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And going all in on LUNA INU and SHIB

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Why would you sell arbitrum before EIP-4844

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News already priced in. He can get in again just before or after it arrives. Memecoins are hot right now.

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where the fuck do i buy this shit

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and barron (on sol)
his 18th bday is in two weeks. easy 100x from here.

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Because non of that technical bullshit pays, even though it should. Crypto is completely fucked right now and anons should wake up and play the game as it exists not the game that they think it should be. Also these meme coins will flash, take your winnings and get back into your original position at 2-10x your original holdings in a month after the meme has mooned and your original bags have sunk 5%

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yeah nah

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post bags or larp

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Literally me but with BTCFi
It can be our best inversion or our worst

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SHIB has the potential to explode so much higher than ever seen before. With an ETF listing for our pup, we could see an inflow of crazy amounts of investors like never before.

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get some $BARRON while you're at it..

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if you had bought when it was first shilled here you’d already be up 100x. keep seething.

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The correct decision. I sold my remaining PRQ stack for LINU 3 days ago and I couldn't be happier.

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Kek, i sold my LINK saturday morning when all dog coins were pumping and bought LINU. Best decision i have made.

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Unironically kinda based.
These old geezers from last cycle can't get erect no more. It's time for the youthful shitcoins of today with their hard erect dicks to pick up the pieces.
I myself solded all my FTM and LINK (rektfolio I know) to invest into eesee games and BNB staking. Never felt more alive.
>BNB is old
Old but its cock is still hard anyway.

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$BARRON? Only baron I know is this one.

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I hate that jeets are catching on to this narrative but it's objectively true. If you take a moment and think, LINK should indeed be this incredible generational-wealth making success. Instead it's a mediocre at best, terrible at worst pick that pumps the least and dumps the hardest. Just like AVAX which is another project that should be extremely relevant and important... Yet nobody cares.

$PEPE though? Hell yeah, 300% and counting.

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but i dont know what new coins i should get into and i fucking refuse to buy meme garbage that can do a 180 and die on me at the drop of a hat, maaaan

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fucking disgusting m8
LoL player, /biz/ lurker and also a degenerate furry?
just like me frfr

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You have never made a worst decision on your life but sure keep COPING

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hoooly mother of delusion

have fun investing in your shit bros, just rmemeber to actually take profits, don't let em take your shorts down by surprise kek ur going to get butt raped hard

if shib ever gets an etf ill unironically livestream myself on bitchute taking a fucking shit in a public street until i get arrested and the stream gets cut off by some police officer

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Mental illness. And also the very real desperation to "make it" by following "current trends" (aka shitcoin season). Buying this shit may surprise you. May.

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>solded my scam to get into another scam right after
natural selection is a hell of a thing huh

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Keep riding it while it is still throbbing, thats my motto
For real though, BNB stacking and just a couple gem bags are enough in this rekt market ngl

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>mass replying
>reddit spacing
>le funny random humor
stop posting

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>$PEPE though? Hell yeah, 300% and counting.
Pepe is a good meme. Pic related.
Literally check the top 50 and ignore the old stuff you know.

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ok but why the nipple shit and the urethra stuff and all are you not mentally sound?

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Shes sounding herself alright.

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BNB Is just as awesome as it can be since the token of the most used exchange in the world, that's a good buy anon.

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barron dot lol

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Don't sleep on FRINge finance, microcap defi platform on 5 chains, fully audited and functioning, starting TVL airdrop promotion March 5