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What are your friends and family saying about crypto? Are they all buying the new doggy stocks?

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They're in the [Aware] but [Hesitant] phase, still early

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Completely silent, they think bitcoin died after it's CEO Sam Bankman Fried was put in prison.

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They all still think it’s a scam. There are also news articles out, but the commenters also still think it’s a scam. We are still early

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>"told you so" yesterday with the crash
>"why did you DCA at 40k? you're too late"
>"SELL SELL SELL" etf dip
>"SELL NOW" when we hit 50k
>"bro why you buying this scam? wait for winter to buy, thats when it's low!"
>"i'll buy 100 dollars worth soon tm" (told me DCAing at 40k cause of the ETFs was retarded)
safe to say most aren't convinced yet. they will buy in when it hits 100k.

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it's not even in their subconscious yet
We so fucking early

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i told my dad i bought some bitcoin etf in my roth and he said the whole bitcoin thing will go away and i should get gold

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good goy get the gold and enjoy your lifetime winnings of 15% followed by a 40% dip cause the market makers thought it'd be funny to rugpull a bunch of boomers.
your dad sounds bright.

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DCAing at 40k is retarded you should have been finished by 25k

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>not DCAing 24/7 pre-halving
NGMI nigger, now i'll be DCAing out soon.

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to add to this, if you think it's gonna go past 100k, what retarded nigger wouldn't keep adding money to their account below half of that? guess saylor's a retarded nigger to you as well.

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Very little talk. Very bullish that this pump doesn't seem to be fueled by normie hype

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Retard. By the same logic, why didn't you finish DCAing at $100?

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Not even talking about it.

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Nothing. Normies do not give a fuck about this shit. They use Apple pay

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Normie tradcath brother told me he's heard about it, but he sold it all a while back.

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One coworker brought it up but he's into sports betting and stocks so that's not surprising. The other boomers and Xillenials at work haven't said peep about it.

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Why the fuck these retards coming out of the woodwork every time there's a bullrun? Why not think different and ask questions when there's crazy capitulation?

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After work social tonight. Nothing
>tech workplace