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This bullrun is the last chance to really make it.

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Correct, the ladder will be pulled up behind the rich in the coming years.

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>This bullrun is the last chance to really make it.

The cycles never end anon.

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I think you mean the 2021 bull run was the last chance to make it.

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Yes, but the boomer ETF will suppress the pumps from now on

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yes, but not for the reason you think
quantum computing will kill crypto at an unpredictable point in the future, it's the black swan of black swans

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they said the same thing for 2017 in 2018 dumbass

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quantum computing will nuke the entire world economy. That's not a sole crypto problem, because we will have other problems.

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This bullrun is the last chance to really make it.
And I'm all in

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priced in

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Unironically true. After this they're setting up WW3 and bugs/pods/global digital currency in its wake. This cycle is our last chance.

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There will be a new bitcoin

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I was present for 3 bull runs and it went from how do I buy on "Mt Gox" in 2013 to ease of acess with Coinbase to send to Bittrex and trade any coin I wanted in 2016 to locked out of everything but Coinbase and Binance US. I fear that if this continues there won't be any more on ramps for us in future cycles.

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>went all in in 2017
>made something, but poorfag
>next time I'll fix it
>2021 rolls around
>fuck, wasn't paying attention
>all in at $30k
>missed it again
>can feel the walls closing in
>august 2022
>go full fuck it mode, all in, sell a bunch of shit, skip meals, buy with every possible penny
>take a $25k loan to buy more
>I'm still buying it as recently as $60k
$200k in gains boys. If I can get to a million I can finally have some peace on this shitty rock. 50/50 btc and eth.

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Shut the fuck up moron. We reached a new ATH BEFORE the halving BECAUSE of the ETFs. Something that’s never happened before. This bullrun is gonna be fucking insane and normies are still not paying attention. But you know who is? Billionaires like zuck and bezos.

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what's your plan for taking profits?
do you have a price target or will you sell at a certain stage of the cycle?

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We have about 10 years of humans being relevant before AI replaces everyone for pennies on the dollar. At that point whoever owns shares in the successful AI companies will be rich and everyone else will have to survive on whatever the state agrees to give out as welfare.

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t. 68k bag holder

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I have a target around $150k btc and I'll take whatever eth is at by then. But this is just my expectation. really I will just vibe it out as we progress. I sold at $18k and $62k previously. Here's the real rub: we now have etfs and pseudo crypto stocks I am going to short the piss out of when the cycle ends for at least another 50% on my bag.

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I don't do this strat of selling half or progressively unwinding positions. I just wait for the music to stop and dump it all at once.

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You queers say this every time
Buy D0BO btw

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100% the last chance to make it for average people. you still need like 100k min in the markets at this pint though

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BTC halving cycles will continue for like a century

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wow nice job dumping your $1,000, stacklet

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1 million is fucking nothing

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Why is crypto still not used in any real life practical applications after all this time? Will mainstream adoption ever actually happen? Was it just a meme after all?

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Cool, go make a million real quick then instead of demotivationposting, worthless faggot

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I feel you and more now than ever, all my savings are in crypto and mostly, BTC. I left the US dollar like 2 months ago when I got into college and understand the basic of inflation, now i'm reading Truflation regularly to see how we get cucked every single day by the feds and the real estate crocks

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>This bullrun is the last chance to really finally break even.

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>to see how we get cucked every single day
ask your wife why she always arrives sweaty from her morning walk.

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you are 1 step away from becoming a boomer, you just need to get up early to make coffee.

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you just understood basic economics when you got into college? damn what are they teaching to the kids nowdays?

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real estate doesnt care about your little amount of money faggot, the only one who cares about your 0.00000001 BTC is probably your ia gf