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Shill your best solano shitters. Share alpha and discuss.

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It's so degenerate, it must work

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how do you find the shitcoins that moon to 200k then dump

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Fucking this
Why do some go up like 200000% and others not at all within the same time frame?

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$CWiF early could be a big play catwifhat
$WEN HYPEd but big mc
$MELON hyped by influencers
$RETARDIO trade it
$PENG Hyped big mc
$POPCAT 50/50

Learn how to snipe screener to phantom wallet

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$home, one of a kind sol meme coin with rwa narrative , bizraelis tg with lots of potential in terms of shilling and marketing, sub 100k mc.

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old fag gimme a qrd plz
does phantom have better transaction confirmation or what

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some of the shittier memes end up getting to tens of millions because devs arent jeets like 99% of sol

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I'm thinking of just peppering money across multiple of these stupid things and seeing what happens.
Any tips for preventing getting jeeted?

Mite ape into Dumbgayretard

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this what im staking.
beby tremp to the moon

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its so retarded it will work 500k mc

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Look to see if they have a telegram twitter website on screener start with small amounts just add shit to your watchlist and see how you would have done $cwif don’t marry a coin if u make money take money

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sealwifhat earlier than catwifhat

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rugged 10 hrs ago, lol no

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catwifhat = 500m mc
sealwifhat = 5m mc

weak hands selling != rug

choice is yours

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im good

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Awesome Face (AWESOME!) on SOL
>2k market cap & LP burnt


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75k rn. 1 million programmed. 10 million target

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$socomfy, dyor and buy soon.

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Boys WASSIE is blowing up rn 18k MC

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DEX https://dexscreener.com/solana/6hb2umlym1eswm41hdea6cgsxrhj9jg8jdzsmu5e5az7

LP Burned
DEX updated
SOL trending Paid

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Owner since $200k mcap, it keeps disappointing me. How is the marketin going? The volume has been horrendous
I have a fairly heavy bag here, although they claim its a suibag, 10m comfies

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midlady $mid
7k mc
tg / midlad

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No jester turde? Ngmi

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$doeg retarts

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i try

a.i. braham
magic beans

really small caps that havent ruggeed

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I dumped that garbage and yolo'd into low mcap utility tokens like XTP and DIMO. Gotta ride those waves, Anon.

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Mikawa Inu. very new.

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The only meme coin I bought and made mad gains on is PEPE. Strategically dumped it on the plebs and copped YFI, after just listed on Tap Fintech.

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It even has a Website. Doublebuy!

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2k mc I’m buying anything, potential got at least 100x if not 1000 - 10000x is well worth the risk

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What wallets are you guys using for this?

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Already done a pump and retracement. Devs not rugged immediately.
If it can do a mumu we are laughing

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Solanacorn, it's an official mascot of Solana's office and miraculously still low mcap.

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Solana Bin Laden, 2 days old, good meme, good community. 100k mc floor has been established. It will BLOW

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Snp is a meme coin index mostly on Solana but on a couple of chains now. The liquidity for the token is paired with a lot of meme coins so it tends to pump when meme coins are hot. It serves as a pseudo index. It's pretty undervalued at the moment. And since the initial liquidity pool was paired with a meme coin it effectively made it so snipers couldn't horde Supply

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game theory suggests youre all shilling your worst bag

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$SMOG my dude, just that.

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Also, if you want a real gamble
This $PEPE, already rugged like a month ago and some dudes holding the line since then

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horry puttor

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get a bag while you can


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tg adulphhidlercommunity

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Jeo Rogaine. starting to move. very new

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fuck it is pumping hard

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Buy the dip while you can

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HOME is definitely the new meta, expect dumbass shit like HOMEWIF, HEME, WIH to start popping up in the next week or so

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ca for HOME?

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not a good look bro

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Solana Bin Laden!


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recommend joining tg, very comfy

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name another shitcoin thats whitepaper is a manifesto on the free market

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only 8k market cap and we have girls cutting our ticker into their arms
>other projects
>tit signs
>cut signs

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jannys delete Aibraham threads.
If you know you know.
aibraham dot io

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Midlady sp00ky blood magickz witchcraft guarantees 10 mil marketcap. I am told that powerful Yakutian blood curses have been pre-emptively deployed against who belittle our glorious lady of mid top dolla egregore.

