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Now look at dogecoin

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Mfw I hold both

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LINK basically gets one big fat insider dapp buy or whatever then absolutely mogged by bots within 30m. It will be back to $20 within the hour.

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this. pepe did nearly a 10x today.

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>volume spikes and wicks

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>Chainshit faggot posts a wtfwt thread
>Check the chart
>Chainshit is just following a BTC pump with a less impressive pump
The cuckolds of crypto.

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No one with serious money puts it in dog coins, if they do than they soon wouldn't have serious money anymore.
You don't sleep soundly at night holding 7 figs of meme coins that can rug at a sneeze.
All chainlink holders sleep soundly at knight knowing they own shares of digital oil fields.
I encourage you zoomer newfags to buy all the meme coins. Maybe you can flip your $2k into something respectable or maybe you'll lose all your money and cry on /biz/

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Cardano is flying. I had bought in around .23

Bonk, Shib, Doge should keep climbing.

My only turd is Skale.

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Nice self hating cuck complex
>the cuckolds of crypto is his slogan he directs at link holders
>he owns link himself
Uhhh nice Freudian slip??
What kind of bulls do you prefer in your cuck porn, white aryan chads or black gorilla animals, which one of them turns you on more as a North African?

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I don't own chainshit, that's your projection.

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What is going to happen is so predictable

>btc pumps. Everybody looking at btc
>whales positioned them selves into shiba/doge knowing as btc breaks 50k, knowing normie money will flow into meme coins
>whales are currently rotating out of btc and meme coins into link positions.

Imho meme coins will see a massive correction in the coming days. History, pattern recognition, and the mass media blitz the last day or two is also telling me btc is going to correct close to 20%.

(((They))) think fomo will get lots of people out of link into shitcoins. The missing the bull run fud is honestly the most effective as most human brains cannot accept missing out on something and as a result make stupid decisions.

the hilarious volume spikes on link show that whales are suppressing while taking a seat in their position for the next rotation


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cope. these are established memes, they are the underpinning of our future. everything will run on doge and shib. they will be the new digital Gold and Silver of the future and replace Bitcoin. Literally just sht out a token, slap a dog on it and it's worth more than LINK

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You hold chainlink and you're completely obsessed. But here's the thing, even if chainlink moons and you "make it" the money won't help you get a gf if your dick and personality are broken.. unless your goal is to be her paypig and you just want to watch her get fucked. Sergey is your practice mommy isn't xhe.

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Here's your "established meme" from 2007 bro I'm sure it aged like fine vintage wine
Memes live and die. You're not investing in shit you're playing musical chairs with bets

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Do you have a gf?

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Mfw i hold both plus vinu

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vita inu? haven't heard of them in a while

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Well, it's doing pretty well. Went up by 68% in this week alone, it gave me enough to finally buy a ps5

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>it gave me enough to finally buy a ps5
Anon you wasted your money on the current most trashy console
All you can play on that shit are purely interactive movies with 4 minutes of gameplay between each 4 hour cutscene
You should've gone for a switch or a vr headseat

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did i ask?

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Yeah I do and I took her virginity. I am mogging billionaires