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another monthly paycheck went down the shithole. 1000 bucks a month for 3 fucking years straight. lost every dime everytime but keep coming back like an addict. maybe i should uninstall the app and move on. not everyone was born to be rich. maybe i should be content with eating slightly better meals

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No trading

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what did u do, entry ticker direction

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why not set a stop loss retard?

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just bitcoin with high leverage
i did but i reopened the position right after i got stoploss

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>i did but i reopened the position right after i got stoploss
you think that's bad, a while ago I revenge traded by moving my stop over and over and losing 5 figs

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>i shorted bitcoin and then i shorted again
serves you right

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My dude, you have a gambling addiction. If you can't stop yourself you need to seek help.

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How about trying to get profitable with $50 or $100 first? or changing and documenting strategy and progress?

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I believe exchanges let you win if you use small amounts and after a certain threshold they start hunting you

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>just bitcoin with high leverage
how high?

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DCA ETFs and PMs, retard.

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imagine if you had just bought bitcoin for 3 years instaed of doing leverage gambling.

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that happens when you go in with no expertise or help from expert. there are some people with actual fucking degrees you could consult on, I did my own research before droping in here, I have a very diverse portfolio using satoshisync to get tokens on a lot of different networks, you can get almost anything there.

so cry your loss, get over it and start, crypto has centuries to grow from now on.

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I do this, every month I drop 100$ on btc, regardless of price, on top of gambling, I'm on high six figures. Had my scares tough. but its worth it.

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OP YOU HAD LIKE 3 FUCKING YEARS TO GO IN, 1000 a MONTH? you should be 7 figures now.