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how does /biz/ deal with the regret of "selling too early"

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you tried to sell the top but the secret is there is no top

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>he thinks I deal with it

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I sold my $WIF at .55 for like 30% profit, right before it gigapumped
whatever, at least I made a profit

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By selling after the peak. I would rather sell too late than too early.

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>made profit

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i mean i sold aero from .9 to .20 then saw it go all the way up to .60
sucks but you can't predict these things, not by that margin anyway

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by buying something else that pumps. it's way easier to hop from pump to pump than to hope your luck continues diamond handing something that's already pumped 5-10x

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by not selling

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Focus on the profit you made and be glad you didn't lose too much
No one can predict the top perfectly

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just dca in and dca out simple as

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I sell my MAGA a bit early but I get more now is low.

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better than not being late and not being able to sell because all exchanges go down when panic sets in right after ATH and prices comes tumbling down hard

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better than being late*

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By getting in early. Someone make a thread and tg?
2k market cap and LP is burnt we should be taking advantage of a safe ride here

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motherfucker, i sold 30 bitcoin with an average of price of 400. i then sold 56 ethereum at a price of 104.
stop being a regretful pussy and look for the opportunities. LOOK for opportunities. Follow people like overdose gem, smartestmoney.eth on twitter, scrounge for people who look legit.
put some money into some low cap alts with promise and remember to hit that SELL button in 4-6 months to make some fucking money.

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>how does /biz/ deal with the regret of "selling too early"
By knowing that it feels far better than selling too late.

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If you avoid risk you'll always sell too early, you'll still make profit and minimize your losses

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utility over memes anon

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I'm all in on fringe fi so I don't have that problem yet

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let’s ask all those fags that sold so early on PlNU

really wonder how can you be so stupid to sell such a gem at a microcap.

btw new listing today keep going with the fud, we keep moving with the gains

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My cope is that I got all of my fiat back that I ever invested in crypto and then some, and I still have 1 BTC left. No matter what happens from now on, I never lost money with crypto, and I can just keep my 1 BTC in cold storage until it's worth a million.

However if I see a 50% correction this year I will buy back in with all my money. After all, I only sold because that rally seemed so ahead of schedule

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I had to sell a bit of my stack over the last year and I regret it a bit. But I take solace in the fact that bitcoin is going to pump to mid six figures and then crash at least 50%. My plan is to sell near the top (or start DCA'ing out once we get into full madness territory), sit in cash for a few months, and then buy back in when I can get a bunch more bitcoin for my buck. Then go back to hodling.

So it's not really like I sold too early. I'll get the bitcoin back.

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Rage, shitcoins, leverage, poverty and alcohol. In that order.

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No utility on veterans?

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Have a plan beforehand
stick to the plan
the rest is irrational

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This. I almost sold one coin at 10x, but rode the wave and sold at 30x after it kinda crashed. I laddered out too in case it would rebound.

ID: buying NEO

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i used the proceeds to financing a year of sexcapades during which i literally came inside probably a dozen high class koreans so... that, i guess.

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Anon... C'mon. Worst of the northeast asians.

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I have the regret of being brought to this world poor and keep being poor in a shitty hell hole of a place knowing i could never improve or invest!

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How did you not kill yourself already? Did you made money with other coins?

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by wanting to kms every day

i sold $bitcoin at 50k mcap

i havent made a single dollar this bullrun, im all in a coin that hasnt gone up 1% in 6 months

every memecoin i touch instantly goes to 0 after i buy

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stop gambling in shitcoins

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I just sell a $ amount that would recover my initial investment, basically skimming off the top from multiple stacks - that way you can at least break even and not have to stress or panic buy/sell