad and obsessed?

>> No.57999962

Comfy is making this jeet irationally angry kek many such cases

>> No.57999987

is it running out of fuel bros? I'm scared

>> No.58000013

Were do I get COMFY if I was to partake?

>> No.58000048

It hasnt even started what are u on about anon

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Same here. I pulled out my initial and the remainder is just play money. Looking very comfy right now.

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>price and volume are rising
>is it running out of fuel?
Rly nibba?

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this, comfy is more useful then bitcoin

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Volume is slowly bleeding and we have failed to maintain even 03500 numerous times. Not to mention the pathetic number of holders, they all are from the tg group and /biz.
CEX listings are promised yes but never delivered. We will take deep nosedive soon and probably will not ever recover.

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You know how many times ive seen similiar sentences on this mongolian forum and those exact tokens did shit tons of xs? A lot. Im up 20 grand took my iniitial. Not selling rest until 100m

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SOL is gonna dump to $120. Shitcoin season is closed. Someday you will learn to protect gains.

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Is this the new schizo fud? Already listed on 2 CEXs buddy. Many holders are from DSCVR. Sounds like you bought in 3 days ago or not at all.