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These three are the ONLY top 50 coins that are down on the 365-day chart.

Is there a bullish case to be made for any of these?

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My matic stays....... yeahhhhh.... oh yeah......

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imagine buying monero le midwit coin lmao

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Litecoin only exists to get Monero.
Monero will never truly pump thus litecoin can never truly pump.
Matic/Pol might do okay but Arbitrum is the optimal L2.

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Long term capitulation of poly and monero might be worth it. Especially monero

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What the fuck is wrong with monero man. Best coin, but you lose money if you hold it.

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>surprised that actual currencies (ltc and monero) have constant sell pressure

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tfw bought all 3

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future discounted drug flow
FEW understand
5 yrs ago you'd be saying the same thing about btc retard

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>5 yrs ago you'd be saying the same thing about btc retard
Sup retard, 5 years ago, White House Market, which operated solely with Monero, began its operations. At that time, Bitcoin was already not widely used as a currency. Despite optimistic arguments from Monero moonboys about factors like atomic swaps and tail emission Monero has not pumped. Monero is already in its end game and it also doesnt help that individual mining pools have reach 51% several times in the last couple of years.

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Pedos and boomers on suicide watch

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The worlds largest exchange delisted it while advertizing dogwifhat. Apparently privacy coins are le bad, but ponzi schemes are le good. As for Monero, it does have a floor. The floor is it's use case, which is unique to it. As for Litecoin, while retail chases ponzi schemes, institutions (check LTCN) are loading up. At the very minimum, Monero will move with it's use case and will track the movement of fiat. So if fiat inflates 50%, you can expect Monero to rise 50% to follow it because it's still going to be used by people that have to use it. Litecoin however I think is going to surprise a lot of people when they least expect it.

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Litecoin will probably be the next ETF.

$1000+ this cycle.

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To further clarify, both Monero and Litecoin are going to be long term holds. You're not going to get rich with them overnight. But neither are going anywhere. Retail simply isn't interested because more money is made in Solana/Ethereum token ponzi schemes.

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I'm not in disagreement. Just gotta wait until the ponzi tokens get rugged. It can go on for much longer than you think though. If you're been around for a while you know that nothing is organic. These aren't organic grass roots tokens, there's major backers behind these scams.

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I think Monero will some day be worth a lot of money. But it will be after a black swan event, and the world as we know it might be very different then. It is not a get rich quick moonshot, but I think it could be a get very rich very unexpectedly sort of thing.

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Wen anon? Next black swan?

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I'm just patiently holding, I just gotta resist the urge to fomo more when it suddenly jumps to $150

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>it's use case
Dropped. Mongoloids who can't even spell right are not a good source of info.

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Matic should be pumping hard but it hasn't yet. ETH hype is here with its ETF speculation and all the other eth ecosystem coins are pumping, the Matic stays static lol

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do NOT buy these coins.

they are used by CRIMINALS to do ILLICIT ACTIVITES

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Litecoin is the only other coin this is identical to bitcoin expect diluted by 4.
it could become the sliver to bitcoins gold like charlieelee intended. now that the big boys are playing crytpo, they can get together and make their own silver bitcoin too and just force it de facto. Satoshi could come back, like Muad'dib, and proclaim a silver bitcoin for all too.
Litecoin is a gamble but a good one. if the start regulating cryptos it will have a better chance.

>t. litecoin hodler; thank you for reading my blogpost

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Monero (XMR) is up, my bastards.

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XMR nonbelievers can't read

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XMR won't pump because it has infinite supply and you only need a laptop CPU to mine it

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I used to be a XMR investor but the current price anymore seems to be completely disconnected from reality and I can't understand why. Officially, the max supply of XMR is only like 40 mil tokens, and emission rate approaches zero. it's hard to believe regulatory risk is really the only thing keeping the price down like htis.

It's probably not a terrible idea to keep 10% of your crypto stack in XMR, I'm just not doing it during bull runs

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nobody cares, boomer coin from 2013.

nobody cares, pump & dump from 2021

nobody with significant capital is going to invest in a pedo coin

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You don't 'invest' in crypto. The crypto is the money. There is no corporation that works so you make money on an 'investment'. You change shitty currencies for one's that you believe in. The fact that Monero was delisted from the largest exchange in the world and is already back to the price it was before the delisting should tell you something about its resilience and what that means in the future.
Infinity XMR is the dumbest FUD ever. Monero's block reward is .6 XMR, emission rate currently less than Bitcoin and will be for another 4.25 years. XMR is rarer than Bitcoin and will be for the next 16 years. XMR's tail emission was designed around Gold's stock to flow. About the same percent of XMR mined per year is the same as gold pulled from the ground. It's not infinity.
This retard probably has his portfolio is a solana scam with a dog ticker.

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Post like this are keeping this board alive.

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Matic is one of the few remaining buy opportunities before a 4x-5x

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Nobody wants to listen. They'd rather buy some some centralized smart contract platform run on amazon cloud servers or some ethereum token with a dog ticker or Jewish scam. Ultimately time will prove me right as all ponzi eventually go to zero. For any newbies that don't get it, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero. You'll be fine. If you want to play the high risk casino, don't come crying here when you have no chips left. There are no refunds.

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Monero is the only digital currency I'd actually want to use since I don't need everyone to look into my entire transaction history and see that I spent $15,000 on custom foot porn. That's between me, the trap with the nice feet, and God.

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That's all fine but it doesn't help that monero loses money compared to anything else. Holding it is an opportunity cost right now

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How would it do that?

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XMR will always have a use case. Just look at Ukraine – it's keeping neets alive and off the front lines. Keep that in mind normies, when the draft comes XMR will welcome you with open arms

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The best use case for XMR isn't just tax evasion or drugs, its also sanctions evasion. XMR has been used to fund groups that would land you in prison if you were caught supporting them (Hezbollah, Hamas, etc).

I think a future use case for XMR will be to transfer assets between western economies and BRICS economies after hostilities heat up.

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No anon, Matic is up and I'm just patiently holding, I just gotta resist the urge to fomo more when it suddenly start pumping. I'm also holding to my DUA waiting for the multifuntional smart wallet to launch

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Earlier today I was so clearpilled on how retarded on has to be to not realize the potential of bitcoin. I love monero btw and in the future intend to buy a lot more.

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Matic basically got replaced by Arbitrum

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It's more retarded than buying shitcoins. It's been crabbing for 2 years.
I'd rather try my chances with Adulph Hidler.