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What a Comfy morning

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>Solana in a memecoin portfolio

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May have fucked myself buying BCH over DOGE/PEPE, AVAX is still my worst investment to date. Still have 30k cash I guess if shit hits the fan.

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Great folio too! Strong picks. YGMI

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I buy every bizcoin i like and i'm close to 30k with a 4k initial investment. Thank you bros

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It’s over ROSE BROS…

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Ultimate CHAD folio! Strong picks for the BR

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What I'm in for bros? aigmi?

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How to buy COMFY? I looked on Raydium but the swap rate doesn't match up to what the price charts show.

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I buy SOL tokens on Jupyter, Raydium is slow as shit

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Nice memefolios

Decent apart from BCH, I'd add some lower caps too.

Must be a rose baggie, what's your break even?

Not pictured is 200 CIRCLES and 50k EarnFi

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Be honest, can I retire in a few months?

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Sounds nice. Can't wait for meme season to begin on Sui blockchain. Hydro online which is a utility project is launching next month pajeets

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I'm a comfortable autist

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Already broke even.

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Can I make it with this bros?

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This was 6k 2 months ago

They called me foolish, fuck you stinky linkies and BTC Maxie’s

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Yeah almost went all with PEPE with 100k last Oct. Everyone said it was a scam and if I just did that I’d have over 5M right now…

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Where do you live bro I doubt it 100k isn’t enough


You and I are gonna make it

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All in VRA

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He fell for the cashie propaganda

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>no BTC
>no ETH
>no BRC20 tokens
you are done, you are finished, it's so over for you if you don't swap in satoshirouter right now

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Comfy will make a Pepe -like run. Screencap this.
It is even more normie friendly
All Redditooors will shill their comfy lifestyle thanks to comfy lmao

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>COMFY is a bizcoin confirmed.

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now try to cash them out kek

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They all have sufficient liquidity, so i could if i wanted. Thats why i didn't pick garbage like Barron. I may be a poorfag, but i'm not stupid

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I’m debating about entering comfy but I don’t have any SOL shitcoins what’s the MC?

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Avax is cucking me

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How high can it go this cycle ?

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As a fellow poor my advice get out of high caps and enter low caps. Yes it’s risky but you’ll never see 5-10x gains with avax this year. Long term? Sure. This year? Debatable.

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HODL these eight all year, but swinging the winners to the others.

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400k right now, you might want to wait a bit for a retrace but EOW it will go trending on Dextools (they'll pay for it). I'm expecting above a milly in MC when that happens

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based COMFY Chad.

>t. 130M stack holder

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what's the most painless way to get from cuckbase wallet to this 'comfy' shitcoin? I never touched Solana, and fees translated to PLN are just pure pain

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The BTC is gonna funnel into alts after it rallies past the ath

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How do u pick your meme coins, more importantly, how early do u get into them, where do u find out about them? Please help a poorfag

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If I can get to 3 mil by the halving I’ll be in a good position this cycle

Hoping to cash out at least 5 mil this time.

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Based whale. Think about rotating some of your gains into memes at top euphoria. Wen, comfy, wif are primed picks

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Been holding eth since 2020, will I gmi?
currently have a stack of about 15 eth

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Bro just lurk the catalog.

Kns/avi/comfy/lucky/linu all the memecoins lately have been posted for weeks and months now.

Those are still good entries even now, much better investment then say Poorfags buying eth/link as they’re all set for 5-20x gains in the coming months

>your memes don’t have utility, they’re scams!!
Niggers cope with this, token sniffer and research your coins before you buy but don’t get sidelined or fudded out by coping baggies.

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Oh correction
Kns and avi aren’t memes they’re legit, those will fly and avi is my comfiest hold among all my coins.

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what do you think eth, and link, gains will be over the next few years?

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withdraw from cuckbase to a solana wallet(solflare, metamask or phantom)
swap on jupiter. make sure to keep your slippage low :)

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Slow and steady, idk I see all the top going up 5-10x in the bull. They’re great picks for high capital.

I just don’t have 100-500k to invest with I started with $600 last year and I’ve been playing with that money since. Pulled out some stock to add to my crypto as I’d get 80% gains off DNN but then my coins did a 5x and it makes me feel silly waiting for slow gains.

It’s just about risk assessment though, you can play safe and whenever you put money into memes pull out your initial when you get a 2x and ride it. I just gamble. My biggest mistake so far was pulling out of LINU at 2million, I profited well but my portfolio could be 8k higher right now if I just held another few weeks. Paperhanding is no joke.

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Mainly on biz, look at the basics first (renounced contract, minting, honeypot). Rugcheck is a good website for beginners. See what people on here are saying, most importantly, if you see any FUD thats not disproven and which you can verify yourself, its most likely a scam being pushed by some group. Check the liquidity as well. If something starts gaining traction on this board and everyone is behind it, you will now. Join the TG groups and lurk for a bit. See if anything is off, ASK questions. If they ban you for asking a simple question, stay away.

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Bros I just wanna be comfy and not worry

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I also have half btc on Chinance and few scraps under that list

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Why can't I hold all these comfies brehs

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Coingecko is down so I'll just write it
2,000,000 COW
72 ETH
10000 LINK
1000 RPL
Then small amounts in assorted basechain shitcoins

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Will I make it?

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switch btc with eth and you will

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I actually have 10k Hbar. Need to update. Not that it matters. I bought the top for it last cycle.

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>wants to be comfy
>doesn't hold COMFY


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I was trying to figure out how to buy it. A quick Google search will help. Is a couple or few hundred dollars worth of COMFY enough?

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20eth (because i expect it to hit 5k within the week) and then 5 or 8 eth spread amongst both lucky and hokk

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Get SOL, send to Phantom, go to Jupyter and swap.
COMFY CA (verify yourself)

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take profits from your shitcoins, or you will see what indian rug salesmen do to your portfolio

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How much should I buy at this point since mcap is 580k?

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Comfy cannot rug lmaoooo it has 150k of Burned liquidity. You cannot find a higher liquid token at this Mcap. Better rope when it flies to multi millions

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That's your call, but we'll definitely hit a milly with trending. I don't even know if a retrace will happen until then, the OGs aren't selling. Our OG floor is at 200k, but tons of new people joined today who want to see where this is going.

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yes but:
1. sell link, I sold my bag few days ago and now I'm free
2. add some degenerate gamble to the list, feel free to pick from my list here >>57875369

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what app is the best for port management?

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Good luck amigo you’ll be fine. Throwing $500-5000 at shitcoins is probably what you should do if you decide to throw money around that way it’s not a terrible loss if they rug.

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that portfolio should be worth 7 thouand more dollars thank to comfy mooning

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Was thinking of gambling on some Pepe. Memes have changed and I think Pepe will be the one this bullrun.

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I use CoinStats.

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I wish I had a full bitcoin, this shit will be a status symbol at some point.

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I'm not sure I can be fucked to be honest. I don't have all day to look at the latest shitcoin chart and make sure I catch the right moment, so will just hunker down and wait for a slow 3-5x. cheers bud best of luck

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People that believe crypto is just a casino don't buy Bitcoin and Ethereum, what is the fun of holding it for 20 years for 10x gains when you can just play internet slot machine with memes

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