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No hindu can touch my linu.

recent news:
>ATH again
>second cex confirmed - should go live late today or tomorrow.

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The dump is coming and it will be massive. You’ve been warned.

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>advertising thread

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New type of FUDS LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO! I so the winky nigger is back with a new fud.

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But why is it this shitcoin and not shitcoin #75430, unironically asking?

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Safety, meme-ability, and spontaneous consensus.

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and a shitload of work by the core community, desu

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But why is the background of LINU's logo the same as Terra Luna, the coin that cratered to infinity. This is bound to make some normies hesitant to buy, right?

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Linu was started I response to Luna's shitshow. Essentially as a "fuck you" to dokwan (according to the little that I know).
It was marketed as the Luna Killer.

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Got my eth's ready to slurp it. I hope it's a big dip.

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LINU was made as the Luna Classic Killer...which is kinda doing it at the moment un-ironically lmao. LUNC just had another drama today while Linu is just pumping with people in this meme coin being just euphoric. Nobody cares about Lunc anymore, it's all about LINU NOW!

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the new doge of /biz/

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>LUNC just had another drama today
What's the latest drama?
>Nobody cares about Lunc anymore
LUNC has shown some pretty steady and consistent growth over the past month so idk what you're talking about. Not mooning memecoin growth, of course, but it seems pretty sustainable coming into a new bullrun. I have significant bags of both LUNC and LINU and I'm euphoric as fuck right now.

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The guys from Genuine labs are leaving or something cause they ain't getting paid for shit they haven't done yet. Check HCC's new video he covered it.

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I'm convinced we bump another 0 off soon.

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We just decided it is the one. Most of /biz/ is in on it so all we have to do now is spam it on socials and rake in the dough. Also effortless listings, effortless gobbling of dips. It’s the opposite of holding LINK, which will never be a good investment asset. This one has no fundamentals, just constant pleasant surprises and pumps. It’s the one

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I fudded and mocked LINU and I was wrong.

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>they ain't getting paid for shit they haven't done yet
So basically the same situation as literally every other LUNC grifter since Alex Foreskin? More of these fags walking away sounds bullish to me.
Fuckin right, homie! Yet another ATH smashed.

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Glad you asked

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This is just pure fucking insanity by now. Mental retardation. This should not be possible.

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>slurp: the coin

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we’re nowhere near 100m+ mc holy fuck homies it’s going nuts

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>So basically the same situation as literally every other LUNC grifter since Alex Foreskin?
Yeah basically lmao. But what's being apparent is that it feels like the chain is becoming harder and harder to save. Cause if it's all grifters, what happened to the legit people?

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holy fuck how are we not getting rugged. Every whale that sells just gets left behind

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is this your first day in crypto? wtf are you talking about this isnt even that absurd

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Trying to swing trade LINU and my shit is stuck due to some limit order on Uniswap pending on the eth network... FML

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hehe my ID is “Oh God”
God has smiled upon me for allowing me to change the timeline of my life significantly due to the success of this coin.
We are connected to the divine substrata that permeates physical reality. We are the true Vril niggers and normies who can’t into telepathy will buy our bags

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Can't rug, no one holder has enough to rug. A sell wall maybe but never rug. Somebody legit needs like 100T of this badboy in 1 account to even start rugging which nobody has. It's all spread out.

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Still time to grab a bag, outta well grab a bag of HOKK also while you're at it because you probably fudded that one too. If you fudded LUCKY then you was right, that one is shit.

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Where can you find the wallet distributions?

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Etherscan I believe or wait till another anon post the wallet thing again. I keep forgetting to save it lol.

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I have 30B now, will it be too late to buy in on Wednesday with 800?

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>not even that absurd
But it is. Because when crypto does this, I'm never on board. Until now.

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Oh here I found it. https://etherscan.io/token/tokenholderchart/0x78132543d8e20d2417d8a07d9ae199d458a0d581

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my nigga :,)
it feels good being early for once
buying under 10m mcap will seem ludicrous to most people in a few months

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Made a fresh screenshot. Here's the source:

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it’s glorious

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Yeah mine is a new as well lol. I took the screenshot on my post.

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Thanks homie

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How many coins make you a top 100 holder?

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Just over a trillion
I only have a half tril feels bad

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More than 1,145 Trillion

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I still believe in LUNC, its trying to become a legit chain. But its going to be some years before all the drama settles. I'm a bag holder and will be for many years to come.

In the mean time, LINU has saved my ass kek.

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EW It smells of poo and Chicken Korma in this thread! (Indians).

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Apparently all the ecelebs are buying in. Fuentes mad a post about it, I think he deleted it though

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Holy shit only 7k holders? We're just getting started.

