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What are your friends and family saying about crypto right now?

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A few of the more autistic ones have noticed that things are happening. The rest are completely silent about it or still insist that it’s all a scam

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>writes "normie" instead of...
You have to go back.

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Waiting to cash out desu

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Aaaaand there we have it.
OP you are gay. And you HAVE TO go back.

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This. A few of my close friends have noticed, asking ‘what do you think about buying Bitcoin’, etc. One has bought in pretty heavy already.

TL;DR expect increasing numbers of ads for Instagram crypto ‘trading courses’ over the next month or so.Y4RP

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i am in austin for sxsw and haven't seen anybody talking about crypto except for some shitcoin ads i saw plastered around and a guy talking about decentralized cloud storage

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of course the 2 schizos telling OP to go back don't answer OP's original question because they literally have no friends

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At the moment nothing.

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Its honestly really surprising that I'm hearing crickets
I feel like the market has been moving up really fast

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they're saying no thanks

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>Those doge (pronounced "doggy") coins are just ponzis man. It's not gonna happen again.

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They won't make a peep until well after it cracks 100k. Then they'll either buy in right before a crash, or give themselves a pat on the back that they didn't buy.

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Entirely possible. It's likely to hit somewhere in six figures, then crash down to like ~100k from there imo this cycle.

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>having friends

top signal

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based noticer
It's the same ID you fucking newfag.