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I thought I was smarter than all of you

I "invested" $1000, in a few days got up to $4000, then lost it all in a day.


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imagine selling

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same anon, same
but not fucking once but twice

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Meaning you traded the $4k or it rugged or what?

I lose a lot of $ chasing green candles and losing confidence in earlier bought tokens. So when they dump I buy a pump. The typical /biz/ way.

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if you bet like a retard and make x4, cash it out and never play again

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>got lucky
>got fucked
Go back dunning kruger faggot

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I never had a girlfriend. I wanna touch her thighs. I wanna french kiss her. I wanna bite her. I'm getting old.

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do what i did, just passport max.

You in america? Stay in nice hotel in scandinavia.

its expensive but suddenly pussy will hit you in the fucking face

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I am not an american bro...

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what country you fat fuck ?

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i did this with a sol shitcoin, got to like almost 6k but i overslept lol

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He's indian. He wants to bite her

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Even worse. I'm ar*enian

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Why should these blonde angels suddenly offer their pink, wet, soft, juicy pussys to me, only because i stay at a hotel? Explain yourself!

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Thanks for playing.

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I remember this same thread from yesterday and I am STILL going to haunt your ass when I hang myself anon

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they're called hookers

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she's something

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Next time go for MAGA a bcome a fking man

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1000 to 0 rtrd

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she's really somethingg

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Fuck boden go trump

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top tier woman.
Theres no other women as beautiful as the blondes of scandinavia damn

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At least you're not Indian or SEA monkeys, they're literally lost the game since birth

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The Cuckolds of crypto

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It's because you retards keep gambling on shitcoins like Barron or another Shiba clones instead of buying the only memecoin that actually matters.

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Comfy is so fucking comfy bros. Dev actually delivers and is a literal Biz coin. Imagine not holding

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Make it back anon. Someone make a thread and tg
>2k market cap
>LP is burnt


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This one, easily my comfiest hold and not just in name - it's the only coin I haven't lost money on. Probably gonna dip a little more today but be sure to slurp before the week ends

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Sad knowing she's made 2 black kids

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what the name

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i bought pepe at that time was the top like a year ago, forgot about it, saw the other day it mooned again but missed my chance to sell kek