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meme magic is real with this one

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Need a source to back up that claim

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Idk man I still feel like there are people working silently behind the scenes. I'll still hold my LUNCies as long as Binance keeps supporting the project. I'm just holding my 50M LUNC stack and collecting my staking rewards.
We will make it twice LUNCsister. Once with LINU and then once again with the great LUNC baboona.

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Thank you to the anon who posted the “comp in now” thread last night. I never listen to that type of advice but I looked at the chart and said oh yeah this looks good. wagmi

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bobos right now

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*fomo in now”

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Impending correction

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I’m litterally watching this go up a thousand at a time in real time. This is insane.

Linu bros, when are we planning the Monoco meetup?

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For those of you that got into shib early, was this what is was like? I missed that and got in way too late.

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I got in HOKK early, and was up to 180k at the peak.

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Hope you were able to cash out a good profit anon.

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are 50B tokens enough to make it to 6 figures?
no bully pls I'm poor

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The Uniswap pool is draining fast. Then this is going to go interstellar and anything is possible.

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I should've bought yesterday but I'm priced out now. If I buy at this price I'm not gonna make it. I want to die.

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Bro I got 35B I should be at around 50B if I put more during the weekend. I thought I had till April, but I guess not.

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The devs gave a fuck also its biz's coin

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50B at minimum

You’ll have time to accumulate on dips though, which will likely be 30-50% at a time on the climb to 100M

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We’re about to get a big temporary dump as people cash out profits. If you can slurp this dump get ready to do it now. It’s not too late.

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“Temporary” he says ahahaha

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i put 400$ into shib and made 150,000$. would have made a quarter mill, but i was broke and stupid and sold half early in fear and bought in at a high point.
It was magical, honestly, im not rich by any means, thats the most money id ever seen, but i was stupid and wasted it. Put 30k into amc and gme and it was gone, spent 40k on college debts, then traveled to europe and across the usa with my dad. tried buying a house but canadian economy is dog shit.
Luna is going to pay off the debt i had to go into to pay those taxes because the rest of my money stayed in eth, shib and gme/amc.
Holding 180B luna now, personally. I know i was a dumbass before, but this time I will use the money right, and honestly its cool because who gets two reset cards in life?

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my 74B will be enough to retire, I believe

>> No.57837294

You made free money and paid off your college debts. That’s not too bad anon. This time around we’re all in early enough Wagmi

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Is this like a real meme coin now or something?

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>He doesn't time the dump
ngmi raj

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What site is that ?

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We tried to tell you, /biz/ called us jeets, and reported our threads

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Nigger I'm not typing that into my browser

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Be warned that if you plan on buying Linu on Citex, you need to have at least 10.04B in your account which is nearly $300 worth at this point. Not sure how I feel about that.

>> No.57837482

None of these newfags ever check digits

>> No.57837505

*in order to offload it into you self-custody wallet

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if this hits 3 ill dump 800 into it

cant help feel like its a scam though.

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I just chucked in some more money
Im a 131BN baggie. Is this enough to retire bros ? Anyone good with market cap maths and what not?

>> No.57837629

i would buy it for 100$
>But gas is 100$
fuck my life, being poor sucks

>> No.57837669

It's gonna be even more expensive then tho

>> No.57837714

Marketcapof dot com

Then put in Luna inu with shibs ath mcap and see your future

>> No.57837720

no it’s not enough to retire but it will put a big fat smile on your face from over performing the entire market

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You guys see this gay-ass, utterly useless, forever bleeding cRipple? this entire bag is getting swept into the next LINU dip.

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congrats on finally exiting xrp 5 years too late

>> No.57837860

There’s not gonna be another dip. Unironically, you need to get in now. Biggest dip of the day just SLURPED in 40 mins

>> No.57837910

I've turned 8k xrp into LINU
feels good

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This fud is now sounding lazy

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> temporary dump completed
> pumping resumes
How many extra chromosomes do you have? I bet your parents wanted to hold a pillow over your head when you were born.

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i bought the top, so now it will dump
sorry fellas

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you didn't buy the top homie.

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If this hits the marketcap that shib currently has now, you’ll have around $4m usd. I think you can retire on that:

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It can’t dump
There’s literally not enough supply, look at average holdings per wallet, you can count the whales on your hands and toes

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I've got 8k XRP. I would feel like a massive paperhanded faggot if I swapped it out before this bull run really gets moving. Should I go be a faggot?

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You mad my 100,000,000,000 stack has already done 10x. Poorfags stay mad when the homies start shitting all over your sad stacks wen we hit 10 billy MC

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Anon have you heard of a double top?
Have a nice ride down

>> No.57838060

brehs im trying to swap some eth on coinbase wallet
it quotes me a fee of over $100 can that be right???

>> No.57838074

How do you even cash out when the time comes? my hands are so diamond hardened that I don’t think I could ever sell, always holding for that next 10x. I fear I’ll get too greedy and miss out the top.

