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Seriously, fuck this rigged shit. I was 100% sure that the top was in and BTC would just dump from 69K back to 50K AT LEAST like it should as the TA says (overbought, all the right indicators). I shorted with only 17x leverage at $65K due to all macros pointing down and am already liquidated due to this scamwick back to $67K. My last $75K down the drain even though we are in an obvious bear market and recession looms. There's no way wallstreet is actually buying this premeditated "halvening" pump. Can't wait for authorities to come and crack down on major exchanges for manipulating the market. Now that there are ETFs, the SEC will really double down on enforcement of this scam market. There is absolutely NO WAY this price movement is real, you literally can't win with fags like CZ, Brian Armstrong and whomever reading the orderbook and counter trading you.
I'm out. Rigged market

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>I'm out. Rigged market
As if you have any money to still be in lol

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>obvious bearmarket
nigga what

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thx for playing!

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Thats some shitty bait, none is this retarded anon

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>FUCK, why am I an idiot? The idiotic things I believed and the actions I took didn't match with what happened in reality. I'm out and retreat to back to my safe, idiot bubble.>

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>TA in a bullrun

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Thanks for dropping your money at 67k faggot, now kys

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Many such cases of ta cucks

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>he awaited a liquidation around the old ATH
we all did, this is not our first bullrun
>he thought he can use TA in crypto
holy kek swingtards will never learn

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Now THIS is the alpha I come here for.

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I know it's a meme but muh TAs also screamed for a crash to low 30k a month ago. Just admit we're riding high off pure unfiltered ETF hype.

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Hey retard, old school bitcoin maxis have been saying that the institutions would eventually capitulate once they realize bitcoins importance as a revolutionary store of value. Now they’re buying it up left and right. They aren’t planning to sell for a long time. Your bullshit graph study is meaningless.

You have no idea what’s yet to come.

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>we are in an obvious bear market

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>I'm out. Rigged market
You're new here I guess, of course all of crypto is manipulated. Nobody actually uses it as money. Crypto is either a medium of transfer for fiat (instant sell once you receive) or it's treated as stocks (in a über manipulated and unregulated "market").

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>Can't wait for authorities to come and crack down on major exchanges for manipulating the market.

moooom I lost all my money

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I tried to press the short button once, lost money. Then I pressed the long button, only made money since
you should try it

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in what favor? mine? thanks for playing
you're naive and retarded if you think you can daytrade crypto profitably

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Good thread OP now we can see how many newfags there are

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You ever heard of "trend", OP?

Good lesson for thinking you’re smarter than the market

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Peak bait

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>shorting the digital gold standard
Serves you right retard

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Gotta love how /biz/ cant comprehend pullback. Was 2020 your first bull run or market exposure? Cause it doesnt work like that. That was a once in a lifetime event.

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Stop fucking shorting paper hands McPussy

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>I was 100% sure
You were 100% wrong
You saw THIS CHART and short sold it

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>you literally can't win
berh just buy and hold spot. you would have won.

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>I did a bad bet and lost
>No, dont tell me I should have made a good bet instead, the stars said otherwise

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>the exact same pattern that happened before every other halving event happened again
>market is rigged
Is this your first crypto bullrun?

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excellent troll post nice work

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Trump is going to win the election so the economy will recover pretty strong over the next 4 years

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It sounds too baity I agree with others. Nobody would risk 75k like that

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>overbought, all the right indicators
you dont have the right indicators retard.
>I'm out
good. leave this place too

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Have some self-awareness. You're the midwit on the bell curve.

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Are you retarded? LOL when my mom's friends and uber drivers start talking about bitcoin the top will be in, but literally everyone wants to see 100k, it's been talked about for so long and I think the expectation of higher prices will manifest them.

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900 BTC was produced yesterday.
Blackrock bought 12,447 BTC yesterday.
Stock to flow is real. What do you think will happen in a couple months when only 450 BTC is created a day?

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kek, but still all fields