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Tell us how you do it. Can your magic be learned.

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Prolonged and intense trauma.

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dont invest more you can afford to lose, and also from being burned in the past from panic selling and then the price rising, just hold and walk away from biz

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holy shit anon, that is hardcore

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The human mind can't experience strong emotion infinite times. Every single time the effect gets less and less until it's nothing.

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After a while you stop feeling anything.

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I am already 56k in profit, but i have been burned from panic selling. I am trying to learn to ride these waves

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Its just numbers in a browser extension anon. it goes up, it goes down. it does not change anything about my day. eventually, I will cash out and retire, but there's no in between so it doesn't matter today. didn't matter yesterday either.

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>looming liquidity problems
>miniscule media attention despite multiple ATHs
btc is undervalued as fuck

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but it feels so fucking real, my brain is fucked. I am already a winner. 56 g's why i am freaking out i dont understand

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Not being a newfag helps
We used to have 50% drops in one day, then 150% pumps the day after

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All my wealth is in something I had and still have conviction in, and I've been overwhelmingly vindicated for that. I have time in the market such that I'm so ridiculously up on my initial that even large dips don't matter because I'm used to being low time preference and thinking in the longer term. Its not just because I'm so high above my initial investment, but also because my brain has been rewired over time by the totality of my experience.

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I'm on a lotta tramadol

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Also, why the fuck would you invest in ANYTHING if you can't even handle a 5% dip?
Even stocks are too volatile for you, bro

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I just don't invest (in crypto) money that I can't lose.

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hell yeah brother

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Anon is true that i am a newfag. But i have been here since september and already i have seen some shit. The problem is that i am a jumpy little fucker and probably it will take a lot of time for me to chill on this shit.
I invest in btc because my brain totally understands that btc is a fucking sure winner, but my ass trembles still. I have to train my ass.

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This, it's just numbers if you let it be. It becomes boring the longer you're in.

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Experience informs us that it's only up, despite any short term deviations. If you realize this, and aren't ADD, you can avoid newly 90% of the stress of crypto by buying solid projects with staying power and holding.

Day trading ADD zoomies are loot boxes at this point

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I've been through 3 bear / bull markets and I'm past the age of 26 so my brain is fully developed.

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I hold Avax.

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You're right.

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Just relax, go jerk off or something
If you've already made the decision to hold long-term, there's no need to keep looking at charts

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you don't have 56g's anon. you have shitcoins.

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>Tell us how you do it. Can your magic be learned.
I smoke a lot of marijuana and drop half a tab of lsd every weekend. Haven't felt much of anything

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none of this is real
ptsd and denial
permabull delusions
its not even real money until i hit seven figs

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Jocko talks about this - he uses the term detach.

I think episode 369 is a good starting point.

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>Tell us how you do it. Can your magic be learned.

Self-analysis, self-awareness, self-understanding.

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I used to smoke marihuana, but my mind started to go to places so i stopped. Only wine for me

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when you watch $20k go to $400k then down to $50k and now back to $300k
shit just dont faze me
Your first $100k is a big deal. after that. you relax, because you know you already made it. just a matter of time.

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fuck off jackass

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holy shit anon what waves have you been riding?

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because you can go back to being a loser real fast

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Its just money; its made up. Pieces of paper with pictures on it so we don't have to kill each other just to get something to eat. It's not wrong. And it's certainly no different today than its ever been.

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I hold FRIN so nothing bad ever happens

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Anon are just number on a screen

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after your first rectal prolapse, nothing else seems to phase you. good luck.

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Colloidal silver and good health. Be sure to get good sleep and stay hydrated.

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I once lost 200k in 10 minutes, I've been through worse

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holy fucking shit anon

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Ah my fellow icp chad

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I could tell it was slurrp by the day of the week and from seeing quite a few slurps in my time

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I was tortured, wouldn't recommend

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look nigga, even i don't know, i just black out and money appears in front of me
i think i invested on some decentralized coins and got the first bump benefit and sold, but all i remember is opening my laptop and checking some nft games to play and earn a some quick bucks
like yeah, i know, its grindy and shit, but i enjoy most of them and flashy and loud shit startles me, so it works best for me. Im even waiting for some upcoming releases like gravity legion, which looks like it'll be an idle rpg, so i'm looking forward to trailers and stuff

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>flashy and loud shit startles me
Oh you're THAT type of autistic nigger

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it wasn't your fault fren.

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You care until let down after let down makes you apathetic THEN you get what you wanted, but it doesn't matter anymore. Your soul was incinerated in the process and you feel empty.

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This and literally me, even if I made it now, I think it wouldn't really fix the prior wounds. Lifelong negative feedback loop, some guy said you'd need an incredible change to your circumstance to counteract 2 decades of negativity if that's how you grew up, if it's even possible

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Anon that post was a half truth. Unironically go to therapy. I was much like you. It gets better, but you have to want it because it'll be the hardest thing you've ever done. Your reward is a calm mind and peacefull spirit the remainder of your life and the resonating effects on your children.

the greater the pain, the greater the awakening.

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this. for any anons looking to speedrun this process hold some LINK for about a year.

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I don't even give a shit about having kids, maybe I never did. I just want a life of comfort and freedom. Maybe I'll end up having them anyway someday but I'm so cynical that it may not make a difference either way, just another thing you do.

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> go to therapy
GET OFF THIS FUCKING BOARD HOOOLY SHIT man this place actually is reddit v2

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Conceptually, it's the same way you practice suppressing your gag reflex:
Repeated exposure to something everything inside screams at you to avoid.
Just.. remember to have fun with it as a part of you dies.

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lost 1 mill, then gain 1 mill then lost again, thats what happened to me i guess.
FX is a fucking drug

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kek this is too fucking real
im on the clear pill level

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i oscilate between black and clear, never going through white and sometimes i go through manhatan

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A 3k investment jumped to $40k and when I told my mom she asked me why I wasn’t selling and taking the cash. I then realized I hadn’t even considered it because $40k feels like nothing. It’s now dropped down a little to $27k and I still feel nothing. Just going to sit and watch the price fluctuate until it either hits $100k or $0.