>> No.57838084

I think we’ve double topped 4 times in 2 days rajesh

>> No.57838096

I just keep watching the number go up and just can't believe I finally chose the right coin at the right time. Thank you /biz/ I can never repay you homies.

>> No.57838110

Convert LINU to ETH -> send ETH to Coinbase -> cash out

>> No.57838114

Yes. The problem is that gas fees are going up as more and more people are swapping. It’s a big problem with eth, but you have no choice at the moment. You’re going to make back that $100 within a few minutes if you buy now lol

>> No.57838118

poorfag cope, Bobo FUD

>> No.57838121

What’s the realistic Sui/Make it? I got 250b for about 2000$ but idk if I should buy some more now.. the gas fees are crazy so I’d go for 1 eth worth of linu at once..

>> No.57838130

Yeah but my point is, I will be afraid to sell because in my mind there is anlways another 100x around the corner.

>> No.57838144

It has inu in the name

>> No.57838143

Imagine being such a scared little bitch and nearsighted not to pay $100 gas fee here

>> No.57838157

ok fuck it I chucked in a couple hundos
probably will dump 99% now immediately

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Don't worry homie...
I'm ballsdeep already... when we dip hard, I'm making Brad Garlinghouse's donation to the LINU Federation.

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It's not a dream. This is all real.

>> No.57838182

based af homie ygmi

>> No.57838192

Almost 25mil mc
It's fucking over for me
I refuse to buy anything past 4mil mc

>> No.57838202

Oh sorry, I thought you wanted to know the actual process of cashing out lol.

Yes, knowing when to sell is always the question. I cashed out my 14.5b stack of SHIB for about $50k grand back during its first big run in 2021 and that’s always been a big regret of mine. Would have been worth over a million that fall if I had held. If LINU follows a similar trajectory as SHIB, I’m determined to hold on longer.

>> No.57838212

Look into Earnfi on Base. 100k marketcap.

>> No.57838214

It’s not going to dump. We’re going interstellar

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What's with LINU and fuckin DIGITS?

>> No.57838239

I have a question, did anybody here even sell a portion already?
Will you have time to convert it or sell it when it gets dumped?

>> No.57838252

Based homie, we’re literally all going to make it.
Every last baggie and stacklet
>t. 500 bil linu, never selling (ever)

>> No.57838254

That’s exactly my fear. I sell for $100k and miss out on $1m lol.

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Checked and I honestly think we can outperform people's expectations by a LOT, I have a feeling 1b mc is actually lowballing it given the potential of the coin.

Never forget pic related and the subhuman fuddies

>> No.57838281

you can see on the dextools multiple whales selling and getting BTFO slurped in minutes

>> No.57838295

if anyone wants to know where this can go, the ETH based dog bat ripoff BONK has a 2.6B market cap

>> No.57838300

My dick can only get so hard.

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Meme magick is very real

>> No.57838312

I miss Winky Fuddie, he was fun. All of his claims were just funny to watch from him being a big whale, to a part of a discord group that will dump on us, to a "2 MORE DAYS" type of predictions.

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>> No.57838339

Thanks anon.

>> No.57838350

10 billion stacklet checking in
when $1 LINU?

>> No.57838381

wtffff. My Linu is suddenly worth 17k. I used to have 7.8b Shib but now I have 5 and it made me feel sad but not anymore. Will I make it?

>> No.57838412


>> No.57838413

I don’t wanna buy on the shit exchange how do I buy this shit

>> No.57838415

What timeframe are we looking at for the inevitable 100x? This summer? 2025?

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File: 3.71 MB, 498x210, theworldisyours.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 135 KB, 798x756, Screenshot_20240305_081911_Samsung Internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keep 2000 xrp.. roll the rest into LINU and watch it grow. If we are ever right about XRP... 2000 XRP will be plenty. Pump your LINU bag, then rotate back into cRipple if you must.

Captcha KTRY

>> No.57838444

you could always make an account on citex and make sure you buy at least 10.04B Linu so you can send it back to your wallet. No KYC and it works for US IP addresses. Just send USDT or send your ETH and sell for USDT

>> No.57838483

ETH -> Coinbase wallet self custody-> swap -> LINU

>Easy as

>> No.57838510

Citx was fine for me.. I've had no problem so far, spent and withdrawn thousands, no issue.

>buy in volume there

>> No.57838526

It’s some jeet his name on TG is chadholder he bought 0.1 soo and made like 2 sol on barron and thought he was some kind of genius.

>> No.57838563

why do you care?

>> No.57838564

which new cex is coming soon?

>> No.57838565

Linu is love Linu is happyness in a sad world

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72B here, i bought my first 31B for 12 dollars, i kept refusing to but more at first because of the price. LMFAO

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All my shit is from uniswap, i bought the night that Anon posted it bro. but thanks

>> No.57838603 [DELETED] 

He said the ceiling was .55, which is a 6x below the current marketcap. I think hes busy killing himself.

