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Just bought my first car. $24,000. have i made it?

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You put 24k into a depreciating asset right at the beginning of a hyper bullrun? Ask yourself what you think.

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i think ive made it. how much is your car?
>less than $24k

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/biz/ gave me 5k to buy a car in 2021 and I paid 1800 for it and still drive it after being hit by a charger at 75mph
I'm literally penniless now but point is it was still a wiser move than 24k into a metal box that some nigger can slam into and get away without paying a dime while you pay out to insurance.
Get full coverage because there are most uninsured drivers in history due to the stimulus and covid laws against REPO's

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Lmao I paid 2 grand for my first car
It's a piece of shit and I spent at least 10k in maintenance on it but at least I spent less than 20!

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No you're now prepped for the wage cage you cuck. I expect you back to work tomorrow wagie

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I've spent maybe 700 on matience on my car, and that's mostly because someone slammed into me, and a good portion of that 700 was tools so I could do it myself, I've replaced the spark plugs and points, throttle body and starter.

Turns out it wasn't even needed on the throttle and starter because it was the spark plugs.

Get your own tools.

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Your first car should cost $500. If you drive fancy new cars you will never learn to wrench.

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brush yo hair nigga goddamn

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this is why you pay for the uninsured motorist policy on your own insurance...you would have been paid
WAHTW captcha lol cry about it

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I had it and got 18k had they had insurance on their vehicle that they bought because it still had temp tags, I would have gotten 250k minimum since it destroyed my neck.
50k payout lawyers and medical ate 34k of that.

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Don't you love when these smug faggots (the same smug faggots from last bullrun)
Make a dumb ass comment thinking they know something you don't, yet they are just repeating something that already happened like I somehow couldn't understand it.

I would have thought suicide would have gotten you faggots, but apparently living with your parents till 55 has it's benefits.

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I want a super comfy and clean looking car for my family for under 10k Any suggestions?

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Ford Freestyles/500s/Taurus and Taurus X, there's a decent line of fords that all use the same running gears and engines, makes it much easier to work on just find one that some older woman used and not some police decommission.

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My car is in storage until after the bull run. I live in a major city with good transit and I can walk to basically everything I need.

Only thing I’m changing now is that instead of DCAing directly into bitcoin I’m shifting any new allocations to my small/mid caps that either haven’t really pumped or have a lot more in the tank.

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proud of you anon, you did
most people can't get shit, mostly
hopefully i can do the same when bigmike bumps, or at least i hope it does. supposedly with the elections every political coin will spike
wish me luck

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That's like negative "making it".

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Yes because you probably have millions in the bank to drop 24K on something as useless as a car. Why aren't you in walking distance of work/shops?

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My car is worth more now than when I bought it. I also rode a motorcycle for four years and sold it for a nice profit afterwards.

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$24.1k, ND Miata

What did you get?