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What is the cheapest way to buy pepe in the UK?

Want to take it into self custody on a hot or cold wallet after buying it. Need to start off with GBP.

I think the options are either:
1) GBP to a CEX, buy pepe, send to eg metamask
2) GBP to a CEX, send usdt or some other coin to metamask, buy pepe on metamask

anything else? Metamask seems to have high gas fees. How can I avoid those?

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Personally, KYC on CEX takes too long and too much of a hassle, and considering youre new to crypto it might still be the best option.. But if you dont want (((certain)))""people""" to see your crypto possessions linked directly to you consider doing P2P(mail to cash), i used localmonero alot, theres bisq and others but havent tried those
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Assuming you used localmonero, swap XMR to ETH or directly to pepe using any AMM, cheapest one and the best one overall i found is RocketX exchange. Das eet

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just buy tg/scottiebeambsc
dont waste your time with high mcap memecoins