Troo Neo-Bharati Saars will invest bigly or face unfathomable regret and embarrassment, shrinking of LOWER MEMBER.

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I’m in Pelfort, the wolf of Solana token. Went from 1m mcap to 19m in a few days

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What's even written there? What's the point of doing that shit if it's not legible.

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baby tremp on sol

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Solana Bin Laden Bull Case:

No Jews
No Jeets
Token LP burned
Devs hold 9.11%, half of which burned
Shilled to 4chan but not twitter
Meme is original and has "Solana" in it
Adulf Hidler hit $8M (copycat meme)
Toly absolutely hates someone created this

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had them recreate the $MID cutsign

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How do I even pick the right one? there are so many...

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if u pick midlady its the right one

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have the devs airdrop a tiny bit to the Saga wallets. It always works.

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yeah I f*cked up on this one m8

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All in on $BOOM!

Inshallah I can see this hitting over 911K market cap soon :)

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Also just bought some babydonaldtremp and it's MOVING.

The best way to make money this bull cycle is from retarded memes.

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I've bought LINU and BALLZ and I'm not doing so well... It seems so obvious that the right play is meme coins but I just can't get them

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This thing already pumped and dumped, why would anyone buy now?

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Someone in?

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If u don’t have $comfy and $home u ngmi
$solana bin Laden looks interesting

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comfy is dragging ass right now, Solana bin laden is the only thing keeping my sol stack afloat.

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you can say fuck on 4chan, you silly niggerfaggot

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eepycat looks actually not to bad

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chart looks decent.
Im in.

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ponke. he is a degenerate gambler like us

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made less than an hour ago by a twitter degen with 20k followers, chart is looking great

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My favorite starter, he deserves those 50$ i gave him.

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already going vertical again since i posted...

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No website/tg/twitter? Don’t see any links on dextools or solscan

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Already rugged.

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COMFY was, is, and remains biz's coin of choice.

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fuck it i'm in . don't rug me bro

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It's barely 20 minutes later and it already rugged lol.

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COMFY was, is, and will forever remain biz's coin of choice.

>verification not required

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Bro are you retarded? Buying *THIS* fucking chart?

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>Are you retarded?

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You want Alpha? COMFY will get listed on a Top 20 exchange soon and they plan to time it together with Trending. Oh yeah, and Mad Apes want to do an AMA. See you at 10 million broskis

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twitter is @realsniffcoin and there's a telegram link there

dw its retracing.

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Nigger you are falling for 2 days straight.

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>dw its retracing.
Braah cmon

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1.7m market cap, high of 3m. I bought at 1m an hour after launch last night. Coin is 22 hours old

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check the chart

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I just bought the dip on lol cat.
don't rug me bros

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That's why it's Alpha, retard. I'm giving you an opportunity to make it. Miss out for all i care, bizlet. I got my stack and i'm COMFY

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CROCDOG been taking off and hasn't topped off yet.


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Buy MIGRANT https://dexscreener.com/solana/hku7tcpyrwznpwjd9fu6bhgm8adtgn4b2msrmd9vualv

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So I just made a shitcoin. Can anyone tell me how to make it available on Raydium?
I've read that I need about 4 SOL to make a market or something.
Does anyone have advice?

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Polygon is where the action’s gonna be happening next pajeet

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Solana Bin Laden ($BOOM) for the culture. But honestly MC is pretty low right now and even a pump to 1M would be over x10. Saw it shilled by a couple of bizraelis the last few days and just threw $100 at it during this current dip.

>> No.57959095

Isn't matic polygon pajeet too?

>> No.57959106

I keep seeing “bizraelis”, are u referring to anons in here or is it some tg? If the latter someone pls link me

>> No.57959176

i checked every single shitcoin being shilled here and all of them are dumping badly after a giga pump lmao biz really is dead you all need to kill yourselves asap lmao youre all literally brown stuck on a 5 square foot smelly cubicle in new dheli

>> No.57959203

Solana Bin Laden. (TICKER: BOOM)

80k marketcap. 3 days old.

We will blow up. Simple.


