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is HODL best strategy ?

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>Just hodl bro!

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No not even close especially with alts. Try to sell when it goes really really high and buy right when it starts to go up

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Works for me. I held through the big crash in 2021 and this recent dump. I'm doing fine. No losses yet.

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No. Not indefinitely. Buy low sell high is the best strategy.

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As long as there is always a greater fool, then yes.

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what is this, funding fees? why would you hold perps for any long period of time?

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hodl til late 2025, then either sell it all or spend it as currency before it plummets again.

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No. Think of the markets as an elevator. At any given time it could be in the lower lobby or the penthouse but holding indefinitely is not a wise strategy. Timing is everything.

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you must have extreme patience to successfully pull it off. For some altcoins though it is just plain dire though

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Long term, sure. If you bought in 2018 and held until now you'd be set. But you wanted to trade on fuckfacecumsluskullraperaptorinu5000 and have it all in one night.

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Yes until it's not. You should be thinking about selling when all normies start tallking about crypto. Unless you're willing to hold through another cycle.

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holding bluechips like ethereum is smart
holding shitcoins is dumb

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I held onto ETH for 4 years. I am not smart with my money, I shouldve dca'ed into it or cut my losses earlier. Luckily I didn't pussy out so I didn't realize any losses. I watched my portfolio go -70% at one point and I thought, to myself "If I have done everything wrong since the beginning because of my emotions, I will do the exact opposite of what I think I should do."