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The market has abandoned shitcoins and only serious alts will pump now. You'll only see 2 or 3 shitcoins pumping at best now.

Kindly reminder that fundamental coins ( coins with actual use and purpose ) will dominate this bullrun.

If you are cryptonewfag, you may think that it's all about shitcoins, but that is a very recent phenomenon from the last bullrun. People already learned shitcoins = rugpull, you can gamble and sometimes get lucky, but steady guaranteed money in crypto comes from bitcoin and fundamental alts.

Don't go all in shitcoin cassino or you'll RIP in pieces

Litecoin, Chainlink, BitTorrent, BAT, Ether, Ether competitors, Fetch Ai, Graph, Not ripple because they will NEVER EVER replace swift, iExec, these fundamental coins will be the ones doing x10 to x1000 this halvening cycle

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>fundamental alts
Monero still stagnant so fundamentals don't matter.

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Monery is used daily as a real currency, so it's hard to go up. It's actual currency, not really an investment

You should still own monero though and hopefully all businesses will start using it soon so we can hide taxes from the government lol, lmao

>oh noooo but who will pay welfare for the refugees now and poor people having 5+ kids????????

Crypto fixes EVERYTHING

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what about VERASITY? seems to have an actual use case.

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>more than 100 shitcoins do +30k%, people go from 4 to 6 figs
>after weeks of this, go down
>finally, dino shit-tier alts move 10% when BTC is breaking ATH

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>100 shitcoins
>with no liquidity to sell
>that only benefit 1% anons and a few developers
>then it goes to zero

Fuck off shill, shitcoins were crashing the crypto market last bullrun. If money doesn't go back to fundamental alts, there is no money to be made in crypto anymore.

Shitcoins only got traction because of bitcoin and the fundamental alts market being valued, otherwise nobody would be gambling this worthless shit. Shitcoins will never go away, but having them dominate the market as they did last bullrun, at the expense of fundamental alts pumping, is horrible for crypto as a whole

We want crypto to replace finance, not just be bitcoin store of value and shitcoin casino, it will kill investing in crypto

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meanwhile shitcoins did and will do 10000%

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Not seeing any shitcoins on the top performers since a few days

Only a few people made money out of that "100000%", and then it rugpulled to zero.

When alts go up x10, x100, we all make money and they crash only as much as bitcoin does until the next bullrun. It's over for shitcoins, people learned that is not the way to make money

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>The market has abandoned shitcoins
anon, you posted shitcoins

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Some of those at least pretend to be real projects

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>Kindly reminder that fundamental coins ( coins with actual use and purpose ) will dominate this bullrun.
then we gonna see TON skyrocket

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Oh no!!!


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OP btfo

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You're supposed to ride the shitcoin hype so you can build bigger stacks of alts.

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>dog shitcoin #30000


Enjoy you're mad gains, you'd be one of the lucky few

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>muh fundamentals
doesn't matter in a bull market.

also sounds like you're too new to remember the 2017 ico hype where projects tried to pitch themselves as legit with whitepapers and everything. at least these days memecoins are obviously not serious, but back then it was harder to sort out the bullshit

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Half of my shitcoins are up like 300% in the past few days. The rest are only up like 20%.

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Monero will pump at the "New Paradigm" stage since it can be assumed to be a $150 stable. People that understand the market want to get out but no go back into fiat will go into Monero as a 'safe haven' and they are probably right. It'll be a safe place to store you shitcoin gains.

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You are wrong

In 2017 we all made a lot of money because money was going mostly into projects that made sense. Fundamental alts were going x10, x100, x1000

This stopped in 2020 because no money was going to fundamentals anymore, since shitcoin casino took over hard. Then all anons were putting money into coins that went to zero after the bullrun. Really stupid investment strategy

When we go in fundamental alts, money just goes up overtime. If you guys are successful in reviving shitcoin casino, this is probably where crypto investment dies outside of bitcoin. And as fundamental outs die as being good investments, the shitcoin casino will die as well, since there will be nothing in crypto but niche gambling degenerates and bitcoin maxis