>> No.57838609 [DELETED] 

trending on DEX again

>> No.57838621

>poorfag, cant afford gas with current gwei
Does it make sense waiting for lower gas or am I fucked?

>> No.57838626

>i bought the night that Anon posted it bro. but thanks
when did it get posted initially?

>> No.57838631

i feel very irresponsible chucking money at this but to hell, it's a fucking meme market month, btc ATH tonight, this coin doing very well...if this isn't the signal to buy it i will never get the right one and will quit meme market alltogether

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File: 551 KB, 838x748, do_you_like_dags.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.57838676

All I'm pointing out is that there's a minimum withdrawal amount of 10.04B Linu on Citex.

>> No.57838677

Gate.io my dad told me, he works at NVDIA and knows Steve Apples and Jeff Beezenuts.

>> No.57838684

100x could be before easter, who knows.
PEPE is at 100x our mc, and it could still 3-4x. It 10x in a month.

LINU has such a low mc that it could go ballistic at any time, we did a 3x in 48 hours I think

>> No.57838723

i agree with this anon. fuck everything that has happened before this moment in crypto. i have turned 100 into 1000 with LINU and im literally about to buy more i dont give a fuck. holding LINK for 5 fucking years has killed my brain.

>> No.57838737

It's too late to join now. Everybody that joins now will lose everything

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File: 500 KB, 959x386, FallingHappenincel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have to dig through my memes, but it was in January let me look at my wallet dates
It was initially on Jan 12th, but I had to stay up until like 3am into Jan 13th. I quit buying cause I was using Paypal for Gas Fees, and my Coinbase did not have Ethereum white listed on my new Laptop/Metamask account
Holee Fuck I was going to buy way more too

>> No.57838751

I turned my $300 into 40k

>> No.57838765

Shut up, faggot.

>> No.57838775

Hi, you VC pig.

>> No.57838783

Join what? What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.57838788
File: 317 KB, 900x349, hulkamaniarunningwild.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what pissed me off was i was going to put 40 link into it the night it was shilled, but didnt want to trade myself down to zero

>> No.57838796

Every fucking time I look at this shit its doubled.
Homies WAGMI.
>FUDjeets roping
>Jannies seething.
This dog is walking. What a fucking time line.

>> No.57838806

Digits and Linu shaves another zero tonight. 1488 and Linu 1000x by end of the month.

>> No.57838823

>Only 8k$ in the bank
Can I make it?

>> No.57838837

If you hold Linu, then yes

>> No.57838880

It’s crazy. I’ve really never been in early like this before. I’ve spent an entire evening staring at charts of Linu and it’s the most entertaining thing I’ve done since I lost my virginity 20 years ago lol

>> No.57838891


>> No.57838898

I’m a fool. I bought this shit back when it first launched and held all the way down until I barely broke even and now I’m about to FOMO and do the same thing all over again

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File: 56 KB, 1214x302, WTFWT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.57838942


>> No.57838945


>> No.57838950


>> No.57838951

>checks wallet
I’m literally quitting my job if we hit a 3x in the next week

>> No.57838956

>could go ballistic at any time


>> No.57838958

can I cash out directly from them? I noticed this two days ago when I was testing citex and now idk if it's lost

>> No.57838970


>> No.57838980

Gate confirmed
1000x confirmed

>> No.57838981

>it wasnt a bot

its literally already done homies
weve already made it
verification not required

>> No.57839005

for once in my life i'm early and held through the FUD

>t. 1T holder

>> No.57839018

Get your fingers ready for this dip. It'll probably be a quick one.

>> No.57839034

Im a 500B baggie and thats considered a whale now unbelievable

>> No.57839050



>> No.57839052

>can't afford gas to sell
>i'm here forever
>i'm ok with that

>> No.57839058


>> No.57839084

>risking a swing trade when we are absolute vertical and niggers are chucking $72,000 buy orders in at ATH
kek, prepare to be BTFO

>> No.57839087
File: 142 KB, 896x786, Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 00.46.04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

two more cexes confirmed btw
this is a done deal we're going to 10b

>> No.57839095

I was also in your shoes waiting for the gas to cool down over the weekend and the $30-$50 gas fee I scoffed at ballooned to $80-$100, and in the time I spent waiting I missed out on 6bil tokens.
Ended up buying today and spent $50 on gas.

ETH gas fees suck, but that’s just how ETH is. You’re just going to have to bite the bullet. Get in now.

>> No.57839110

Chart says it still has room to move. Volume is high. Buy back in around ~3400 while you still have a chance. Impossible to predict but should clear 4800 fairly easy with this volume.

>> No.57839111


>> No.57839117

yes!! WAGMI!!!!!!

