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>ETH gas fees in the hundreds
Time to play the Solana memecoin casino

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ethereum network literally unusable

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What does India smell like

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Vitalik stands no chance.

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I thought eth moving to proof of stake was supposed to make gas fees reasonable

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who gets all that fee $?
>inb4 teehee
I paid more than $100k in eth fees probably

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It's a feature but a bug. High fees are necessary for *checks notes* uh actually it's because the network has value. People pay what the market decides the transactions are worth

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>You WILL pay the ETH tax and you WILL enjoy it, otherwise you are le poorfag

No, the reason why I'm not a poorfag is because I don't waste money like a retard.

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Feeling comfy with those low gas fees on Solana.

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I tried buying HOKK but I’m getting hoed by gas fees. I suppose it’s a sign. I should keep the ether in my wallet instead to pay for gas to sell other shit.

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just sell your ETH at this point

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Here's the plan. COMFY is sitting at 170k MC right now. There's a based dev behind it who's an early LINK marine and has enough funds for marketing and collabs (just entered a long-term one with DSCVR). COMFY has twice as much liquidity as Barron, which is sitting at 500k MC right now. We will get on trending this week which will put more eyes on COMFY and catapult us to at least a million MC. Get a bag and into the TG so you don't miss out.

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the rhetoric in here is why solana is bearish as fucking fuck
turbo vc jeet central

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or it's just another hurdle you must leap over if you want to make it this time
imagine HOKK does 10000x and you sit on the sidelines telling people "yeah I was about to buy some but the $100 fee stopped me"

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>eh fell fog de EIP meme

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We need this meme with the comfy face

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How can one meme be so comfy?

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Dextools trending costs around 700 bucks, we will also try out some TG groups. If anyone knows a good one, come in the comfy TG and mention it.

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Coin launches at 100 members join the tg

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poorfag cope

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i understand but surely there comes to a point where it outweighs opportunity cost

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checked and kekd

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the upside is it make ETH memecoins dump proof cause no one wants to pay selling fee till they at least 2x

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ETH cucks coping

>acshctually $160 fees are good! It keeps the poorfags from buying my bags hyuckhyuckhyuck

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more like GAY-solana

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migrant inu dot com

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Time for BORK

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I have avoided using this shitty chain thus far until now. I tell myself I'll probably make the gas fees back and more money to cope.

>dump proof
True, I can see this.

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This will inevitably pump this alt season.

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go back to your telegram

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I just bought. So you can make it moon now please.

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Welcome and checked. You won't be disappointed

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Except they won't buy in the first place because of the fees. That only works if fees are low when they buy but go up when they want to sell.

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Unironically one of the xtremely few sol coins that actually deserve their pumps.