If you manage to kill the return of fundamental alts market, you are shooting yourself on the foot along with all of us. So I hope you fail and the shitcoin casino is now over since people learned in the last bullrun how stupid this new idea was

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Shitcoins started pumping hard when BTC was breaking previous ATH, then it started dying down

This is my point: I'm telling you that shitcoin casino was something brand new in the last bullrun, and the tendency now is for it to die down significantly, and real projects instead will go up - especially because institutional money is in, and they are buying chainlink, litecoin, not fucking dogwhiffingahat

If you guys don't own fundamentals more than casino shit you may RIP this bullrun

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I've got two of the shitcoins on your list. Whee!

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you're a good man, anon. newfags, stay clear away from the shitcoin money unless you want to gamble with spare change for fun. ALTs are the way to go.

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ultimate midwit. none of these real deal muh fundamentals projects are going to justify their mc value, ever.
only difference between muh fundamentals investors and shitcoin investors is that the later know crypto is all about gambling and pyramid scheming, while the former are oblivious.

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crypto got where it got to because people want it to replace government finance

you are the midwit who can't see that actual picture. Crypto is very far from gambling and pyramid scheming at its core, in fact it has zero gambling/pyramid scheme

If all shitcoins go to zero real crypto projects will remain being worht more than shitty fiat printed at will, with paypal cockblocking all internet payments that are "racist" and "problematic"

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literally the only coin with actual use case and still stagnant

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crypto cult tard mentality

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>improving the world with solutions/ideals is "cult tard mentality"

you sound like a woman. Only women are unable to forge civilizations

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and only retards think crypto is anything more than a slot machine. speculation for the sake of speculation

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you area woman in the body of a man

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and you are a poorfag with gambling addiction and lack of awareness

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I miss making tens of thousands of dollars on retarded shit like cryptokitties.

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>baggie cope
none of those shitcoins do anything retard, you're just happy you got an up day after getting dunked on by dog coins for 6 months
>Monero still stagnant
XMR isn't really meant to be held anon how have you not figured this out yet

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I struggle with the fundamentals vs shitcoin casino investing argument because ultimately any alt that truly has good fundamentals should be able to pump itself and even decouple from the wider crypto market due to built in supply and demand incentives
I haven't seen that happen yet
it also doesn't help that a lot of these utility driven fundamentals type of alts are fucked to the core thanks to VCs, early investors and even the teams themselves dumping their own tokens to fund the project

I think the rise of memecoins is ultimately more of a push for a return to fair launches instead of bullshit where the team and investors own a significant amount of the supply and they expect retail buyers to buy at whatever the inflated ICO/IEO price is while also obscuring token vesting and other post-launch token releases

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>The market has abandoned shitcoins and only serious alts will pump now
Are you a stupid inbred? Doge and shib are still top 10 and my bnb dogbat 5xd from the bottom (and no, BNB didn't 5x from the bottom. That would have made BNB be at 1k per coin atm). If you actually look at btc dominance, you'd see it's been gaining for like 1.5-2 years in a row. My dogbat 5xd and it's not even alt season yet. Keep seething though. I know you'll bitch when you see it at 100m and then 1b with the stupid amounts of money that will flood alts as a whole (including BNB which this is pegged with)

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>it also doesn't help that a lot of these utility driven fundamentals type of alts are fucked to the core thanks to VCs
You're very close to realizing the entire point of all the technobabble white papers; to give midwits hope while they baghold. Whenever you see all those prestigious VCs listed as partners it's a hint that they are holding massive bags they got before anyone else could
VCs pay the team for tokens made out of nothing, then shill retail. Simple.
Oh but surely OPs overinflated shitcoins will Change The World with their innovative tech. kek

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>I haven't seen that happen yet
Not to be a shill but Kaspa would meet your criterion. Pumped in the bear, continues to pump in the pre-bull.

