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Oh hi biz. Comfy just blasted through the 1mil MC barrier with a $14k buy in. Is this still a good buy?

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post your buy in

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based. Bought my make-it stack sub 200k.

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Holy shit COMFYchads, we did it!!! What's the expected MC with the upcoming trending?

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We are getting in where we want through pure comfiness

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COMFY shiller jews brainwashing anons into buying this trash

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Dev is an early LINK marine who burned 70k of his money, we have more liquidity than Solana shitters at a higher MC. And comfy guy can be normie friendly. Trending planned for Sunday. See you at 10 million

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How dare people want to make money on a rising memetoken - it's not like memes ever earn holders any money in the cryptosphere

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Nah, better get to ocean and fun before you become exit liquidity for them too

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Honestly of all me shitcoins i hold, includign dogshit, home, kenis and avi, this is the one im most happy with

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>Dev is an early LINK marine


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There is still room to grow. If you decide to get in now you can still at least 5-10x short term, and probably far more long term.

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missed airdrop but my dca was at around 180k, took a bit of profit two days ago and have dca'd even more during the past few dips

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I should've bought more last week when it was cheap.

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My only regret is not being even comfier than I already am. Hopefully I have a make it stack though

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This is going to 10M in no-time. The real crypto mania hasn't even started yet and won't start until BTC smashes 100k price.

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Kek bears btfo

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Same. Well, we do the best with what we can and most people here have ZERO comfy.

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Any comfy is better than no comfies

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Probably the memecoin that spreads the most joy and love (and money) in the blockchain

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its always a good buy

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Anon, the mcap is just 1mil. The dev is a rich Link Marine with big plans and enough brain cells to carry them out. The ogs are legit autists who held when this coin seemed dead. You might feel like you've missed out but this party is just getting started.

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Atleast tell me at what point you're gonna be rugging so I can get out in time

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It's one of those "buy now or cry later" situations

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Comfy is not a pump and dump. Dev locked 70k low out of his own wallet. Distribution is solid. There will be hiccups but funds are safu.

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Who are you kidding? If the coin seriously takes off the big whales will offload for exit liq fast

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It was just the dev and biz OGs in the beginning who came for a 5 $ airdrop. There are no big whales, Captain, one of the largest ones had 300m COMFIES in the beginning and reduced his stack to 140m a while ago while also giving 50m for future airdrops to the community. Most of the OGs have between 30-100 million, if you think that's bad, better don't take a look at other Solana memecoins. This is as good as it gets. 1 COMFY = 1 DOLLAR EOY

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comfy will hit $1

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What's a make it stack?

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Is that my case?

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comfy holders rn..

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I honestly believe it can do that, fren.

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It's been a beautiful chart to watch, today has been excellent.

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there will be dips but we mustn't fold, anon.

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I agree fren, the only thing I will look for is to buy more on any big dips..though it's obvious not many people are selling..jeez Dogwif is >2 billy..$1.43M MC for comfy rn is unbelievably cheap imo.

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same anon. I'm happy to quadruple my position.

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Comfy is literally unfuddable.

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rug pulls are a gift from God to add to positions

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I have seen the future. It's so comfy.

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how do I join the comfiness?

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Buy it on Jupiter, fren...you all set up on sol??

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That's a 4000x from here and sounds absolutely delusional, but when you take a look at WIF's mcap it suddenly makes a little more sense.

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I was going to buy 6M of Comfy yesterday, but the fucking Coinspot prevented the transfer to my Solflare wallet until today and now it x2.

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Absolutely delusional. Bonk did what like 7000% in a year? Wif? unbelievable growth. So yeah, $1 comfy it is.

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embrace the delusional my friend

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Thank god I rotated all my other memecoins (except Bonk) into more comfy an hour ago..

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It's still not too late. Not as early as it could be, but there are still handsome gains to be made.

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