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That pump was obviously done by either a bullish whale or CEX employees knowing what’s up, needless to say I bought more

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1M for this meme is understating it. Is it only published here? If you have real marketing, this can do some x easily

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Yes easily

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Is the listings really are happening, then yea, for sure

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i have a feeling $lucky will reach 20m before that

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Can this hit $400m mc?

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This will reach 1bill mcap in my estimation

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Oof nice god candles

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bull flag break out on the 1 hour chart

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For some reason I am sure that this will blast past many other shitcoins in the next months.

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I'm bullish on comfy too fren but doing TA on shitcoins at this MC is just retarded

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jupiter strict list achieved
medium-sized exchange listing coming
fudders btfo

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20m minimum. This shit is probably going past 50mil and then some.

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What's a suicide stack?

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So probably something like 1 million

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rumored airdrop for comfy holders at 20m

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5bil mcap?

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honest maybe anywhere from $1.05-$115

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5 milli

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>jupiter strict list achieved
bull shit
Just buy the top bro

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don't buy, you can watch on the sidelines

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Its been approved you dumb nigger

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no doubt about it

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WIF reached 2 billion with a nigger tier meme

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How do I find this coin, what's the code?

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No fanaticism, anons. Tell me, is the team based?

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Jupyter, Raydium, Orca

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Dev is an early Linkie with a 30k stack and sold part of it to fund COMFY.

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Idk. Apperantly the head guy was a link marine and is the one who locked all the liquidity

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It's actually burned, which is even better. He's spent around 100k on it so far (Liq burn, DSCVR collab, listings)

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What is the current marketcap and liquidity?

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I've been in this since the very beginning. Can confirm the dev has locked 75k liquidity out of his own pocket. Things like website, bot and memes are growing and improving as we speak. The biggest whale, even when taking profits, reinvests them in the community wallet. Comfy is the chosen one, anon.

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This shit will reach at least +200m short term, the meme just outmemes all the other ones and has solid community + dev. I believe this will get me really comfy in the future