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Last thread most retards didn't get the hint to shill SOL coins, so let's do that here. I actually have a bit of $WIF gains as well as from other memes and I'm looking to rotate - shill away.
From me I can recommend CHAD (chad scanner) and Orbitt, both hold the AI narrative, small mcap and can go a long way

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Not SOL but checkout Bermuda (BMDA). If they can pull off gasless anonymous p2p transfers it's going to be huge.

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Doginme will pull a wif and go to 1b+ (same influencoors are on it) and Base szn is just starting

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Try shibwifhat. Tg is very active. Easy-to-digest narrative. Sitting around $10mm right now

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What's the correct contract? Lotta clones.

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300k marketcap
not listed on cmc yet

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You know what to buy....

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$Boom(Solana Bin Laden) or/and $Comfy

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You flip it for USDT and then go get some eesee raffle tickets

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Chads buy COMFY. Dev in talks with the next exchange.
>verification not required

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Be a man and gamble all your money away with NFTs raffles in Eesee
Stop holding SOL shitcoins

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Huge exchange in play, need we say more..

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I assure you this is the play. Party with $BOOM like a slut go all-in at the floor and sell the high every day, then put a portion of the proceeds into hodl'ing $COMFY

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Massive players in cex market are holding socomfy, the coin is about to get listed for free on binance, kraken, and htx. Rwas for blankets, hot cocoa, and little log cabins in the rocky mountains. Buy now or forever hold your peace

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Comfy will reign supreme.

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ponke. Monkeys are funny.

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op phoneposting
I’ve been in comfy for a month so not getting a bigger bag now
i would but sorry, no normie potential, they get offended by this

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Not any of those anons but socomfy's hovering around what's been its floor the past week; I really think you'll benefit from fattening your bag despite the higher DCA.

And come on put some fun bucks in $BOOM. It's not the long term play but so far the joke has been un fucking killable and you'll definitely double your lunch money