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What are your friends, family and coworkers saying about crypto right now?

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You have to go back.

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OP is a faggot confirmed.

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mine are absolutely convinced that a total collapse of the economy is just around the corner, and that if we don't adequately prepare now then it will be a catastro-
>"oooo, you know this room could really do with some nice hardwood flooring... ill have to remember to order some samples"

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I have a dumb ass who is watching top 10 shitcoin lists on youtube so now is the time to probably sell. what do you guys think ?


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They are (for the first time in 2 years) talking about crypto, it's fucking scary wtf

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Mom told me to sell my bitcoins and cash out. She doesn't know i'm all in eternally crabbing alts lmao

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Who and what do they say

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The other day I was standing in line at whole foods and overheard 2 guys in their 20's talking about bitcoin and alts and how the bullrun is back. My friends tell me the same. It's like 2020 all over again. But personally I think it's about to get rugged.

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cousin (wants to buy and asked me for my help)
mother (wants me to sell because she heard the price is going up)
grandmother (warning me about how risky and dangerous crypto is because she heard about it on tv)

My coworkers don't count because they're IT incels so they've never left crypto

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my dad and gf's dad have asked me about bitcoin in the past 2 weeks but thats about it.
last cycle my MEGA boomer aunt and uncles and grandparents who barely know what an iphone does talked about it so i think we are a ways away

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My dad asks me if I've seen the price of bitcoin every time I talk to him, but he got in last bull run right near the top. Still holds everything though so I'm glad I at least convinced him not to sell it all at a huge loss.

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"Anon, I heard all this crypto stuff is rising again, turns out your gambling addiction was actually an investment strategy"

It's still a gambling addiction

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They don’t even know, I had to tell them we are at ATH’s and they looked bewildered

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They know nothing about crypto, I tried to get one of them into Beoble and he called me retarded

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my normies still dont talk about it. Didnt even hear it mentioned.

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very little. Some people are aware bitcoin has gone up but they don't really care.

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they just don't care, plain and simple, i tried to ask about the crypto market with my friends and they just go like they don't know what a blockchain is
i'm starting to think that we, the retards on biz and beoble, are the weird ones

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He doesn't know or care about crypto.
My dad thinks the S&P500 is going to pay 20%+ into infinity and beyond.
It keeps working for him. Maybe he's right