>> No.57839140

Dear god, if I make it with this meme coin I swear I will retire spend my time hitting the gym every day of my life from that day on.

>> No.57839155

uniswap.com, newfriend. copy the contract address from coingecko

>> No.57839159

Can anyone buy ether on coinbase wallet? It says something went wrong

>> No.57839165
File: 140 KB, 1436x581, GigaWhale.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He h as 3T tokens
He also has Pepe, he might be swapping out for Pepe

>> No.57839166

Checked. Buy eth, swap for Linu from inside your wallet. Better hurry up before we shave another zero in a few hours.

>> No.57839211
File: 114 KB, 600x842, BUTTBABES012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking hell i'm almost up another 1k. I wish I would of bought another 50billion coins early this morning.

>> No.57839212

it's over

>> No.57839222


I sold before it went parabolic lmao

>> No.57839232



>> No.57839238

Ya like dags

>> No.57839246

beoble has said nothing about a dump. JUST GREEN INCOMING BROS WGMI

>> No.57839269

There's no other tokens available to add?

>> No.57839344


I sold slightly more than this before the weekend parabolic move. Feel pretty stupid but it is what it is

Godspeed anons, I hope you make it

>> No.57839349

I cant believe this shit
This will go down in biz history
Screencap this.

>> No.57839362

i know your reading this. buy this dip before it's too late

>> No.57839370

kek everyone say good morning to Mumbai

>> No.57839387

Jeets don't have money to pay for ETH gas fees.

Verification not required.

>> No.57839392

Retard here. What's the best way to watch the chart as close to real-time as possible with little to no delays (assuming this is concern a the first place)?

>> No.57839402
File: 2 KB, 160x35, Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 7.02.25 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok now what

>> No.57839405

Economics 101


>> No.57839408

Congrats guys. I don't own LINU, but I'm happy for your project and how much you overcame adversity etc.

>> No.57839414

You’re right this will be the most historic rugpull poverty event in biz history
Put me in the screen cap

>> No.57839418

DEXTools dot io

>> No.57839431

Not a concern unless you are swinging which is ridiculously risky right now. Im using dextool to watch trade history.

>> No.57839441

Quite literally unruggable
Only 4 wallets with more than 1% of the pie

>> No.57839450

Thid shit isnt going down is it? Fuck I feel like I missed it

>> No.57839452

I hold 224b. Am I gonna make it?

>> No.57839454
File: 1.53 MB, 1024x1024, 1884465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

same even tho I only have 80 B, the shit FUD was insane. I kinda fell for it... I was going to buy more glad i didnt sell

>> No.57839456

I already made it clear that I'm a retard. Of course I'm swinging.

>> No.57839467

Jeets and poorfags locking in gains

>> No.57839472

Everyone needs to push this to more normies

>> No.57839475

31B in my bag. I should buy more shouldn't I

>> No.57839477

Yeah cus I can’t have multiple wallets right anon?

>> No.57839490

Zoom out. See where the line looks basically flat two weeks ago? Thats what this pump is going to look like when it hits 200mil. Once we hit tier 1 exchanges and this hits 10bil+ mcap, this pump literally will not even be visible on the chart anymore because of how massive its grown.

Tldr get in now or seethe forever

>> No.57839505

i had 202 bill but sold at 47. go on without me.

>> No.57839509

poorfag here, i have 6.56B in right now and so far it's doubled. i'm between paychecks right now but i have everything i need for the month.

do i spend the last 200 i have physically on more?

>> No.57839510
File: 31 KB, 676x460, 1709597259065.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus fucking Christ. Well done, biz. I kneel.

>> No.57839512

I will say being on ETH seems to keep the riff raff out more so than any of the coins with cheap gas.

>> No.57839531

how long would that take, hope it keeps the momentum until then.

>> No.57839554

It's over

>> No.57839556

Fuck it. About to dump in $500 of the $1k I cashed out of my LINK. I’m poor and definitely shouldn’t be spending this money but it’s literally either this or some retarded “safe” ETF.

>> No.57839558
File: 98 KB, 853x1280, 2024-03-04_13-42-46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

200m? maybe this summer
10b? early next year
my guess

>> No.57839559

You have time to buy more. Don’t spend your last 200 on anything other than food and gas. Wait for your next paycheck then buy more.

>> No.57839566


>> No.57839574

Yeah I’m starting to like eth again just a little. As it acts like a gate keeper keeping out the 3rd worlders.

>> No.57839576

Wait for the next dump and jump in.

>> No.57839597

I'm calling it now. You will see big sell offs around 6am-7am jeet time. Just trying to help people who want to buy in now

>> No.57839605

there's a 10% dump now

>> No.57839606

Yeah, for the swing traders who thought that the support levels is not giga turbo charged. Momentum is way too fucking high, too many wallets holding on for dear life and fresh money inflows pushing the price above where the swingers sold. Its going to rip so fucking hard when they re enter.

