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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRxVREUdOYs [Embed]
>for the first time, it is really dawning on the majority of the traditional investment management, and traditional banking systems, um, that these rails create all new opportunities for us, right? And that now, people are beginning to make those plans and embrace the technology, um, and this was something that we should have seen coming.

>We kind of see this trend happen, over and over, with very new technologies taking a little bit of time for their potential to be understood by the financial industry

Franklin Templeton: $1.5T AUM

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>Ranging at $20 while the rest of the market pumps past ath
I’m so tired

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and by market you mean just bitcoin and pumps past ath mean crabbing at last bullruns ath

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and by market you mean just bitcoin and by pumps past ath you mean crabbing at last bullruns ath

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BTC will "dump" to 65k and Chainlink will be back at $15

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nah it's about to get sent

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Link is literally the worst performer in top 20 in the the last month aside stables

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To $10? Yes

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that means more room to pump

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Literally true. Coiled Spring Regression for LINK is the highest it has ever been for a crypto asset.
$40,000. And that's if it pumps now. If they keep holding it down, it will just go higher.

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You retards have been saying this for four years now and missed two bullruns lol

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The Cuckolds of crypto
utility over memes go for AGRS

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said it for 7 years now and if going from 5 fig folio to 7 fig folio is missing out on bullruns I don't mind missing every single one

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I'm literally just holding until the spring uncoils. $40,000 per LINK or more.

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>beniz ID

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utility? that shtcoin?

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That sshtcoing gives me 10x

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4u Fag

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>i dont mind willingly and knowingly missing 1000% in gainz on x token if it means y token may or may not do that sometime in the future.
do you understand how you sound?

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tau's project sounds too good to be true

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>do you understand how you sound?
>if you swung and traded perfectly you'd be a billionaire
that is how you sound, there is a reason I'm sitting on seven figures while you have to gamble in the shitcoin casino

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But the thing is, you’re not sitting on seven figures and you’re just a delusional coping retard kek

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I did 60x since 2017

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Early LINK holders have probably vastly outperformed the average crypto investor. Do you at least agree with that assessment?

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>if you swung and traded perfectly you'd be a billionaire
>instead you should perfectly time the ico like me!

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No lol there are plenty other coins that did way better. Are you retarded?

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early BTC/ETH holders have probably vastly outperformed the average LINK investor. Do you at least agree with that assessment?

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>you’re just a delusional coping retard kek
I guess its possible its all a dream and I'm just here talking to myself
>instead you should perfectly time the ico like me!
I didn't even hear about the ICO I just got in sub 20 cents because the fud drew so much attention that after I made some money on groestlecoin vertcoin and Iota I just threw it all in link and it turned out pretty good ;>

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what gets me is that every shitcoin chart looks exactly like link and they are acting like they have accomplished something by keeping up with the bare minimum rise in the market

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And yet here you are still posting on 4chin. Somehow I don’t believe you Kek

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Chainlink looks the worst. But retards like these >>57932764 keep coming up with some bullshit TA nonsense and says dumping is somehow bullish

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>you, a retard: chainlink le bad
>me, a genius: chainlink is incredibly easy and predictable to trade

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>Somehow I don’t believe you Kek
its pretty bizarre that a millionaire is talking to you isn't it

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>Somehow I don’t believe you Kek
Way to out yourself as a poorfag lmao

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Its ok to like Chainlink

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Give a Lambo

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I’m a multimillionaire

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>And yet here you are still posting on 4chin.

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Yea :)

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Yes, of course I would agree with that.

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at least we about to clear 30 not gonna lie

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2020 $22
2024 $532

2020 $13
2024 $20

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post BNB buys and sells

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Today is my marriage anniversary but I don't have the money to spend this memorable moments well. Can any anon slide me $1k - $1.5k so that I can celebrate the day well?

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I don't give a fuck what the Link price is in the short term. There's one thing and one thing only i care about and it's having my entire stack staked in that community pool, which it is. That is what is the real prize is. I'm in that pool forever, with a lot of Link, and as OP says, it's comfy.
The price of Link may be realtively low today, but it won't be in time, and I'll still be in that community pool. Best decision i ever made. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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>Today is my marriage anniversary but I don't have the money to spend this memorable moments well. Can any anon slide me $1k - $1.5k so that I can celebrate the day well?
You said that yesterday tho.

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I just bought 25 LINK
what am I in for

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Yesterday I said its tomorrow. And now its today

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Can you help anon?

