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Given the success we've seen with LINU, LUCKY and HOKK, what's next to join them?

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It’ll be some dumb shit on Solana. Fire up proton and start sniping

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GAYPEPE for sure. Listed on Gate.io and only 230k mcap

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bought a bag

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Gpeps on sol, find it in the catalog.

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How do I buy this shit?

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Go to gpeps ( dot) com

10k mc too

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I've said this in other threads, but historically the best performing assets in a crypto bull run have been utility tokens with a small market cap, and stuff like SHIB and Doge are historical exceptions. Only 11/250 of the top 250 coins have been memes, and if you look at the best performing assets of the last cycle, other than SHIB, they were all GameFi, DeFi, etc. GALA, for example, rose 40,000% and many other small cap tokens had similar gains like SOL, AVAX, MATIC, FANTOM, etc. If you want real, stable, gains you want to find low cap utility tokens, and probably ones that you can find some really good narrative. The best thing right now, in my opinion, Aviator because they are Ex-Shib, trying to list on Coinbase, and their Skybridge allows deploying any ETH tokens like Shiba to Base which fixes a lot of issues with gas prices. Other stuff that will do well is probably KNS and some AI stuff. Mid cap is pumping as well, and it's all useful stuff but it won't 1000x. Just buy and hold good stuff and you will make money

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unironically lucky INU

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OMNOM is like buying doge all over again. It's the first memecoin on dogechain L2. Guaranteed to go up because it has a direct pairing with wrapped doge.
What other memecoin has that?
If you think Doge will go up (it will), OMNOM will go up ten times as hard.

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yeah it’s gonna keep running

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I can't help you find a 1000x because you're already too late for the 1000x I found.

Luckily for you a 500x is still very fucking much in play. AVI is the perfect blend as >>57866987 says. Once the audit is out there will be a timed campaign and very likely a CBVentures stake (like aero)

>The bridge functions as a deployer for any erc-20 token and erc-721 token. Once deployed, they are automatically available to bridge via SkyBridge rather than having to contact a bridge dev + have them integrate specific tokens into the bridge. There are a lot of individuals who fail to see the value in this, because they believe they should just send ethereum to base to buy base tokens. There are a lot of good projects on ethereum main net that are currently struggling due to network congestion. All of their infrastructure works on Ethereum and can easily be re-deployed to Base, but their tokens are stuck on Ethereum. We are building a cheap and seamless way for projects to move their tokens from Ethereum to Base. There are tons of other bridges, but none of them support every token on ethereum, they support Eth, USDC, and USDT. SkyBridge is going to be THE bridge for every other project to find refuge on Base.

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Have we established the make it/suicide stacks yet?

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Probably LOLCAT. I’ve been keeping my eye out for those early Biz threads popping up because I’ve missed out on every single other one. This time I will not.

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checkem, also OMNOM is already on mexc. I don't think anything in this thread is exposed to volume from a CEX.

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Minecraft note local currency mogs all except for actual metals.

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Blobs blobs blobs

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People say 1m sui, 10m make it. It's not a meme coin so it'll crab for bit because the team is doing a bunch of boring stuff like audits and open sourcing so that they can satisfy Coinbase's listing criteria (they have connections to the listing team). Just search for Coinbase in the telegram if you don't believe me.

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The fact that it didn’t completely shit the bed with bitcoin is very bullish

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They're not on a single CEX yet but trying to go straight to Coinbase? Has that ever even happened before?

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Yeah people were shitting on the crabbing but, well, we kept on crabbing during the dump too lol


I honestly don't know if anyone else has done it before. They know the listing team personally by working with them a few times in the past (a few people are from SHIB) so I think it shouldn't be too difficult

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I also attached one place where they mention knowing the Coinbase listing team personally from previous listings. Stixil and U B are ex Shib.

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Seems solid desu. I got burned FOMO'ing into LINU when it was already up 1000% like a retard. Might try to get in on this early.

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Only buy what you can afford to lose, and try to get in while it's crabbing/dipping. Also set slippage to 1% and buy in the evenings when gas is cheap. I think it will stay at these levels for at least a week because one whale always sells at 0.002 and the bridge audit is preliminarily complete next week.

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Sorry slippage to 0.1%

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>AVEets still trying to convince themselves that a motherfucking digital arcade token has """""utility"""""
Hahahahahaah I hate utilityniggers so goddamn much its unreal

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AERO is kinda similar and just on 2 other CEX AVI will get there once CBVentures buys a stake.

Coinbase is very fucking interested and "Coinbase Ventures is investing in new use-cases that emerge from bridging"


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The most bullish part of AVI is the bridge that will save gas fees for anyone buying ETH tokens on Base. As explained above, only 11 out of the top 250 coins are meme coins, and the top gainers the last bull run, other than SHIB which was the exception and not the rule, were all small cap utility tokens like GALA, SOL, AVAX, etc. Feel free not to buy though

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The most bullish part of AVI is the bridge that will save gas fees for anyone buying ETH tokens on Base. As explained above, only 11 out of the top 250 coins are meme coins, and the top gainers the last bull run, other than SHIB which was the exception and not the rule, were all small cap utility tokens like GALA, SOL, AVAX, etc. Feel free not to buy though I don't really care.