>> No.57839644

If you think that's enough for you to buy, then do it homie.

>> No.57839653

Literally buy now or be priced out forever. This is NOT a drill. Over and out
This is YOUR chance to make it.
Dont fuck it up.

>> No.57839657


>> No.57839673

I need this to work because I sold shib early and have been regretting it for 3 years now

>> No.57839678

There’s no supply left
We made it homies

>> No.57839680

Where my top 100 homies at

>> No.57839686

My wife was begging me to fuck her but I’m too focused on the Linu charts and she stormed off and I know she wants me to chase her and say I’m sorry but I litterally care less about her than I do about Linu right now

Am I going to make it?

>> No.57839691

Anon. Thats going to be lunch money for you soon

>> No.57839704

yes, that's the spirit. YOU NEED MORE LINU

>> No.57839710
File: 25 KB, 400x400, 924953943534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Biggest dump is coming
Daytraders on biz, beoble and twitter already say it and i believe them
Screenshot this

>> No.57839724

Kek, it will get slurped just like all the others.

>> No.57839737
File: 65 KB, 796x1018, 2024-03-04_13-42-35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

listen here you little shit

>> No.57839747

Yes, and by the time this is done, you will even be able to replace her with a 18 y/o, nerdy, ginger, and virgin gf who is looking for a boyfriend (pls no bully tho)

>> No.57839761

What does the 0x00000….dead address with 25% of the supply shown on dexScreener mean?

>> No.57839764

Comfy bread
I love you all

>> No.57839768

Just do it. I bought in around the same time for the same amount as you actually, I keep buying more on the dips. Up to 360 billy now. No regrets. Don’t even look at the gas. Try not to think about it. Would you pay $100 in fuel to go fuck a super model? I would. Well this is even better.

>> No.57839774

where do I buy this? Is it cool to toss 1.5k in on coinbase or do I have to do some swapping bullshit and setting up wallets lol. I don't know wtf I'm doing pls help

>> No.57839782


>> No.57839797

Nice stack brother. Diamond hands.

>> No.57839803

>daytraders who just exited and are panicking because their swing failed and they are now being forced to buy in at a loss are all saying its gonna doomp
Yeah, nah, get rekt swingies, and thanks for helping us pump to 40

>> No.57839804

Download uniswap or make an account
Buy eth with monies, tramsfer to uniswap address
Dump in linu
Don’t sell

>> No.57839806
File: 704 KB, 1200x1689, 1709598145158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I had 600b of these niggers and I sold them
I'll never call someone baggies before a bull run again

>> No.57839807

burned address

>> No.57839819

CB wallet isn't even resetting the price so I had to put the amount I had on a regular calculator. I couldn't believe it, checked thrice. Went onto CMC copy pasted the exact number I had into the little USD to LINU converter thing they had and I was fucking shook, its been like 20 hours and I've 3xd from like the 10 trillionth fucking dogcoin wtf?? Bros this might be seriously be it.

>> No.57839835

Swingies get the rope as is tradition

>> No.57839836

Based got 43b am I gonna make it?

>> No.57839856

The original developer burned 25% of the supply by sending them to that address. Then he renounced the contract and abandoned Linu. /biz/ has used sorcery to resurect this once dead meme coin and it’s now melting faces.

>> No.57839857

And to think the mc is under 50 mil and we’re trending on uniswap
Fuck it feels good

>> No.57839860

Thats 20k nigger linu stay inu

>> No.57839865
File: 344 KB, 1768x1913, d2371f3b1ed15a6845b08a9e08aab201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am ready to SLURP THE MOTHERLOVING SHIT OUT.OF ANY DIP.. got 30k in various wallets standing by..

You say that im a dreamer..
>but I'm not the only one...

>> No.57839867

Just a warning bros.
I dont trust that goybase wallet bullshit.
I just transferred my 120BN Linu to my ledger because it accepts erc20 tokens.

If this rockets and im worth 1.2 million overnight you bet that goybase will somehow fuck it up and wont let me send.


>> No.57839870

10bil / current mcap * your stacks current value

>> No.57839874

Gate and even Coinbase maybe I don’t have inside details. Just been lurking to the max 24/7 on here, fb, tg, x.

>> No.57839880

Speaking of which, where's the OG developer? Would suck if he threw everything away then the comes back and this shit is like x10000 up the ass.

>> No.57839888

>already loaded 1.5k on coinbase . com
Wat do? I made a coinbase wallet am stuck because I'm retarded.

>> No.57839894

Imagine being this fucking retarded. Who ties your shoelaces for you?

>> No.57839908

That should at least get you low 6 figures, right?

