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Lmfaooo Capo sucks so hard.

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Capo god of crypto

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Hayes or adam wearesoback

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arthur hayes

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Kiyosaki and Back, then 120-180 in 2025 before the plunge. Everything else is FUD, delusion, or people pretending to be delusional so they can dump on you.

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Hayes, it already hit nearly 70k, bulkrun is over

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$420k and I refuse to name the absolute faggot close to it

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one of these is not like the others
and i mean, why the fuck would you include a no name no face twatter with the rest of them

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My nigga Arthur Hayes.

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For the keks, presumably.
It's not like he's the only deeply flawed human being on there.

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is she just trolling at this point?

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She's looking for those sweet sweet ETF inflows so she can collect her management fee.

Kiyosaki and Adam Back have the most realistic predictions.

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Checked based and wagmi

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They are all going to be right at some point in time

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tom lee - tim draper range
base case is 682k by 2030 and bull case is 1.5m in 2030 no idea where they got that number for her

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Adam Back's maybe. I think we're probably going to see $80k, but with enough pump it could hit that $100k mark. Cathie Wood's prediction is utterly fucking insane and wrong like almost everyone of her predictions. Go watch how her and her team model their ideas and you'll never take anything she says seriously ever again.

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Cathie Woods is a retard, she thinks at some point this year the BTC market cap will be 20% of the global economy.

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whos the nigger in the bottom middle? I like his smile

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God told her in a dream.

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No idea, i use dextools so it's not that relevant for me anyway
Still if i had to choose one, i would go for Tom Lee or Tim Draper, the others are either idiots or inhaling MASSIVE amounts of copium

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>gold can't have a $20t mcap because that'd be 20% of da gpd!
You are retarded. God (BTC) whisperers truth into Wood's ear just to fuck with you

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Capo is based. Samson Mow & Balaji are the real one million fags. And Max Keiser’s 220K target from last cycle should be included.

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Jackie Chan @180k

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Arthur Hayes. He's pretty based even if you're a pol-tier racist.

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>doesn't know arthur hayes
sounds like you are the nigger.

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yep hayes even went to jail for bitcoin, i'm thinking he's our negro

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Do you understand that in order for BTC to get to a market cap of 20T the price would need to increase nearly 20x. Let's say this requires $10T of net inflows. Where is this money coming from, do you think all the boomers who've held out so far are going to start dumping their pensions into BTC. These crazy price predictions always come with those with a vested interest and a massive exposure in a given crypto. These people aren't like equity research analysts that actually look at company fundamentals to and macroeconomic factors to predict a share price. Have you ever seen Cathie Woods' calculations to get to these figures? Stop comparing BTC to gold. Gold has utility and has been used as a store of value for millennia.

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100k is 2024’s high, $250k will happen mid 2025

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Gold has no meaningful utility. Gold is bought because people consider it a store of value. It would be trading at 1% or less of its current value if people only bought and sold it because of it's "utility"

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Anything under 1 million is retarded brownskin shitcoiner delusion

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At least they HAVE NAMES. No one should ever take any fucking advice from a twatter personality who doesn't even have a real face or name.
You might as well trust anonymous here with your financial advice. At least anonymous here isn't always in it to promote their own persona.

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Isn't our nigga usually on the money with shit? My gut tells me it'll be higher than $70k but lower than $100k.

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none have them have contributed to the space except back and maybe Arthur Hayes so i dont give a fuck what comes out of their mouths

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why are you cunts obsessed with this retarded bobo

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This image isn't even right on the facts. Cathie predicted 600k-1.5million by 2030. Her previous prediciton was up to 1mil by 2030. I couldn't find any info on what she predicts for this year.


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only the bottom row could be correct

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uh, because all of his predictions have been spot on for the last 5 years. there is a reason why they call him the capo of crypto

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Have they actually, or you just memeing?

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> all of his predictions have been spot on
Except for the ones that weren't, you mean?

> they call him the capo of crypto
Do they?
Or is it just what he calls himself to sound important?
Who's "they", and how do I avoid them?

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It doesnt require anywhere near that though. The multiplier on price is somewhere like 20-100x.

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hayes is a nigger? lmao
that explains a lot

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>Let's say this requires $10T of net inflows
Lol. LMAO even.

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Lmfao capo. EXIT ALL MARKETS. (He used the word exit because he thinks it makes him sound smart and cool to exit something instead of just paper handing his bags.)

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Why are JP Morgan such cucks?

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He's the guy who played Chef in South Park

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>Cathie Wood
>BTC $1MM 2024

Lol love from Kazakhstan

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Tom Lee or Kiyosaki are probably the most likely

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> Let's say this requires $10T of net inflows
lol dunning Kruger effect

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109982 USD is the correct answer.

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I once posted this pic in a thread
and someone said "I don't really think that photo is of her"
and I've never been able to look at that pic since then without thinking about that anon.

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I don't wanna age, bros. Tips for aging as gracefully as Jared Leto? I avoid the sun, use moisturizer and take resveratrol, NNM and other supplements.