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you're an absolute midwit that doesn't know how to tell what an alt season is or when it happens.
Let me dumb it down. When btc dominance starts dropping, what does that mean exactly? Nah, you can't figure it out. Basically all the money into btc will flood into alts. Hasn't happened yet.
During alt season is when alts (including shitcoin/memecoins) pump in earnest

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There was no alt season last bullrun because all the money went instead to shitcoins

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There literally was an alt season. You're new as shit.
Ftm was under a penny
Chainlink was at 20 cents
bnb was sub 10 dollars
eth was at 40 dollars

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Dog coins are the new bitconnect

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Chainlink went up way before the bullrun. The only crypto that was going up insane levels while bitcoin and all else remained crashed and crabbing

There was no alt season last bullrun, nothing went up but some shitcoin scams and NFT ( lul) . Nobody made last time due to shitcoins

Thank god top performers this time are being serious projects now, shitcoin is ogre

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I hope your right anon.

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>The only crypto that was going up insane levels while bitcoin and all else remained crashed and crabbing
You're a dense person. Also chainlink had an initial bullrun do 4 dollars from 20 cents in the bear, crashes to 2 dollars, then hit 55 dollars during alt season

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Also you can't read charts.
Imagine being dumb enough to say there was no alt season when they were pulling in 100-1000x

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all you dog fuckers got real quiet since last week

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blocks your path

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You are talking about shitcoins and brandnewflavoroftheweek "alts" doing 100-1000x last bullrun, and they did - but they were shitcoins. They went to zero afterwards, and only a few anons ( mostly devs and their friends ) made money out of that garbage run - everyone else will carry the bags 4ever

Now you are seeing even ripple start to go up again - that is because shitcoins are dying compared to the last run where they dominated, and serious alts will go up - and they stay up afterwards.

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supreme lel

I'm not saying this isn't funny nor that shitcoins need to die 100% - but we can't have a repeat of last cycle where it was nothing but "I'm fomoing into kneepads" and all the serious projects went up only 40% or something

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>Kindly reminder

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Since when has /biz/ been correct on anything ever?
The only things you get in this shit hole are seethe threads, jeetcoin threads and poor threads. With "expert" advices I'm more likely to seek financial advice from a dark skinned gentleman holding a gun.

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/biz/ was correct on chainlink when nobody else on the internet was

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Nigger, even eth did a 100x lmao. No, eth wasn't "obscure".
4000/40= 100x

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Bitch, you weren't even in crypto prior to covid and your stupid takes on alts shows how little experience you have in the markets.

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I was and I don't know what drugs you have been taking

Altcoins were amazing in 2016, but did very little in 2020

Shitcoins didn't exist in 2016, they dominated 2020 completely

Meanwhile chainlink was getting to $20 way before the bullrun while nothing else was moving and we were in crab market for years after the crash

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>Altcoins were amazing in 2016, but did very little in 2020
Even eth did a 100x, you fucking nigger. You're an idiot

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Eth did a x20, and eth was behind all the shitcoin casino too btw

The best altcoin did a x20, pathetic

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You're incredibly stupid. Pic rel
Also I saw it at $40. Not sure why it's not showing that, but whatever.

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2020 it was at $100-$200

And you are nitpicking the one best alt coin that wasn't a shitcoin from the 2020 "bullrun"

shitcoins ruined that run

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Newfags posing as OGs is sad. Want more pics?

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Look at the bottom. I'm measuring from the bear market low aka march 2020.
You are too dense for crypto, honestly

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The price of ethereum january 2020 was $100 something

I don't tknow what you are doing there

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>The price of ethereum january 2020 was $100 something
Bitch. The chart is RIGHT FUCKING THERE
This fucking guy is ridiculous

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look at other charts, ask chat gpt, you will get $100+

Again don't know what you are doing there

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>look at other charts
You're a stupid person. Look at binance. Look at bitstamp. Look at coinbase. They all show this shit. You don't even know how to look up a chart. Just stop talking. You're embarrassing yourself

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Fantom did pull a x100 in 2020, that should have been the commonplace for alts given crypto kept getting more adoption and mainstream news - but again shitcoins ensured only a few crypto exploded compared to 2016

There were too many new crypto projects already, shitcoins truly made a disaster out of everything by making that situation worse and creating a generation of true bagholders, whose coins would never go back up in the next bullruns

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I just looked at bitstamp and it said $200, again even chatgpt gives me $130 at january

Wait a sec are you trying to cheat me?

