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If we each buy 1 XMR a week, we'll all get rich and no one would know. Always move to a non-custodial wallet.

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/biz/ will never collectively put their money into monero long term. This truly is a board of room temp IQs and jeets, throwing their money into whatever goes up. Fundementals are the absolute last thing on a brainlets checklist, that being said. I'm still stacking slow n steady wins the race

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okay you absolute retard yes honey badger tokens $hoba are a scam because i just spent 12 btc to dump the price and make a bunch of profit off you and your family of retards and no one has actually ever bought any honey badger token because its a scam and i only said that to make people think its a good buy so i can make more money and dump it again in a few weeks (which should be soon)

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The feds are absolutely seething right now.