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>missed out on DOGE
>missed out on SHIB
>missed out on LINU
are you really going to ignore HOME too anon?

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Yes im ignoring yet another scam and buy pepe instead when it dips

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>missed linu
Linu is at 12m mcap nigger. That‘s like coming to the train station 30min early

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>Yes im ignoring yet another scam
>buy pepe instead

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linu got mega rugged just before and smells of jeetness. Maybe it's not over but 12m mcap is already pretty up there. HOME is still at 100k and growing organically every day.
>Verification not required

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LINU is a fucking scam and your admins have slow rugged for the past day because he didnt get out before one of his buddies did for a 200k usd bag
fuck you niggers lol

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>fantasizing stories about a 12m mcap that you apparently „missed“ getting „mega rugged“ to shill his own jeetcoin that is going to rug with absolute and total certainty
You cant make this shit up. Also:

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At least buy og Pepecorn you slut

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Dis nigga right here gets it

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Why the fuck do I keep seeing that shit mentioned here? Fuck Solana and gay sbf vegan lisp ass bitch tit nigga

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anon, HOME is nothing like the shitty jeetrugs that have been shilled here lately. Jannies have been deleting HOME threads non-stop (yet let rug coins like barron be posted all the time). Any bizraeli knows this is a buy signal.

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Firstly you should’ve bought pepe yesterday like I did. Secondly, HOME isn’t your average PND dog/spoderman/political clone coin created 3 days ago. This is a first mover on the RWA meme genre. This will create a new genre of shitcoins. HOMEWIFHAT is inevitable. It’s been around for about a month now and starting to catch on. You should really take a second look anon.

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Also can you LINU baggies stop shitting up the board anyone with an IQ above 4 sold that shit 3 days ago. It was a nice 10x but seriously, give it up. Just accept it’s over.

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>already listed in a top 50 CEX
>getting listed in other CEXs in that ball park
>top 9 and 7 CEX in the market is in talks to get it listed too
>being shilled to Kucoin as well
Where is your chain again and where are the charts?

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KEKKKK Ryan initially said CITEX was top 10, then top 15, then top 25 and now the narrative is top 50? You know why none of these things are true? BECAUSE CITEX VOLUME IS FAKE AND COMPLETELY UNVERIFIABLE. THEY CLAIM THEY HAD 10bn BTC VOLUME THE OTHER DAY KEKKK. CITEX ISNT EVEN A REAL FUCKING EXCHANGE ITS A FAKE PIECE OF SHIT SETUP BY CHINESE/INDIAN LINU INSIDERS. When I brought this up 5 days ago it was brushed off as “volume changes every day bro” then I was kicked from the telegram. Just damp it before it’s too late fren. This is the denial stage.
>inb4 we’re in “talks” with more exchanges

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lol. These guys have been in "talks" for idk how long now. Whenever a huge red dildo hits, all I see is "don't worry frens hodl wagmi we are in talks" . then the next red candle comes.

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They literally have an email from HTX from yesterday telling them about a listing opportunity and it checks out as legitimate.

Not falling for your Solana jeetscam lmao. I'd rather get scammed by white people than subhumans that think cows are gods.

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First mover? HOME? Kek I can't be the only anon who made this connection

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lol just after you posted this it jumped from 100k to 200k+ MC
stay poor anon

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> Straight back to 100k.

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literally 150k. Retard never seen a correction. Whatever I know you'll just come crying when this hits 1m MC
"Anons why didn't anyone tell me about HOME?"

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> already up 1000% in past 24H

why do I always find shit so late after it's already pumped?

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Kek. Look at the chart. What do you think will happen next hmmmm?

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it's still 170k MC anon. The bullrun just started and this is a community project. Join the comfy tg to learn more. 170k is nothing, the pumps just begun

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Annnnnnd back to 200k. Yes I slurped more.

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I have 10 million HOME which im holding to 1 billion mc don't @ me

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Still not too late for linu senpai. Buy now while its cheap.

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linu already poomped and doomped. If you want to be ACTUALLY early, HOME is still under 200k MC. Not for long tho.

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What's the telegram link

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tg solidhomes_estate, very comfy and chill, come say hello.

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Someone spoonfeed me, ca, anything, want to live that Japanese animu life

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wtf is home? whats the CA mfer.

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home is a pnd scamcoin brainlet

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>muh scamcoin
We know you’re still hurt by barron fren. But not everything is a rug. We’re in a the golden bull cycle. Don’t fade a genuine token because of your past mistakes. Notice how not a single HOME fudder has made any good points besides
>muh jeet muh scam

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sure, see you when its at 1m MC. Meanwhile you HODL link or something.

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DYOR nigga. It's not so hard to search $HOME on Dexscreener.

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were actually gonna make it. here it comes anons.

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Proud HOME owner checking in

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wdym, it's at 180

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I joined your tg and you banned me as soon as I started criticising your bland and unrecognizable meme

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> under 200k mc
> stable price floor
> active TG
> jannies acquiring bags as we speak

NGMI if you don't buy.

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Your "criticism" was unactionable, not constructive, and retarded. You came into the TG just to say ermmmm your memes r bad. Of course you were gonna get kicked. If you had a look around you would realize actionable criticism is welcome and actually taken into account and improved upon.

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Memes are built, not born.

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actual TA here anons.

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Based. HOME is the ultimate community token to the point that at optimum ts garinteed to climb die to the community growth. It's like early SHIB in the ebeginning . The community is the heart of the token

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lay off the xanax

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I mention Usdcar because the dev lives in fucking japan.
Sorry for messed up post I'm on phone

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What's the contract for this shit? I'm seeing bsc, eth, and arb HOMEs

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>mega rugged
Newfags dont even know what rugged means anymore kek

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>sol shitcoin
You niggers just dont learn lol. Have fun getting rugged, see you next week.

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Okay I'm gonna throw my lunch money at it, I'll be a proud mini home owner. Never thought I could say that in this life.

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See you next week at 500k mcap fren. Then in another week at 1M. Then in 1 year on ByeNance

DYOR :shrug:

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>hey bro you should ape in at ATH

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Big booba > small booba
Big areola > small areola

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>Big areola > small areola

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saw clowns like you saying the same shit bout shib back in the day. If its over, why are you still obsessively fudding?

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its been a couple days lmao. What are you smoking man.