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I'm the only person on this entire board that's been on this board daily since late 2018, started with $50k and I'm not even worth half a million yet

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Lol most of the people that came here probably quit or killed themselves after losing it all anyway

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I had 1000 eth in 2017 and my networth is 400k get on my level

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I personally knew retards who went in with six figures and somehow lost everything, and yes, a few of them died 3 years ago

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Holy shit tell me old fags what low cap coins should I get into to make some impressive profits this bull run I’m new to this shit. I was thinking doge.

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Could be worse, could have taken out loans and then it crashed, got stuck in debt and then suicided.

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Just don't bring anything onboard that you aren't prepared to lose and if things go terribly wrong, HODL. It happens to more people than you'll be inclined to think and the secret really is to just fucking look away for a while if you end up buying the top; sure there's an opportunity cost to having that money tied up but I've seen people try to 'recover' time and time again by selling lower, putting it into something else, and then watching that drop too. It's like a steak: don't overhandle it, and it'll at least come out decent.

Get a big stack of cash, pick something, put half of it in and see what happens. One more thing: no matter how many times the shitcoin cycle repeats itself (~4 years ago it was buy LINK, a year ago it was buy AVAX, etc), the relevancy ALWAYS comes back to BTC. The long game is to land on some good shitcoins and then funnel the gains into BTC whenever you hit big. Anyway I'm not telling you which shitcoin to go with because I don't know. I made a chunk of change just because I woke up in time for the DOGE run a couple days ago but if I'd held onto it I wouldn't have really made anything and luckily there was no chance in hell I was holding a meme coin for longer than a spat.

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>Falls prey to altcoin trading
Sorry, anon. I started in 2017 and I had the chance to buy over 3000 ETH when it was $100 a piece and instead I bought shitcoins, so I get it.

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Had 1000 ETH too in 2018, total portfolio is worth ~500 ETH now. Granted I spent a good amount over years, but clearly I fucked up a bit.

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Thanks for the advice

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I've been here almost daily since 2019 and only like 300k. life is suffering

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Oh and I had like 600,000 LINK in the first few months of it existing. Flipped it for a 5-6x like an idiot.

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lol try me
>been on biz since link down to 18 cents, first transaction of crypto 2017
>current NW: $100 in some base shitcoin

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what have you been spending your time on, anon, I'm worried

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I think it’s to late to get into those coin

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Is there any anon enough kind to slide me 1k$?

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Small cap utility projects have been the make it coins, with SHIB and DOGE being the rare exceptions. Only 11 out of the top 250 coins are memes, but it's all people wanna buy here. There are good coins like AVI, KNS, etc. and I'm sure some others, but no one buys that stuff when it crabs and then /biz/ complain that they are never early (not understanding the fundamental contradiction). Look at what pumped last bull market it was things like SOL, AVAX, MATIC, FANTOM, ADA, etc

Oh and don't buy one of: XRP, ICP, ROSE, LINK, XMR, HBAR and probably some others.

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Consider plebbit to make amends ser.
Plebbit mooned from 2m to 12m in a matters of weeks. Then it corrected to 8m mcap and now seems to be bottoming out with an oversold RSI and MACD.
P2P social media protocol with no https endpoints, in development for 2 years, 100% airdropped supply (even Devs bought their Plebbits on market) with working demos

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I’ve been here that long as well. Only have 30k invested. I was pretty young and only got a big boy job a couple years ago to be fair.

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Why did you not leave /biz/?
This place is obviously the reason for your failure because you get advice from scammers or market manipulators.
The time when /biz/ was a positive community is over now that it has been infiltrated.

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Thanks for the info