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I did Doordash yesterday and made $80.

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Based & doordashpilled

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I didn't spend any of it. I still have $80.

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Not. My. Fucking. Problem.

but nice trips opee

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Is it safe? I'd like to do it but am a wallflower and get scared that someone will scream abuse at me for missing a napkin, or try to rob me during a delivery.

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good morning sir!

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Eh it's safer than giving people rides in an Uber/Lyft, just do your deliveries during the day if you're worried. Nothing's ever 100% though so fate might choose you even if you do take precautions, but I'd say the risk is overall low - especially if you live in a good area.

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I'm a video editor and I also do tutoring. The tutoring is all Indians. I should have realized.