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sometimes $19.70

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This time it's true, just 2 more weeks and you'll see

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Bro this image can cause suicides, please dont post it.

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classic chainlink™

Hope they hire more women from all the selling, we need more 'Women in tech' articles from them

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you'd be comfier if you bought PINU before it goes x100

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they do this because they know they can
life is not about what you do but about who will stop you

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>we need more 'Women in tech' articles from them
Not really. We're already have a high ESG rating, which means we tick the all the compliance boxes. This means players like Blackrock will have zero issues with us on that front. You're wearing blinkers, kid. If you want to play with seashells, buy something else. We're going after the big fish.

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Why, you don’t believe him? After all there are millionaires posting on this very thread amirite :)

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how exciting

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two more weeeeeks the patriots are in control

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they got a couple bot / chatgpt fud spammers turned on in response to this thread probably lol

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>so you be sayin you be comfy?

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Yeah sure essentially 7 years sounds like a long time, but the man you are today (I hope) has learned so much since then. Patience should be on your side. Chainlink is going to make all of us so fucking rich, even if you have 200 LINK (albeit may take longer)

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Am i reading this right? Linkers are the delusional Qboomers of crypto? They have similar characteristics, if you think about it

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AEVO will officially list on Binance, on 13th March 2024 at 10:00 UTC

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Sitting here comfy too op. The fud just makes me laugh at this point. It's like someone desperately trying to convince you the sky is red, or the moon is made of cheese. Franklin Templeton has 1.53 trillion dollars worth of assets under management and they are rubbing shoulders with Sergey, being seen publicly with him, talking with him. Whales are accumulating millions of dollars worth of link as we speak. This is as real as it gets.

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I hate to say this but we are the same as XRP schitzo bag holders

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>price of a venti onions latte at starbucks

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>pic related

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>right as we speak patriots in the government are securing the white house, the patriots are in charge ladies and gentlemen, trump will be installed as president.

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guess who frens

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Rolling for a so comfy digit

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Who said anything about trump? You don't know anything about my political beliefs or lack thereof. You just sound deranged. If you genuinely thought link was shit you wouldn't even be here wasting your time trying to convince others to sell. Yet everyday 24/7 you people denigrate a supposed shitcoin which you don't hold. There are tons of shitcoins being shilled on this dead forum but I don't bother trying to get people to sell as I don't care if they lose their money and I'm not personally financially invested. I know you are fudding, but I hope they pay you well for your time. I wonder how you get into a stockbashing job like that.

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>If you genuinely thought link was shit you wouldn't even be here wasting your time trying to convince others to sell
Kek, I hear the same shit from baggies in GME or BBBY threads.

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I don't see dedicated GME or BBBY fud threads. But it doesn't matter. There is no asset like link and there never will be one. Comparing link to some meme stock is like comparing the invention of the conical bullet to suitcases with wheels.

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Double dubs. Checked and comfy

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a few days around ath isnt really crabbing dude. stop over using that word. link is crabbing.

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Comf muffin.

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Not since LINK's ICO. Do you at least agree with that assessment? That buying into LINK in 2017 has been a far better investment than both BTC and ETH (and countless shitcoins) over the same time period?

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ahhahahahahahahahahaah dumbass chainlink holders

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Whoa exciting! but pumping this much is unsustainable. Needs solid 4 weeks of consolidation at $21 before pumping to $22

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Is 2000 LINK enough?

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>he doesn't know how to check transactions on-chain
just lol. Lmao, even. There's been accumulation of 10's of millions of $ in LINK over a couple days several times the last 2 months. All visible on the distributed ledger called Ethereum, you can view this to your dismay on etherscan

cope + seethe + mald + cope again

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keep believing, when you see all your money being drained by some jeet you will remember me, it is not too late for you to buy some BRC20 token creating in satoshisync or some memecoin like linu.

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you asked too much of that poor linktard

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>Crashes in his sleep.

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fuck yeah, same
its maximum comfy, these fags will never know

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Right now, you're around wallet rank 13-14k which is top 2%

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Linkbros, what happened to our pump? I bought at 22.80, you told me this was it

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show proof you bought at $22.80 and I'll double your stack

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>Linkbros, what happened to our pump?
the usual

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I don't need to double my stack, my link is priceless, I bought it from sirgay himself

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>I don't need to double my stack
checked, alright I'll peace out then.