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>BitMart listing confirmed next week
>FameEX listing confirmed day before BitMart's
>Wallet 81a3c fails to make LINU dump and wasted 1.2 efferiums in gas doing so
>81a3c fudding about how he reported Ryan to the SEC over a meme coin

How can you not be bullish

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Ryan eats too many big macs. I heard he eats 10 per day by another anon. What a fat fuck!

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sounds like an absolute chad honestly

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No, you’re just a humongous loser.

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only 10? what the fuck? he needs to eat at least 30 if you guys want me to buy this piece of shit coin

ITT. 800B holder

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Someone has to keep 81a3c busy while he's wage cucking. Ryan's big macs don't flip themselves!

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I bought $50 each of LINU/HOKK/LUCKY around a month ago, I own the whole cerberus and I'm still up bigly. I'm just hodling comfy now, I'm hoping all of them go 1000x, then I'll have make-it money.

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Homie soon I'll afford 20/day. And they'll just stack the mcchicken sauce in the bag without giving that look and tryna charge for them. That's makin' it. That's fuck you money.

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Good for you anon. I hope when the time comes, you enjoy your wealth.
>t. 300B stacklet

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>slurpin 10 bigmacs / day
lol, still only 10.
How many days has it been stuck at 10?
Four days? Five days?

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We need some shillers to join our chat. Coin goes live in about an hour
t g Bizraelite

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Checked and based. 1T stack and maximum comfy. WAGMI

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Should I put another $1000 in???

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Heres a hint: CLS

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credit line secured?

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Another hint. MM

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Market Maker?

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Now back to CLS.. cmon anon..

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Excusez mon français, but your frog is magnifique.

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Praise Keku

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Ryan broken his threshold of 10 big macs to 11 big macs. Now imagine he reaches 30 bigmacs

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>193B LINU this morning
>slice off a small amount of linu and roll it into another coin which is looking to pop
>4x on said coin
>sell bag
>roll back into LINU
>am now a 500B LinChad
>LINU looking like it’s a big fat zit on a jews nose about to explode
Feels so cozy

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What’s sui stack at now want to make sure I’m ready.

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Stop holding jewcoins like LINU and invest in sound utility tokens such as iExec RLC

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I thought about buying but i can't be bothered with eth altcoins the gas fees are too much

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You know you can do fee free market swaps on 1inch.ok or fee free limit orders on Uni right?

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What’s it like eating cum and lucky charms for breakfast?

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feeling good anon, just waiting for the exchanges
looks like everyone else is too
>500b stacklet holding since OT

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uniswap has limit orders now? show me please

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Go to the Capp, see up at the top where it says swap? Right next to it it says Limit. Click that.
I will say I tried it out the other day and I had my price set and price definitely moved through my price without filling. Not sure if user error or what.
But yeah it’s there

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I’ve seen this info about CLS twice now, but no proof. Has this been confirmed in the TG?

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AVT did a 6x yesterday but no one caught it because you subhumans were spamming the board about this absolutely dead SHITcoin that has been crabbing for days.

Don't you feel shame at all, shitting the board up with your bleeding bags instead of trying to make it with actual projects that actually pump? KIll yourselves.

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The TG is overrun by D0B0 niqqers. Is it over? D0B0 holders are cringe af and smell very bad, i dont want them in my LINU TG

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I hate D0B0 niqqers so much its unreal

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Who is this ryan guy? He shouldnt talk in the TG voice, he sounds like a redneck hobo, very bearish

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bullish, they're getting desperate

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No anon I do not feel shame that the fun telinuvela episode stole viewers from your gay little nerd coin bullshit. Fuck off and be happy with your 6x, nobody cares. Also go to the gym
If anything its bullish af

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tf? no you cant, gas fees are unavoidable and baked into eth.

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I don't get how this shit works. Care to explain

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> https://blog.uniswap.org/limit-orders

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Really good homie, this is going to be a wild week.

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Based Bryan

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I literally have no clue what this means, explain like im retarded (I am retard)

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Seems like a crypto shilling firm. You pay them and they shill the crypto for you.


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>crypto shilling firm
I'm honestly not surprised this exists, but i feel retarded for not knowing they would obviously exist.
>3 CEXes
>Shill firm backing?

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How do you even profit from LINU when it costs 200$ to swap ?

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what does that have to do with eth gas fees?

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that's what I'm trying to find out

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>How do you even profit from LINU when it costs 200$ to swap ?
Right now it's $20 to swap. What are you using? Uniswap?

>that's what I'm trying to find out
If you want to avoid gas fees, use the CEX linu is already listed on, or wait for the next 2 CEXes linu will list on this week.

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if you're holding rn it would still cost around 25$ just to get it on a CEX from your wallet. non binance chains tokens are so gay

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How much are you holding? It can't be much? If $25 is cutting into your profits THAT much I'd recommend just holding and waiting. Like months or until you feel you've gained enough to sell for $25 gas fee and profit.

Personally I'd double down if you only have beer money in it.

