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Every time I buy, I'm removing a small amount from circulation. Price can only increase, in the long run.

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It's not deflationary so no, price can't only increase. Not to mention price is a function of supply and demand, so by holding you are marginally affecting supply but you have no control over demand.

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two more cycles

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XMR is the only real cryptocurrency. Everything else is plainnet.

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ITT: XMR baggies coping because they have missed the bullrun

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Monero is literally what the original Bitcoin was meant to be

But the problem is the world elite got together and alienated it from the masses being able to get their hands on it

SO it will NEVER pump

The elites can easily do the same thing to Bitcoin and Ethereum btw, which is scary as fuck (but 99.99% chance they wont do anything like that to BTC because they've got their grasp on it now)

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think of all the things you can buy with it though. Its primary use is buying things. spend it like its real money! Just spend it as soon as you get some and that will grow the monero economy. Or so I was told all these years by my fellow monero enthusiasts who would slight other crypto for "only being about speculation". Like when you buy drugs with it, make sure to chat with your dealer about how based and pure you both are for being onboard with the monero revolution. Hearts and minds one at a time. We spend, and we flex on message boards about how that makes us the pure ideological ones.

oh wait... no... I'm being sarcastic and mocking the cognitive dissonance i've noticed moneroheads suffering from for years.

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you’re trying very hard

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>price can only increase
whatever goes down must go up right guys?? guys??

funny how im now seeing any poojet shillin their $SUPER shitcoin in this theard

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When the memecoin casino dies, all of that value will transfer to useful chains. This includes XMR.

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Maybe a bit, but once dexs become the norm, then monero will be on an even playing field again and should gain traction, although I don't know how dexs will replace fiat on ramps.

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>buy all monero
>infinite money glitch
Terroristchads...I kneel

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Try it. Owning an unknown amount of Monero feels good.

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Why is it so comfy? I had eth for years and I always felt nothing in fact maybe even a little on edge but with just a paltry stack of chudnero I feel a sense of calmness and ease.

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Can I swap my ETH for XMR on a dex? I don't really see the point in moving them over to a cex to buy it considering the whole privacy aspect.

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Monero is a solid project with great growth potential. I would add some BRC20 alternative or perhaps switch to SOL.

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What if you buy all the monero in the world and it self-destructs and creates a black hole?

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Use Serai DEX when it comes out, it's in testnet state right now.

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Or use trocador to swap. There's also an atomic swap in the works iirc.

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changenow.io works

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There are atomic swaps for ETH -> XMR

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Checked. I'm trying

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Based. If I ever become rich I'll buy all moneros and redistribute them on 4chan to keep the supply out of (((CEXs))).

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Mon3ro is not a speculative asset though, it's a privacy coin that allows people to bypass tradfi. Many right wingers banned from the jewish banking system rely on this

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XMR keeping neets alive in Ukraine

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Monero is truly reaching unprecedented levels of based.

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Monero-chan don't die

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>I'm removing a small amount from circulation
And then devs mint them back tenfold.

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>Price can only increase
unless an inflation bug occurs. maybe that's already the case no way to know.

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Localmonero is max cuckery. They even block Russian IPs when they have NO legal reason to block them. Even delisting the """sanctioned""" currencies is questionable, but blocking is max cuckery.

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>doesn't know how monero works at all
back to the shiba general faggot

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>they are using FTX wallet