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What are your friends and family saying about crypto right now?

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They forgot about crypto after the dogecoin phase in 2021.

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no mentions at all yet. they were seething about tulips last run. still early.

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N-Nothing, kek.

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nothing at all

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normies hate crypto because it implies they are responsible for being poor.

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>work at walmart
>have two or three guys I chat with the markets about
>he was helping a customer with a cellphone and doge and shiba came up

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Random gymbro in the locker room brought up crypto with his mates but then they started ripping on him. Still early.

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heard nobody talk about it on their own, talked about it with my gf (accidentally revealed how much ive got), saw one woman buying $800 worth of BTC in a bitcoin ATM a week ago (the day it fell like 8%, tuesday i think)

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Nothing at all, only at work but I'm with some huge btc bag holders
We still early boys, never sale

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Normies aren't here until you see things like Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic going up.

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>accidentally revealed how much I got

you fool. that won't end well, she will constantly look at you like a Jew now if you don't spend those gains with her. I was with a girl for almost 9 years and didn't tell her a god damn thing about my net worth.

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yeah we were very drunk and i accidentally checked my folio on my phone. i think she got the number, might have been to drunk to notice/understand tho

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nothing. not a peep. one coworker, but he's an options trading npc and glanced at microstrategy.

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They are starting to think about maybe buying

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Absolutely nothing actually. Last bull run even my mom kept asking.
Even semi-tech friends are unaware of anything.