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>Ccip ga released
>meanwhile some other oracle shitcoin like pyth pumps 20%
>Btc and eth breaks ath
You just KNOW this will happen

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You just KNOW that OP is gay

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>this time it’s different
Im screenshot ring my own thread just to prove you faggot right

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Sergey owns 50% of the supply and dumps aggressively, the token will reach top 5 but still be $20 because he's just dumping billions

Other projects like avax have inflation from unlocks/staking. They don't have literal market dumps from the CEO with 50% of the supply unlocked in his wallet.

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I rather cut my own balls off than buy avax you disgusting cockroach

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Oh yeah and what are all the dumps for? Oh yeah, 1 million HR roasties. And it also dumps the most and pumps the least. Anything else? Let me check the list... do do do do... um token dumps, yes, HR roasties, yes, um, outperformed by... uh, what's it outperformed by today? Let's say ETH, yup. Um, I think that about covers it. See you next thread!