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I already have $5000. I just need another $5000 now.

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Just put it into comfy and ull be good to go

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Ok I'll effortpost.
Plebbit is unironically one of the few actual grassroots projects, with 2+ years of development, working demos and an actual 100% airdropped supply to biz 2 years ago (search the archive).
Even the plebbit Devs had to purchase their stack on their own on the market, like everyone else.
YET biz still ignores plebbit on uniswap.
Plebbit is an opensource, free to use, scalable P2P social media protocol with no https endpoints making it actually decentralized unlike federated alternatives.
The token is used for curating the default boards in a DAO, voting on dev issues in the DAO and tipping.
9m mcap
Long term targets 1-5b 2026-2027
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