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What I don't understand is how the jeets have the money to make shitcoin after shitcoin and make a profit, it costs nearly 5 sol which isn't exactly cheap.

>> No.57959323

It's honestly embarrassing how many projects get rugged within 5-10 minutes when they could put like 8 hours of effort into it and make 100x more money rugging late

>> No.57959387

But how do they rug it?

>> No.57959397

20 wallets with majority of supply, pull liquidity,

>> No.57959399


Incredibly comfy right now

>> No.57959437

I would just HODL $WEN, since it's basically Jupiter Exchange's meme coin

has the narrative of being a community cat coin that needs to take over the dog meme coin mcaps

>> No.57959478

Don't buy this shit anons it's the Barron crew. Scamming subhumans.

>> No.57959750

All in on this turd.
1b mc incoming

>> No.57959872

check SNIFF again

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have u never once looked at a solana shitcoin lmfao, most of the ones that gigasend turbo dump then community takeover
also i think its incredibly bullish ppl are shilling even after its death, strong schizophrenic community,

>> No.57960350

700 followers on twitter (probably all bots)
not even 100 members on tg
fuck out of here you shitskin animal

>> No.57960384

SWIFTIES, anyone? It had a crazy run to 8m+ mc and is now on a pretty nice dip. Community/dev in the telegram all seem committed. As far as the normiest of normie coins it really doesnt get much more normie than this shitcoin.

>> No.57960519

I fuckin got lazy cat money $Garf. It's 6.9k mcap so i did zero research. 5eZv4x95NfZ5JthUJZkWsNR2AajyRVnGZ1vVaz1yMNe1

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Solana bros, give solana your energy!!!!

>> No.57961415

Go, solana, gogogogogog!

>> No.57961436

come on, solana!

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$home would be at 0 if not for this dolphin's relentless slurping, why does he keep buying a rugged coin with no shilling activity? should we let him know that the house is just a jpeg?

>> No.57961701

solona city baby lets pump

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lazymoney dot cat
close to ATH and STILL under 15k mkap
burned liquidity and no bs
just memes

>> No.57961895

BOOM is actually pretty hilarious. The perfect 4chan shitcoin

>> No.57962108

wtf retardio is actually pretty good, and by the looks of it devs are actually white

>> No.57962274

I want to kms. I saw retardio at $200k and never bought ;______;

>> No.57962283

fitting name

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>> No.57962471

katwifhat - microcap GEM, dev will never rug

>> No.57962608

What does my stack need to be to be comfy? Is 5 million enough?

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Bump for the dextools links, i really need them and make fast trades and this seems like the only viable alternative for what i've been informed
im a busy man and i dont have time for bullshit (i work at a bakery)

>> No.57962918

reading your shit gave me a stroke and I'm not even past 25 nigga
fuck you

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PHRIENDZ. 15k mcap. Dev is dox'd and posts videos on the TG group while doing doordash haha. The TG is absolute magic. Also a documentary being made featuring the Dev (Pizza T). One of the few shit coins that isn't a jeet rug.

>> No.57963321

$shibwifhat any good?

>> No.57964358

I'm getting $PBUTT vibes from the site. I'm in

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File: 1.59 MB, 1497x1028, IMG_2505.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.57964577

i dare you
50$ in

>> No.57964672

Any sniper here?
What tg bots you use to scan coins?
I'm mainly looking for a bot that can scan dev wallets and associated wallets that received tokens

>> No.57965525

Welcome home PHRIEND

>> No.57965568

line on pump dot fun website, btw pump dot fun is basically biz but every post is a shitcoin launch lol. its kind of interesting and its impossible for the coins to get rugged, they just get immediately dumped on from the initial tiny pump at worst
mcap under 10k, as most things on that site are

>> No.57966025

wow boom is bargain bin prices grab some fags

>> No.57966103

this is pretty interesting

>> No.57966198


>> No.57966219

LickGoat is taking off and has a lot of potential. Currently at $3.5M marketcap

>> No.57967322

I think shibwif is going places. Lots of energy behind it

>> No.57967404

COQINU is new, if jeets could stop selling their losing bags it would be better. Baby's first shitcoin i guess.

>> No.57967409 [DELETED] 
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Can't find a tg for it but someone make one and let's start shilling it
>2k market cap
>LP burnt