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$22k in 2025.
screen cap this.

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If ETH is going to 22K then shitcoins like DOT and FTM will 20x minimum. Why even buy ETH at that point? for the tech?

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it's useless bro

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I'll settle for 5k

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This thread wont save your eth lil bro like, twitter beoble, biz everyone says your stuff is rekt and sidelined. Sell and cope

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2024... I am forgotten

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>$22k in 2025

Will the fees be $1600 per transaction too?

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in L1 maybe, it's the consensus layer, l2's are gonna look damn fine under $0.05 each transaction

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with those transaction prices I wont touch eth, Ill keep alting around btc, using satoshisync to track all my wallets and coins... fuck eth, so expensive.

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poverty-stricken nigger

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Don't even bother. These morons will be sobbing into their pillows when the ETFs start gobbling ETH this summer.

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>Muh L2s
>J-just pay the ridiculous fee! What are you poor?
> (Insert random coin here) will solve this!!!

Eth cucks have been using these copes since the 2021 bull. If you think mass adoption will come without this bullshit somehow changing you are retarded.

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Bought ETH for $11 and sold around $120. been salty ever since.

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Well, she is currently dying of cancer and she's barely conscious and despite her telling us she's fine, i'ts obvious she's in a lot of pain. As much as i love her, i don't want to see her suffer anymore.
I came to visit her last week, we talked, or rather, only i did. She nodded or blinked, but she could barely speak. I told her about my dating life, about my sisters, about my trip to new york, about me starting to get into crypto and shit, my gains from vinu, the losses, etc
She doesn't get most of that last part so i explain to her in detail, i started purposely mentioning all this stuff just to have more to talk and explain, because i hate sitting in front of her in silence, it's just too heavy and sad. I want her to know i'm okay and that i love her.
I love my mom, anon. I love her too much.

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bought for $22, held and have 8 validators, make $2k a month doing nothing