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Dip has almost been fully been slurped.

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Fuddies eternally btfo

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>average $COMFY holder

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I was worried for a sec, not gonna lie

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I'm hoping yall get rugged, sick of seeing success stories.

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Has it?!

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Comfy and early, and all the paper blankies are gone.

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Yup my portfolio is up 40%

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Thank god i don't hold this.

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but its up by 29% or so retard. I'm selling for profit to diversify into XTP and Naka.

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i'm coomfing

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Fudcuck reveals his true nature.

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Obvious next blue chip meme

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>wake up
>go to take a shit
>see Comfy godcandles
Feels so good bros...

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Just bought dont you dare rug on me niggers

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This shit has rocketfuel, if u dont buy u gonna rope, just added more to my stack. The memes are literally gold, normies will love them, and its different and really stands out from all the dogs, cats, pepe and inu bullsht, yet

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Jannies deleted the other thread, I want to dedicate this pic to them.