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Hey, niggers, i Own COMFY

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Oh hey comfy nigga, looks like you dropped you blanket, here you go.

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$0.25 target

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>jannies suppressing this big time
>endless fud from biz
>comfy already climbing back up
yup, this is the next winner

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look buddy you can't fight the jannies on /biz/ i mean how dumb would you need to be to try but you know what's even dumber believing that some coin that's pumping in my little pony themed discord group chats is going to be the
>next huge pump
you know what's actually the biggest pump and dump honey badger token i bet the only pump you can get is when you see another man's dick in your wife

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>Anon, where were you when COMFY went parabolic?

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>anon, why did you listen to fudders?

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People will regret ignoring these threads like always, Doge, shin, Pepe. Always here first always the same FUD

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What's the nickname for COMFY owners?
You know like link marines or whatever

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Comfy club members or comfy chads etc

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For me, it's comfychads

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Never change biz. Keep missing the moonshots

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idk but owners of lobo are called lobros. any fellow lobo + comfy holders here?

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Lobros is good, we need something snappy and quippy like this

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>Hey, Ownly COMFY holders are niggers


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This is the one bruhs, if u cant recognize the distinct and hype meme nature of this one, just rope. Also very active community and great dev. I am in on this all the way to 1b

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It just keeps mooning, ATH EOD?

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$0.55-0.70 eventually IMO. I think it if hits a dollar it will actually break through a bit more towards $1.05-1.10.

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God, you're making me hard anon.

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i'm not the guy with the $1 comfy bill but I do see a strong bull case and great risk/reward for a long still at these prices.

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Should get on a Sudaca exchange when it's summer, since it will be winter there. Argentina can get pretty cold and it would work well with the comfy theme

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its dumping

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Retarded Faggots

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thanks for playing.

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why. its a shitcoin. it doesnt do anything different.


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Holy fuck thats the comfiest thing Ive seen in my whole life

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>fuddies working overtime

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sometimes carrot is enough for a moose.
but in reality there is always some rain before boats can exit the harbors

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I slurped at 1m yesterday

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I'll slurp some more if it floors again, already at 7m
CEX is happening in like a week, it would be retarded to sell now

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Checked and based. Comfy is going to melt faces this week and the seething of fudcucks will be glorious.

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Me too anon, i’d like to be in top 50 wallets

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The comfy shill is the same skitso. no one is buying your bags. move on to the next meme.

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How much

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What skitzo? Dev gave out 5 $ airdrops on biz when it launched, check warosu. Burned 100k of his own money. DYOR fag

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The only schitzos in comfy threads are the fudders.

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Are you joking? Made 2x just today lmao

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How much

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im p comfy rn

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paper blankies are out, we bussin fr

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Based and comfypilled

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Uhh bros
zoom out
Why is there a triple top?