This is awesome never saw that before. Even more bullish for AVI

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$pepe whales are accumulating $mumu

4chan bull run mascot send it to BILLIONS

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No joke it's this and you're early anon. It's going to be integrated into the Headspace app and get a few cex listings

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>Even more bullish for AVI
Tell me about it

Imagine Coinbase wallet:
>Application-hosted wallets (and self-hosted wallets) will continue to bake in “Bridge Plus” efforts – where instead of “Swap” and “Bridge” as two different transactions, they will be combined as one transaction for better UX outcome.

powered by Skybridge

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you "missed" them? that's retarded thinking. no, you are in the top .001% to see them.

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>Just buy and hold good stuff and you will make money

bruh, this isn't true at all

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Believe it or not, there are people on this board who heard AVI alpha and do not buy.


It is factually true that holding small cap utility tokens in a bull market is the best way to make money. This doesn't mean hold to zero, but hold until a multiple you are happy with and gradually DCA down. Listen to me or don't, I don't give a shit.

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look at funfair. that was the best utility token to ever exist

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Why do LUCKY and HOKK fags try so desperately to ride LINU’s coattails? They are not the same at all. Do your own work you fucking faggot nigger cocksucking brown scammers

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you set yourself up to cherrypick any possible example to make him look bad, and you went with something that reached 750mil mcap?
avi is actually going to fucking shred, isn’t it

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Nigger LINU was advertised as SHIB 2.0

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i don't understand, you think 750mil mcap is decent?

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lol wtf it's not even on uniswap. fuck it why not

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Pepeinu ($PINU) low cap = x1000 still possible. Don't say no one warned.

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anyone got a gate .io referral code

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Nobody buys coins for their utility or uses them for utility lol. They are all meme coins right now.

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BARRON is the only secure realistic 100x in this thread. we just popped a 0 and we're holding 1 million market cap.

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Stop wailing and sell it off, jump on blast-off campaign while waiting for the SUPRA tge.

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my moneys on cumguzzler coin

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Yeah, and all coins are in circulation which is huge

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Reason why I participated in the SUPRA crowdsale last year and now anticipating the tge this Q1.

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QANX is the next huge altcoin, its not a shitcoin though

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What's that?

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$HOME on SOL. It’s an RWA token where you gain fractional ownership of a japenese house Kek. Super low market cap I think it’s at 5k right now. Strong narrative for the coin, low mcap, unruggable, based dev, cool concept, reddit appeal. This one is next up for a 100x this week easily. Mcap still wouldn’t even hit the value of the house with a 100x from here.

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>Given the success we've seen with LUCKY
It's only at $1m. Hardly a success

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Why don't u talk about plebbit?
Plebbit when from 2m to 12m mcap in a matters of weeks, then corrected to 8m mcap with bottoming MACD and RSI.
Plebbit is a P2P social media protocol with no https endpoints, in development for 2 years, 100% airdropped supply (even Devs bought their Plebbits on market) with working demos.
NFTs for avatars and ENS for names.
Its amazing that biz continues fo ignore it

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can you post the contract?

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Next x1000 ?
Comfy !

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xrp is the safest 1000x there is, I can't wait for the tremendous meltdown that will happen right on this board when the /xsg/- chads will open up threads to show off their lambos

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Is this the next 100x? wtf is glizzy

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$Hidler on SOL. <24H. Teh one treu politico koin.

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Wrapped BTC 2 Trillions - Very New ID

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Bumping for AVI and this based anon

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ELDG from Everlodge. I think the project to invest into real estate’s is s big boom if the platform is released soon.

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Sounds convincing! I'd like to buy in, but Ethereum gas fees are a bitch.

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Unironically its gonna be AVIATOR

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That's also my impression and I really feel my FOMO. I hope this one >>57867476 is correct and it's possible to buy on the weekend for a similar price but with lower gas fee.

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LOLCAT on SOL is the latest revival coin. 7k mcap.

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Here are also my own picks: no possible 1000x, but a few candidates for a 100x:

Spillways: got already a working product (mixer) and are about to release a DEX. current MCAP 0.6M, 50M is surely possible.

Weset (weco): RWA coin that's totally under the radar. Team is doxxed. MCAP ~ 1.5M

Sovryn: first project offering a Bitcoin DEX and Lending platform, accessibility is shitty at the moment, but they're going to expand to other BTC side chains/ rollups. 87M at the moment, once they are more easily accessible 1B would be a fair value. Could peak at 10B with some hype.

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unironically good call kek. good idea and a hilarious name lol

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Sanshu Inu
>did 500m Mcap last run
>sitting at 400k Mcap now

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>Sovryn: first project offering a Bitcoin DEX and Lending platform
nigga that's Ordiswap wtf are you talking about

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You already know anon, why ask?

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this but I haven't had time to look recently

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You could mention STX or SAVM here, but. Ordiswap is not nearly the same. Come back when you did some research.

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COMFY on Solana

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how do I buy this shit?

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Hidler send it to 6 gorillion

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Hidler 150k mc 6 million soon

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The money is shifting from memes to utility driven project. This is why y'all should be ready for Hydro online token launch.

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Lol "utility" the utility is making money

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