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>up 90% in a day
COMFY is the winner of today. Trending planned for EOW on Dextools and TG groups (will be paid for). Get in or miss out.

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Pic related, the comfy boobs pattern

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Comfy af

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just based on the quality of the memes and organization (pun intended) in the telegramg I like this coin
nonjeet microcap afaik

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Agreed, i was up like 3x earlier today after buying yesterday and should have taken my initial out, but i'm fine waiting for the trending thing. Maybe i'm actually early for once kek

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also the name is goated
who doesn't want to be COMFY?
hindsight is 20/20 eh

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Yeah im thinking were finally early to a good project, pls no redeem ser

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still early as fuck

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The LINU threads were empty too until they weren't
we are indeed very early

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>5.1M stack

Am I gonna make it?

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double that shit

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This is so fucking typical of biz, there is barely any research involved these days. Countless people got rugged on shit like Barron because they were too dumb to understand what liquidity means. It's the ABC of any memecoin and ensures that you're actually able to sell when it moons. The COMFY dev burned 70k+ USD of his own money to provide liquidity, it got audited by LOST, is on 2 CEXs already and has a DSCVR collab going for it. But no, better invest in Trump's son which a) normies will never gobble up and b) didn't even update Dextools socials. This board is retarded as fuck.

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Truth. Comfy is cooking with fire and we are just getting started. Anons better get in or they will miss the feast

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Can you explain? What are you looking for specifically

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The phrase you’re thinking of is “cooking with gas”

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good time to buy you think or we gonna plunge a little lower

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No I said what I meant. You couldn't even gasp what the anon I was talking to was saying so don't tell me what I meant to say faggot

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Is there any reason to think this isn't a rug

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Cooking with fire isn’t a saying, angry weirdo

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>Implying I was trying to quote some normalfag quote
You are retarded. Kill yourself

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Honestly idc. I was doing you a favor. I’m only still around in case the other anon posts again, your posts are nothing but sperging and dick riding

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>I can't read basic english I need the other anon to come back to clarify

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Liquidity in regard to this comment thread means that when you go to sell the price spread won't fuck you over
We're also looking at wallet distribution etc.

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Ok cool. Thanks

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The basics (contract renounced, no minting, locked liquidity) should be a given, you can use rugcheck.xyz for that. Burned LPs, no pre-burn snipes. Check how much liquidity is avaiable, (COMFY had more liq at 300k MC than Barron at 1.5m MC). You need to make your own impression by lurking in the TG for a bit. Ask hard questions. If they ban you for that, run and don't look back.
Everything i mentioned here >>57881943 and the fact that it launched 2 months ago. Most Solana shitcoins don't last a few days.

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Why do people get random shitcoins when Plebbit exists?
Plebbit is unironically one of the few actual grassroots projects, with 2+ years of development, working demos and an actual 100% airdropped supply to biz 2 years ago (search the archive).
Even the plebbit Devs had to purchase their stack on their own on the market, like everyone else.
YET biz still ignores plebbit on uniswap.
Plebbit is an opensource, free to use, scalable P2P social media protocol with no https endpoints making it actually decentralized unlike federated alternatives.
The token is used for curating the default boards in a DAO, voting on dev issues in the DAO and tipping.
9m mcap
Long term targets 1-5b 2026-2027
Gif related

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wrong. the winner today is PINU

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>9m MC
That's probably why. People want quick gains on memecoins, not wait 5 years for something that might or might not work out. Cool project though

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>rug of today

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Comfy memes are pure weaponed autism and I love it

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ill look into this for sure

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Unironically 4MM MC by April

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Unfathomably Based
Comfy chads agmi

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Why yes, I hold Comfy, how could you tell?

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>The COMFY dev burned 70k+ USD of his own money to provide liquidity
The absolute monster.

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Where do i buy it?
Binance has suspended sol withdrawings
I have some eth in phantom, what next?

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>Binance has suspended sol withdrawings
The actual fuck? Just use Jupiter to buy it dude..

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Thanks satan
Can i swap my eth to sol in there?

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yw, fren..have a try of the Bridge feature on Jupiter..not done it myself, but I assume it should work ok..

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Whos ready for a pump today?

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im missing gas money to buy comfy
i got usdc in phantom but cant use it because of missing sol

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for comfy i'm seeing, SOCOMFY, Comfy Guy Coin, COMFY GUY. Which one is real? Is this chicanery going to fuck any mooning potential of the coin?

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socomfy is the real one

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this one

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What are the chances of this being rugged?
Im really considering placing $1k on this because i read some posts about its leadership. Im on the website right now and it looks promising

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zero sar

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pretty much none for now saar, my village basterds needs feeding for at least a year

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looks bullish?

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Bought a moderate 6mil bag yesterday. I see in the tg it has over 1600 holders now.

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nice scam jeet

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actual real contract from website: FbJpd8yhrGGkWVL1Ujf7qFvTw4uD4675k8CYk82LEKvZ

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Can you somehow send SOL from binance to a wallet? Is there a way?

>inb4 kek, imagine using CEX

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yes, currently holding a solflare bag.

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thank you. I'm comfy now.

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Insanely high meme energy and normie friendly we could easily cross 100M. Grabbing a bag as I can feel a 2x from today alone judging from the chart

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Whats the make it stack here
Ive got 9m

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spend it all on comfy

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what are you saying boys? 1M cap wen?

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Chart looking sexy af feeling really comfy atm bois

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I wish i had 9m USD im tambout $SOCOMFY
I bought it

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Are we gonna break through the ATH and go higher today?

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oh good man. we're in this together.

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Yes but whats the make it stack, did i get in time

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>50 mil = ez make it

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Post sol addy

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So comfy right now. Specially comfy in my HOME, with my MIGRANT and my ADULPH HIDLER keeping me company. Prolly gonna take turns nutting in each other's no-no's.

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Thanks bro but another kind person gave some money for the gas
Been comfy here

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Volume up massively, lots of new holders, a based dev and trending on the horizon. I'm so fucking comfy right now

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I usually hate meme coins but this one seems pretty COMFY