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You buy 200$ of LINU and make 200k?

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A WAIT WTF they’re putting LINU on American CEX crypto.com?!?!

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I don't have that much, I wanted to put 100 but the fees to get eth onto a wallet and then to swap lowered that to a lot less ofc... I've never traded shitcoins or eth before because of the gas.

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>I've never traded shitcoins or eth before because of the gas.
Yeah it's a pain at first, linu was my first buy when it started. The whole thing with linu is "Buy, Hold, Wait, Win." Gas fees are a scam & swing deterrence, majority of us are holding for millions or zero. I went from $100 to a few thousand in a month. Im holding out for the same millions or zero.

Since you're just throwing beer money at it just hold and forget about it for a while.

Is this real or you tugging my dick?

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Kek nvm i didn't open the image.

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Where do you anons get this info? >>57928298
Proof? Source?

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Until proof is posted you can ignore. Even if proof is posted you'd have to verify real in the TG or R*ddit sadly. Only the CEXs are confirmed.

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Sorry if this is retarded but how did this cost so much

>move 91USDT to Citex
>trade it all at market price for 3bil LINU
>dollar amount for LINU is now $56

I thought no gas fees on Citex?

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hate spoonfeeding literal retards but here you go

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Fucking RAJ at it again

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did you just slap market buy? might have gotten fucked by citex deciding to sell you some shit that someone had a sell order in for way above market value. I dunno, really, citex is a shit exchange and was only useful for the team to get some form of legitimacy for getting listed on better exchanges

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Min. 25x-50x. We will make it!

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Yeah market buy. Oh well, we're gonna be billionaires in 2 weeks right??

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What’s the real telegram for linu? I only find the typical tg jeet farms.

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LINU community, has about 913 members. Lots of fakes out there.

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>Ryan eats too many big macs.
LINU will pass LINK confirmed LETS GO HOMIES WAGMI!!!!

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Ah cool. thanks. haven't used it in a couple of years

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>green ID

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apparently ryans belly is so big he crushed his wifes hips while having missionary sex?? is this true?

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I have 1.1b :D

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Everything you have ever heard about ryan is true. He is fat and jacked and smart and dumb and handsome and hideous and a hero and a villain and a mastermind and a homie. He is a Renaissance man through and through and he will make me rich af.

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this shit is dead in the water check my dubs

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Kek retard. Its about to blow up next week

>> No.57933216

It's over Gilles

>> No.57933220

No dubs for you bozo. Buy Linu now or seethe forever as it pumps to the moon without you.

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i bought 10 billion so this shit will never pump thanks for playing frens

>> No.57933275

>i bought 10 billion so this shit will never pump thanks for playing frens
wrong, it will pump like crazy because you didn't buy enough and you will regret not buying more at this price.

>> No.57933288

>green id
Pump confirmed

>> No.57933293

this, or >>57933266 will sell on a little pump then it will giga pump

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Confirmation nazi dubs checked.
>we fuckin pump niggas

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I’m up to 52b am I looking okay here?

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Thatll be worth about $1,000,000 by 2025 once this is done 1000x’ing so yeah id say looking pretty good bro

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Why does this seem so sarcastic, I feel like 100x may be the real run into 2025 doesn’t 1000x seems little “too optimistic”

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Multiply the current Mcap by 1000x and see where that lands us. This is shib 2.0 dude. Im not being sarcastic at all. 1000x is still on the table for people getting in now. Wont be the case for people who get in later but they can still enjoy 100x+

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Everyone is basing bull run market caps on the last run. There's nothing to say that your typical shit coin doesn't instead hit 75 billion as bits of coin hits daft figures

>> No.57933762

No one said 70 bil. That would be like a 4000x lol

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Incredibly based. Linu on binance by December confirmed.

>> No.57934130

Ryan is a champion trader, seething baggies are jealous of his mad gains
>dogshit in 2024
village starvation era begins

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1.5 years from now, 10000x.

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March 15. Showed the proof in TG

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Wholly checked, Im making it

>> No.57934817

Bill Howard is the most likeable on that entire Linu telegram. Ryan looks like he takes a big fist up his Big Mac extinguishing hole.

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>dub dubs

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famex today

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I don't think so dog, should be next few days

>> No.57935051

pretty sure famex is wednesday

>> No.57935132

Famex: 5x, Bitmart 25x-50x within few days.

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AEVO will officially list on Binance, on 13th March 2024 at 10:00 UTC

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We pumpin' bros

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We're only going up. Crab season is kill.

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A nice 5x going to happen within hours.

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I'm now a coin connoisseur

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its been literal years since ive been part of a real pump please dont rug me

>> No.57936066

Your LINU is SAFU. Unruggable, wallet distribution is very fair.

>> No.57936080

anon please don't buy, you know the rules... we really want to pump, but if you buy... please don't tell us you've already bought...

>> No.57936084

i wanted to buy some more before it started pumping again

>> No.57936086

bought it yesterday