>> No.57839922

Goto wallet and click buy ethereum and youll be able to transfer from coinbase to wallet then swap eth for linu homie

>> No.57839923

1488 brother

>> No.57839924

Swingies just forced a dip in the last five minutes, half of them are now underwater in their trade and the price is continuing to rise. This IS the dip. The second they capitulate its going to rip another 30% up to 40

>> No.57839944

I don’t think anyone knows who he is. One day his story will be remembered along the likes of Satoshi.

>> No.57839956

just bought, you retards better not be wrong about this one

>> No.57839958

how do you get out once the supply is under 1k??

>> No.57839969

>asks for help, gets digits
>responds with help, gets digits

>> No.57839974

your only regret will be that you didn’t buy sooner

>> No.57839983

The way I did it was I found the coin on Coinbase and it had an option "buy/swap on Coinbase wallet"
Clicked that and it took me to Coinbase wallet and simply asked how much I wanted

>> No.57839993

By then a lot of exchanges should have it listed and you sell in an exchange

>> No.57840005

you're right, I should've bought a week ago

>> No.57840008

Thank you. We appreciate the positive energy. It’s not too late

>> No.57840045

When you sell Linu it goes back into the pool. If theres more sellers than buyers, the pool grows (forcing the price to shrink). If theres more buyers, the pool shrinks, forcing the price to grow. To answer your question, with the pool at extreme low #, it is basically BEGGING you to sell to increase its liquidity and does so by offering a exponentially large amount for your tokens. With DEX, buyers and sellers do not set prices, the pools inflow/outflow + liquidity determines price.

>> No.57840054

Will I profit from changing out all of my AVAX and ICP and BONK for this?
ICP is just turning into LINK but even worse price point and oumpability wise and AVAX doesn't have much room for growth. BONK seems like LINU but with less gains

>> No.57840055

Lets spam YouTube crypto channels

>> No.57840074

I just bought another .2 Eth at the dip.

>> No.57840083

wallet and cock size

>> No.57840108

and how do you check how much is left in the uniswap pool?

>> No.57840109

50 bil
5 inches in the dot

>> No.57840114

At someplint we're all going to have to dump our bags
Let's agree to do it when we hit #70 by marketcap, ya?

>> No.57840115
File: 4 KB, 175x287, Glow in the dark.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well shit, now it's on. Glowies are now in these thread trying to give us the call.

>> No.57840123


>> No.57840129


>> No.57840137

Less then you
Like 7 but if I jerk off it goes down to 6.5 for a few days, so 6.5 right now

>> No.57840140


>> No.57840157


your new favorite website
check out the dex trades tab after you see Uniswap's holdings

>> No.57840165

I fought in the second Great War and got my penis blown off by a Vietcong booby trap. I need this coin so I can have penis replacement surgery.


>> No.57840163

half tril

>> No.57840166

probably a good call, surprised ledger accepts LINU
I'll set that up right now

>> No.57840174

Under the chart, check “holders” and itll show you every wallet holding Linu. The first is the burn wallet holding 25% which is permanently removed from the supply. The second is the Uniswap wallet aka the liquidity pool. You can look at any and all wallets holding Linu and see everything they done, all thanks to the fact that the network is publicly viewable to all. Isnt crypto fucking neato?

>> No.57840187

would you trade 2" for 500bn

>> No.57840211

Definatley. Get onto it ASAP.
I dont trust those coinbase jews

>> No.57840225
File: 301 KB, 522x414, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Urge to sell rising....

>> No.57840244

done and done
thanks for tipping me off
what about metamask though? I got some on there as well

>> No.57840259

7.5” bone pressed

>> No.57840262

I’m basically out of liquid fiat, I’ll never be in the trillionares or even in the top 100 wallets

>> No.57840261

Buy ethereum. Go to Coinbase wallet (assuming you already made a wallet account too) Click “receive”. Then “receive from Coinbase”. Then follow the steps. It’s easy. Once you have the Ethereum in your Coinbase wallet, use the “swap” function to swap the eth for Linu. Expect to pay a dumbass network fee though… but it’s worth it to make gains. Network fee will be in eth

>> No.57840274

upwards curve

>> No.57840297

If you have been watching the trade history youd know there is about $80,000 of swing trader money sitting on the sidelines praying it dips further so they can re-enter. More than half of that money is currently underwater and will be buying at a loss if they do so at the current price. Every buy order drives them further and further underwater until one capitulates and they all panic to get back in so that they arnt the biggest loser.

>> No.57840301

158b 6.5

>> No.57840300

Rightward curve 5.4 inch

>> No.57840306
File: 26 KB, 245x485, retard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I retarded? How are they buying and selling for 330 when there are unfilled orders at 331? Are they bots trading between each other?

>> No.57840313

Yes. I sold everything for this on Friday. Sitting at 360 Billy. Fees comfy. Come join us.

