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A jeet cannot keep us down. A 2 timing snake cannot keep us down. over 8k in the community wallet already and talks with other Cex's. We will endure no matter the cost.

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Fuck Raj, Fuck anyone standing in our way. HOKK will be in a white man's exchange soon.

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>hokk stack of 71 trillion on may 12th 2021

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The HOKK admins will steal again. Cex money stolen. dex tools gecko stolen. They don’t care about the coin pumping just milking donations and blaming “raj” lmao or “hacks”

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i appreciate the fud, Linu holder, tell me why does your coin dump the second it starts to pump? have you ever checked in on those "whales" that do it?

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>A former sale price for 14 trillion hokk in 2021

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Yeah people do and they don't move, just hodl. So what about them?

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to each their own, but the admins of linu are as fishy as it gets.

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The first move up is dipping toes, speculation. The pull back is uncertainty which fuels the real move

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as im the creator of the thread everyone will doubt my intentions, but putting that aside for a moment, if you dont think this chart is bullish ur lost.

t. Verification not required.

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just sell perfectly on the top, its easy bro

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so should i buy back? i doubted and didn't buy the $2.5m mc dip..
>buying high instead of low

i mean..i thought this was going to rug again but after all this mess..i don't know what to think or if i'll see a 2x from here

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>t. 10T holder (will applogize if it moons)

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TRUMP is inevitable MAGAfakas

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TRUMP is Organge

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He´s literally a fking meme

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They guy did a millon with that sht

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He´s the boss wait for the elections MAGA ll explode

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As long as Boden doest win, anything is fine.

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make it and suistack please

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10tril sui and 100tril make it last time I saw it posted

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>PillowGirl steals from retards a fifth time
Yes anon keep giving your money to a tranny who keeps coming up with excuses for why your money keeps disappearing

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Who is pillowgirl

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>dex tools gecko stolen.

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How far are we riding our sui stacks, anon? 500m mcap?

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it seems

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HOKK was a good one for me back in 2021. I figured this one was dead, but hopefully my leftover stack does something