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>make it stack is 10k!
Linkies are absolute fucking retards Kek

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it's actually 100k

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Make it was always 100K
10K is suicide

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I think you just proved OP's point.
March 20

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>i-it’s actually 100k!
And yet they still haven’t made it

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100K Link at the peak was worth $5.2M
100K Link is currently worth ~$2M
How is that not making it?

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You need at least 10 mil to be considered making it, zoomer retard

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Shit tier bait.

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man, fuck the fudders but motherFUCK the newfags thinking they know shit
suicide stack $1 million
make it stack $10 million

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Ive been here since link ico
Suicide stack is 1000
Make it stack is 10000
Both are basically out of reach for 99.9% of people

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>Shit tier bait.
Way to out yourself as newfag

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>$20k is out of reach
yeah for the average Indian, maybe
touch grass, people buy $20k cars everyday

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This kek

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People borrow for that. Go ask your bank to loan you money to buy crypto tokens and watch them laugh you out.

Make it is and always has been 10k. 100k is a fud campaign.

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they also borrow for crypto without explicitly telling them you naive tard

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Any crypto whale here?

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>banks can’t trace their loans
You’re the naive retard here

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2 million then is 10m now
pay up fuddies

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even if we assume you are correct (you aren't) you know that banks AREN'T the only place you can borrow fiat for the purposes of buying speculative crypto assets, right?

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Excusez mon French, but your frog is superbe.

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People over the last few years have tried to rewrite what everyone agreed in 2018.

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Those that bought for pennies and sold for dollars before it eternally crabbed already made it. The coin is dead now.

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If they don't release ccip by March 20th the new official make it stack is 0 because we are selling.