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gee look at all them alt coints bleeding.

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Couldn't be me

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I heard we're getting listed on a new CEX sometime next week?

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I know some people might sound like shills here but I genuinely think this could be the next big thing biz ever let us in on. Market cap is 3 million. Dogwif hat is 2 billion. Tell me why comfy can't reach the same levels? That is nearly a 700x from here.

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checked TG and based. gonna have to load some up before we hit a new ATH

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ya biz will wait till its 30m Mcap and then fomo in.

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I hold this token and I saw the TG has a ton of members and the twitter account has a decently sized following
But why is the volume so low? It kinda frightens me

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were just early. ive seen pajeet stinker coins last bull run when everything was parabolic go x1000 this is a legit coin check the telegram.

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Biz boomers still stuck on ETH lmao

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even if they stuck 5% of a eth in this, guaranteed 1000x

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It's actually 1.7 million with close to 300k burned liquidity on Birdeye. Imagine what happens when all the SOL whales see this

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Golden tickets for all of you fags if you'd only buy'

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Mc is 1.7mil, dexscreener doesnt account for two pools of burned liquidity.

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Ya we’re early but still… there’s so little traction
I like what the twitter guy is doing though he seems persistent and active
Maybe its just cause im up on this token but i have a good feel about this ones virality potential

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I bought Hpos at the beginning and sold it quickly and made 100x later. Then I bought Pepe and sold it quickly and he made 100x. I bought Trump at 0.10 and didn't sell it and it's at $9. Now I bought COMFY and I'm not going to sell anything. Do what you want with this information.

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>mfw I'm early for once

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Organic and normal volume for a mc of this size

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We've got some real bangers boys!

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silver stacker. nothing makes me happier than watching crypto plumet. fuck zoomers and their dreams of quick easy wealth.

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You’re down 25% from the high, wtf are you gloating about.

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We’ve 10x’d since last week its called a consolidation phase nigger. Still in discovery mode, see you from the sidelines

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I’m not on the sidelines. Just hate jeet shilling, even with projects I own. Every comfy thread is like a tg circlejerk. Almost makes me want to root against you.

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I'll provide some alpha/short term goals then
>exchange listing coming up
>Mad Apes want to do an AMA
>plan is to time the exchange listing with trending
>Sudaca exchanges will be hit just in time for summer when it's winter there so they can get comfy as well
>onboarding influencers/X ads

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Checked. /biz/ will still find a way to fud it and then cry about 'missing it'.