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What are your friends and family saying about crypto right now?

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Cash out

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Not giving a fuck surprisingly compared to the current BTC price

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They are still unaware. When it hits 100K is when the FOMO will take over normies.

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bump. this is the most important thread on biz

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a muslim cab driver ask me if i can pay in bitcoin, it's fucking over mates

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Nobody i know is talking about this except 2 guys at my office, colleagues, who in general have an interest in investments

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I've had normie friends telling me to buy SHIB again
I sold everything

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nobody saying anything around me. one guy at work. but he was already into options trading and loves watching the market. i don't know if that counts since he's not really a normie.

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they started asking me

I told them to buy $whales they didn't, it did 100x

then I told them to buy $chat they didn't, it did 30x

now I told them to buy Astrodoge on Solana, hope they will listen to me this time

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Literally nobody cares. I think normies have left the building. Now it's just weird boomers

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Not a single mention yet kek. I think after 2021-22 crypto gained a "scam" label that will be difficult to shake off (mostly due to nfts)

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My family doesn't know shit about crypto, I've tried to tell tehem several times to help them invest (I'm almost at upper 6 figs) but they are to closed in their old habits they dont wanna try anything new, I've told them about BTC, ETH, (not nfts cuz they suck) satoshisync and many many other opportunites but they allways pass, BUT HELL OH LORD they do ask for my money to get shit all the time................

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They took note of the ATH and said to sell where I have profit.
No fomo yet.

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My 67 y/o boss is considering a mining operation investing from a cold call.it’s about that time broskis

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literally to cash out or no balls
I wanna hodl a little more...

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is your family latino? that sounds like latino? maybe latino mexican? guatemaltecan?

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haven't heard a word yet. top won't be until 2025 brehs

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nothing, i got no literal family, all died kek
glad i got into the run a month ago, hope i get a juicy x50 at very least

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of fucking course ppl guess latino since the only money grreding bastard with families are latinos, ffs, you fucking greengo, sck my spicy mexican dick.

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dude satoshisync offer so many opportunities and access to different blockchains that normies wouldn't understand, it's too advanced for normies minds.

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em dubs kek
bet he is el slupadorian or smth
niggers get to know what btc actually is due to their dictator holding some and immediately think they know shit about crapto
they're tiring

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the only scam are shitty coins like solana pepe chiba avi and all that shit people are constantly shilling in biz

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>redditspacing detected
go back to your pedo hole fag

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I want some of that spicy Jose you got there.

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shit gains though, no way someone actually made something out of $chat
maybe this niggers $ssnc goes somewhere

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yes this
its viewed like saying donald trump is good now
the normies are afraid to talk about it
so we will get rich while they worry about childish things

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Nothing, they will start talking about it at 90k though, when the bullrun starts

150k is the target price now, likely 180k it ends

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They seems to have heard of but don't care like the previous cycle. Are they waiting the signal from their master Elon ?

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I had an angry old negro call in earlier as to why his coinbase transactions weren't showing in his bank transactions so he could verify his account. He had a few hundred grand though and eluded to purchasing $15k on alt coins every paycheck so idk what that means.

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Normies don't care and won't care because they're broke. It's not 2021 stimmy time anymore...

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I tried to explain to my family what BTC and another BTC related tokens do (BRC20), they just looked me like im a retard, and like I've wasted my life

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Yep. And that goes for cryptotards as well, don't forget a lot of posters here were also dumping their stimmys on /biz/ shitcoins while normies were buying doge.

In this "run" there's a real influx of money on BTC through ETFs, but for other shitcoins it's just biztards and redditors dumping on each other.

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My (((gf))) still tells me crypto is dead and a scam. Little does she know my life savings has been all in since the bear market bottom. Kek fuck normies.

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beaner beaner suck my wiener
also go back to africa

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Ask yourself this: Why would institutions pile into BTC if it doesn't yield dividends and there is not going to be a greater fool to buy their bags?

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>saying about crypto
Everyone is onto AI now.

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Because your gay

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the first time i heard of bitcoin when it was 100$.
i thought thats genius but people around me talked from tulps and bubbles.
didnt buy. i will regret it for life. and i am still not buying. i cant buy something that was at 100$ and is now so insane expensive. i will never buy it.
silently i hope it will crash to zero.

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i buy other coins but not bitcoin. never.

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Do you low iq retards realize that half the posts on this thread are from spambots right? You are arguing with fucking bots kek

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Omg son ty for saving the planet from democrats !!! Key holding MAGA.

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I didn't say anything about institutions. ETFs mean normies can now add BTC as "spice" in their portfolios. Money is coming in through the ETFs, it's a fact, just look at the inflows.

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hahahaha and then you wake up in a shty bag

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I wake up with your mom son.
I can give you a Green Card if you want.
Just go TRUMP

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That sht is on the floor

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Good moment to get some

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Some normies are on to it but we're still fairly early in this run - top is not in by a long shot

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my dads(yes two dads) just say "good for you, son" they're like that im trying to do something to earn, even if it's not directly a job while i study, my sister always tells me to be careful
Still its not like i put all my savings into it, i just grabbed a handful, put it on vinu and VOILÁ! MORE MONEY!
But still i won't be dependent on it.

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I shilled crypto in 2017 to them, they already made it off of crypto, nvidia and tesla. However, they are making buckets more this run as well which I am very glad for as they completely deserve it.

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My buddy who invested more than me in the early days of crypto and got rugged by a CEX but still has some crypto literally told me to cash out when the market dipped last week. I was like, dude why are you panic selling? You've been far longer than me in crypto and you're more paperhands than me.

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nothing. no mention whatsoever.

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haven't heard anything from them. they still hate it and reminisce to when they had stacks saved back in 2020/first half of 2021

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they mentioned gold, tho

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Don't worry more stimmys and quarantines are coming

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a black muslim cab driver told me to buy ETH in 2017, sometimes theyre just hustling and are actually smart

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No one's saying anything

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if you are smart, why didn't you bought when the value was less than $1?