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>Fantom did pull a x100 in 2020
Is this guy trolling me?
Learn how to read a chart, for fucks sakes

This midwit just called a 128,667.44% a "100x".
What the fuck?
How the fuck can OP even breathe? I'm impressed he's capable of doing even that much

OP, don't ever try giving financial advice when you can't even use a basic measuring tool. Wow. I'm actually stupefied.

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THAT one IS Bitstamp

I can't even

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OP can't read a chart and is asking chatGPT to do it for him. Lool
I can't
I just can't

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at some point people will realise a large part of this market goes to whoever has the best meme, tech coins are as bullshit as joke coins, all that matters is if people are willing to buy the bit

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Dubs and based lmao

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That is the mentality of people who moved into crypto for money after it became successful.

Crypto didn't become something threatening to replace fiat because it´s just for the money. Bitcoin is only worth 70k because of idealism of going back to money not being printed at will, amongst other things

Bitcoin/blockchain solves so many problems with online payments that it is a technology worth a lot

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You can't even read a chart. Just stop talking

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I was talking about times in my messages and you were talking about percentage increases, you misinterpreted what I said.

So after all your posting we came to the conclusion everything I said was right then. Also, fuck shitcoins, they need to be 1% of the crypto market, not almost 100% like last run

Nobody made real money in 2020 save a few, we all made money in 2016. I think shitcoins SUCK

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You're an idiot saying there was no alt season so I corrected you. Learn how to read a chart before posting. Lurk more

>> No.57961136

oh I don't doubt that at all, bitcoin is there and winning because it is the ultimate alternative

the rest of the market is left to the jackals and that's where memes come in, just look at how much of a flop chainlink was, ideas mean nothing outside of bitcoin

Montero was probably the best alternative to the alternative but it's not going anywhere

>> No.57961179

even if a coin is "better" than bitcoin, it will never have the backing to replace it because in terms of fiat Vs crypto, trying to popularise "the best" crypto after bitcoin has already taken off is seen as pathetic infighting

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but there was no alt season in 2020

Most alts from 2016 stayed at the same price in 2020 and didn't break ath nor go too much over it -and the reason being shitcoins stole the thunder of 2020's bullrun

Thankfully these same coins are now dominating the top gainer charts as of this week, and hopefully that is a sign shitcoins will die to almost nothing

Only people defending shitcoins are those who are either developers, friend of the developers, or who think they are well established enough they can always be the first buying so others will be the one carrying the bags

Shitcoins are leech market and gambling, not investment, fuck them hope they die. Go invest in real projects and we all make money instead of just scammers, and crypto as a whole gets stronger

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>but there was no alt season in 2020
Here are a few examples: >>57960699
I can spam way more charts if you want? You repeating nonsense doesn't make it true btw.

>> No.57961213


There are legit projects outside of currency, and speaking of which we haven't even entered adoption phase yet. A lot of cryptos are going to outperform bitcoin from now on and with legitimate reasons too

>> No.57961231

eth did bad, fantom was nice, BNB got most by surprise but had a nice increase too

Again, as I said, most alts barely moved in 2020 compared to 2016 though. 2020 was bad for money

This time it seems it is being back to normal again finally, even ripple went up

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I think this should come AFTER confidence in fiat has been lost

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Man, the absolute stupidity of OP. The fact that he said there was no alt season last bullrun clearly shows this current cycle is his first considering how anyone who experienced it in real time knows how batshit crazy it was. It's not the type of feeling you forget. I fucking hate larpers so much

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>eth did bad
It literally did well over a 50x from the covid low, ranjeesh. And I don't think the charts I posted are even showing the real low because I clearly remember it at $40 which is actually a 100x from bottom to peak

>> No.57961291

>eh. over a 1000x increase isn't that much. It's okay I guess. That's not alt season gains
Op is an inbred