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What is the most non-goyslop ETH wallet for GNU/Linux? I want to store my ETH safely, not on some trooned out JavaScript mobile/web app.

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FTX wallet

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hardware wallet shove it up your ass

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I said non-goyslop, anon. Why would I want a glow in the dark piece of backdoored hardware that screams I own ETH?

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>gnu/linux (even calls it by its actual name not just Linux)
>probably uses arch btw
>doesn’t wanna Troon out
Anon if you’re not trooning out now, you’re a stones throw away.

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not really sure if they keep it up to date THOUGH.

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>>gnu/linux (even calls it by its actual name not just Linux)
>>probably uses arch btw
Most right-wing combination, you do want freedom, anon, don't you? But I don't use arch, systemd is troon-software. As is all mobile and webdev JavaScript.

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>systemd is troon-software.
Okay I was shitposting before but now I’m genuinely curious. Elaborate pls, I’m assuming you were just a bigger fan of init?

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paper wallet

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It's a bloated program probably specially crafted to increase the attack surface of your OS with ""accidental"" vulnerabilities. You don't need systemd as it's solving a nonexistent problem. I use OpenRC and runit depending on the system and it works great.
Same with "flatpak" and whatever other nonsense they invented to make it more like macOS. It all seems like an attack on GNU/Linux, the systemd/Linux of 2030-2040 will probably be 100% trooned out if it continues this way. Even using macOS is almost better than running systemd and flatpak and discord and thinking you're secure.

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Bump for the cute mascot.

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Imagine if she was the official mascot instead of soulless corporate CalArts.

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python -c "from web3 import Web3; w3 = Web3(); acc = w3.eth.account.create(); print(f'private key={w3.to_hex(acc.key)}, account={acc.address}')"

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look up seed phrase words, pick seed phrase at random (by hand), hash it (by hand) and send all your Eth there, literally, unironically untraceable, your welcome

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Later when you want to do transactions you can either connect to a node/RPC and add like 5 lines of code. Rtfm web3py or web3js even a retard can follow the steps. Or you can give up and use trooned out webapps. In the end it's pretty easy to send txs, call contracts, get any chain data, connect to different EVM chains with different wallets, sybil attack, snipe new token launches etc.etc. using web3py/js

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It is called geth, why?

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Or yeah you can just run a node

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>In the end it's pretty easy to send txs, call contracts, get any chain data, connect to different EVM chains with different wallets, sybil attack, snipe new token launches etc.etc.
Looks based. Might try to make a comfy CLI wallet to play around with. Any pitfalls?

Aren't the requirements high for an ETH node? ETH isn't something I use often right now, I just need to stash some securely.

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>Any pitfalls?
Just basic stuff like don't lose your priv key and store it safely, don't send all your money to a wrong address, don't make a tx with wrong gas settings that makes you lose all your money, don't confuse wei and eth, don't make it easy to fuck up bigly with the CLI etc. Enjoy building your own wallet it's easy and fun.
>Aren't the requirements high for an ETH node?
An old pc/laptop or a crappy server does it. Some even use RPis. A 2TB SSD is the most common bottleneck and usually the only addition needed. But in your case I'd just use an RPC. Maybe later spin up your own node.
>I just need to stash some securely
Just create a keypair. Remember to keep your private key safe. Preferably create and store it offline. (I deleted a long schizo opsec rambling here)

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>pick seed phrase at random (by hand)
This is terrible advice. A human "picking randomly" is not random at all. Use dice or coinflips or whatever to generate entropy if you want to do it physically.

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Being right-wing and trans are not mutually exclusive.
Lot of white LGBTQIAP+ folks are right-wingers or nazis.

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>LGBTQIAP+ "folks"
>right wingers
No. Right-wingers believe in objective truth.

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I just cannot believe that, I have two friends who will both disagree with you.
One of them wants an Aryan nation and the other one will mention how she's white and blonde every chance she gets.

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I don't care about their false opinions. Right-wing ideology is incompatible with relativism (there's no truth bro just change le genders!). You can larp as a "nazi" but you don't belong to that historical group and its ideology. It's like a neopagan larp, they pretend to be from "le tradition" that is dead and patched together as a fanfic as they go along.
Any metaphysic that allows for the "change" of gender is relativistic larping leftism.

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He isn't around, anon. No need to use this play-pretend larping language.

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I'm not a nazi myself, even my gf is black.
Just wanted to point out that there are sexual minority right wingers, they're not here to debate you and I personally have no strong opinion on the matter.
One of them said sexual minorities should be accepted in the Aryan state because there aren't enough whites as it is, which seemed to make sense to me.


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Me neither, but what I said still stands from the viewpoint of actual Natsoc ideology. So-called sexual minorities are just vices people make into their identity. Trooning out is a different thing. "Transsexuality", i.e. the belief that "gender" is a social construct, or that you can "change" gender is a relativistic metaphysical position that's incompatible with right-wing views or with truth in general.

I don't hate him, and I think it's ruder to enable falsehood and delusions that enable further damage. Nothing I said was attacking the person, anon. I want him to get better, it's not an easy world right now and many people are falling into various traps.

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i could pick 10 out of 14 words to be the same and the other 4 randomly from the list and you would still be better off mining than trying to crack my wallet anon, as long as you didn't know the repeating word

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I just bought a ledger wallet... I have used paper wallets for the past 3 years. please redpill me why I should not put my paper wallets on my ledger.

I got the ledger so I can start monthly investing easier, but I can always just keep my paper wallets and every year transfer to them or something.

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Ledger is closed source goyslop, anon. You don't know what it's doing behind closed doors.

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I think you are right. I did some research and it is not fully open source and that is gay. thanks for opening my eyes to this. I will continue with my paper wallets for HODL and use the ledger to buy meme-coins

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virgin detected

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ur CPU is backdoored unless ur core librebooted on some chinkpad

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this. it's already over. just download chrome and metamask

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I hold 8 figures of btc in electrum.
What if it disappears someday? I connect to internet one time q month.

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you could diversify into other wallets so it's not all sitting under the same key and software/hardware setup