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I am sidelined

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I am about to fomo into dog coins despite holding off on them since their inception and missing every 1000x.

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Top signal

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bottom signal

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100% middle signal confirmed

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Get in on LINU while there's still time. More listings on multiple CEXs soon.

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Same brontenegro.
Yesterday my coinbase funds were completely locked when I sold USDT.
Next thing that happens I somehow lose my locker card in the gym that I had inside a deep pocket, the locker had the key to my room and I didn't get back to coinbase on my PC or on the smartphone inside my room until two hours ago (Germany night time gym reception only showed up at 9 AM) where everything had already almost fully recovered from the dip.
I still had my outside phone but I don't want to install coinbase or log into coinbase on that phone for maximum safety in case I use it. Also getting a first login is a chore.
Of course, right when I get back, it's recovered.

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*in case I lose it

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people didnt buy shib at $2.5 bil after it did 100x

then it went to $52bil in 30 days.

same gonna happen with pepe. you're still early.

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remember to buy the top and panic sell once they drop and you're golden

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Do you need to buy Pepe on Binance or can you use ETH?

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You shouldn't be sidelined on plebbit.
Plebbit when from 2m to 12m mcap in a matters of weeks, then corrected to 8m mcap with bottoming MACD and RSI.
Plebbit is a P2P social media protocol with no https endpoints, in development for 2 years, 100% airdropped supply (even Devs bought their Plebbits on market) with working demos.
NFTs for avatars and ENS for names.
Its amazing that biz continues fo ignore it

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Panic selling a memecoin is still better than riding the flatline like a coping delusional bagholder.

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only works if you buy the top

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You can use ETH if you don't mind the $200 fee lmao

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No you won't. You'll miss LINU too