>> No.57840315

10 billion
7 inches bone pressed

>> No.57840316



>> No.57840337

copytrade is for homosexuals

>> No.57840349

it is very difficult for the price to go down, not for the next 2 months.

>> No.57840352

Wow. A man of many words.
Big one. Yes .

>> No.57840363

>verifed my account
>bought 1.5k eth on coinbase .com
>"balance is unavailable"

>> No.57840376

Considering at least a third of you are pajeets, these dick sizes aren't really adding up.

>> No.57840379

New general

>> No.57840419

anybody who buys LINU right now, even though mcap went from 5m to 20m, is still going to have a successful profit.
It’s as close to guaranteed profit as you can get. Anybody who spends enough time on /biz/ can learn to pick up the subtle cues that mark a true gem.
This is a gem. It could even be THE gem.
If someone is reading this and still on the fence, just take the leap of faith. You just have to trust the collective Vril power of 4chan

>> No.57840426

Then whip out your cock so I can suck it faggot.

>> No.57840431

6b stacklet here

>> No.57840449

like 10 days from now
same shit happened to me

>> No.57840473

Newfags don’t seem to understand the collective retardation that IS 4chan… but when that collective retardation has a common goal, it’s an unstoppable force. It’s kind of scary yet arousing.

>> No.57840530

we uncovered the ancient mysteries that have been hidden from humanity called meme magic, that is, that when enough humans work together on some collective and focused goal, that thing literally manifests into physical reality.
Anyone willing to take the risk and buy LINU right now is instantly teleporting themselves into a better timeline.

>> No.57840531

it's true we have LINK holders and XRP holders who have been bagholding for YEARS in on this now. Our collective frustration and autismal powers will surely claim victory. This bitch is going to frontpage of coingecko.

>> No.57840606

I have a large bag of XRP ive been bagholding for YEARS, and im seriously thinking of converting it all into LINU.

>> No.57840622

You should be able to send to coinbase wallet, if that doesn't work you can buy eth straight from your cb wallet.

>> No.57840627

At ABSOLUTE worst you'll end up with a 2x and have a larger xrp bag to hold until xrp has its day and makes you rich. Go for it

>> No.57840647

I converted 8k XRP to this

>> No.57840676

trying to buy on citex but noboby is selling below 0...533

>> No.57840764


I dont trust the goybase wallet.
Get your linu off there. If we go parabolic overnight and we all end uo millionaires. You bet your fucking ass that goybase will somehow "malfunction" do not trust those jews. This is your final warning.

If you own a ledger. It accepts erc20 tokens. I just sent my 140bn linu to my ledger so its safe.

>> No.57840808

secondary racist schizophrenic agreeing here
also transferred from goybase to my ledger
wondering if I should do the same with my metamask holdings
either way, why monaco? bunch of snobs

>> No.57840842

Yes. Get off metamask. Incase of rare exploit happening.

Why monaco you say? IT IS Where the portal is.
I will explain later.

>> No.57840864

but biz is not the team behind XRP and LINK. I think >>57840473 is reffering to collective efforts like "the pool is closed" or getting Trump elected

>> No.57840911

yes I agree with you. I was just noting that usually LINKies and XRP schizos are sworn enemies. But now we come together with a common goal.

>> No.57840941

Should’ve bought directly via metamask

>> No.57841049

I don't know anything about crypto. Just asked some anons here earlier and they said coinbase if I was retarded (which I am). I got $500 left over to act now and I'll have to eat some ramen. When the $1500 in Ethereum unfreezes what wallet do I use? How do I buy this coin bros??? What the fuck do I need to know about swapping lol

>> No.57841112
File: 292 KB, 500x200, download.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn fine call hommie.. just migrated myself. You lads probably saved a shitload of people from getting had.. especially with wallet draining scam tokens on CB wallet.

>> No.57841122

I kneel, Trilli Chad.

>> No.57841170

go to uniswap.com click swap, find connect wallet, connect metamask, make a wallet with metamask, copy the address, send the eth to metamask, hit swap, search LINU, make sure you leave enough eth for gas fees so you can't trade all your eth, then hit swap

>> No.57841199

Based future billionaire

>> No.57841205

alternatively make a coinbase wallet put the eth on it, hit swap or trade or whatever, then search for LINU and trade your eth for it, probably better to do it this way than with uniswap cause you already have the eth on coinbase, I just used the coinbase wallet extension on chrome

>> No.57841217

Checked, wagmi homie

>> No.57841463
File: 28 KB, 308x308, 24025432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i stop reading as soon as i saw daytraders

>> No.57841487
File: 128 KB, 409x281, 2543042.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>daytraders on beoble
you actually believe on what those retards say? lmao

>> No.57841527

I have 5.2 billion I bought for like $50 AIGMI as a street shitter?