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What are your friends and family saying about crypto right now?

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My dad called Linu a scam even though he owns Shiba
My mom wants to fomo $100 bucks into it but gas fees are too high.
Only because I told them about it. Other than that, nobody's talking.

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everyone i know still thinks crypto is a scam

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>Dad asked about how my BTC is doing
>Told him it's there, it's doing good
>Tells me that the "The guy from El Salvador must be really happy"
>We laugh about it
>Told him that I think it's still gonna go up a little more before crashing at the halving and then going back up parabolic
>He tells me that's good and "Don't be greedy or you'll get fucked"
>Sends me a picture of his food
>I send a picture of mine
>Start talking about food
>"I love you son, I'll go pick up your mom at work"
>"love you too dad"

It's the little things bros

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Not a peep, even from my brother who is at least vaguely aware of crypto.
Based and wholesome

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my father is DEAD

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There's one guy at work who has money in it since relatively recently and no one else even knows it still exists, basically.

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I don't think my dad would understand what a blockchain is but at least he thinks that something can be useful like Truflation where he usually looks at the macroeconomic data of the US (to shit on Biden, he's really conservative)

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zero fucks given even from my crypto aware friends

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older people don't learn how to use smartphones and applications simply because they are lazy.

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>(to shit on Biden, he's really conservative)
anyone who has lived in this country for the last 5 years would do the same.

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based dad

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explain to him anon, would be good to have a different perspective on the crypto market right now